News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 28, 2012

Fidler brothers grew up in the outdoors

Kenny Bayless
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — When you meet Tiler and Brandon Fidler, you will soon realize they grew up with a fishing pole or gun in their hands. These 13 and 14 year old boys are very polite and considerate.

We are going to talk turkey later but you need to know more about these guys.

They are active in 4H and many shooting sports. They shoot three days a week and with all types of firearms with safety in mind. They learned accuracy after four years experience and are very good.

Uncle Mark Fidler admits it’s his fault they started turkey hunting as well as coon hunting. Yep, they’re beekeepers also.

Tiler said with a smile that they do a lot of fly fishing, as well as bow fishing, in the back waters around Hutsonville, Ill.

Dave and Heather Fidler are very proud of their boys. They all fish any evening that is open. I ask if they had any time for girls and that’s what Tiler said school is for.

They did rock-paper-scissors by hand to see who was going to shoot first when they got in the hunting blind and Brandon won.

They like the food plot theory in setting in a blind and looking over a grassy or green area.

Tiler’s shotgun of choice is a Remington Model 870 in a 20 gauge and Brandon likes his Browning 20 gauge B.P.S., using No. 5 shot in a three inch mag shell.

On the first day, they had 12 birds gobbling with one coming to the blind from behind, so Mark told Brandon when he steps out from behind the tree, shoot. Oh no! He missed, but then shot again. It knocked the bird down and they couldn’t believe he got up and flew off.

They picked the blind up and threw it off of them and made a run for the bird and took a shot that ended him. In the process of chasing it, they ran over a hill into the middle of four more birds strutting.

The next day it was Tiler’s turn. They had eight birds gobbling on the roost, but when they hit the ground, they shut up, because they had been educated from the day before.

Uncle Mark was calling when two birds came across the field. They had seen the decoys to sashay around them.

An excited chuck call brought a bird across a creek gobbling his head off and when he lit on the ground he was 15 yards from the blind of course on the opposite side of Tiler.

When the strutter saw the decoys, he was very leery and side stepping the decoys. Yes, Brandon was asleep so they woke him up so he wouldn’t have a heart attack when the gun went off.

At thirty yards the old strutter went down not knowing what hit him.

Brandon’s bird was 20 pounds, 23 millimeter spurs and had an 11 1/2 inch beard.

Tiler’s bird was 19 pounds, 22 millimeter spurs and a 10 1/4 inch beard.

A lot of jumping up and down with high fives went all around. Uncle Mark was glowing with pride. He said the boys are spoiled harvesting birds like this the first year. Great job guys!

n Turkey season — Fall Turkey season is upon us so check your rules and regulations. Fall state wide is Archery Oct. 1-28 and Dec. 8, 2012 to Jan 5, 2013. Firearm season is Oct 17-21. See page 32 in your Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide for the counties to hunt in.

One bird of either sex for the fall archery and firearm combined are the legal take. Legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. Hours may be different on state-owned property, again see page 32 in your regulating book.

n New places to shop — Hey folks, we have two new gun stores in town!

Alpha Arms is located at 2151 Lafayette Ave., Suite 103 on the north end of Terre Haute next to Arby’s near Plaza North. Jason and Shannon Horutz are the owners. The store’s phone number is (812) 466-3851.

Wabash Valley Armory is located at 3203 S. 7th Street. Phone: (812) 917-4364 and fax is (812) 917-4371.

The Armory is a Glock dealer and has a gunsmith on hand. The day I was there, five gentlemen was anxiously waiting to serve folks. They carry more gun holsters than most. They open on Monday.

Kenny Bayless is an outdoors columnist for the Tribune-Star. He can be reached at