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December 9, 2012

Martinsville wins Stultz Memorial Tourney but plenty of Valley wrestlers take individual titles

David Hughes
The Tribune-Star

BRAZIL — Gregory S. Stultz, a 2006 graduate of Northview, was a U.S. Marine corporal killed in combat in Afghanistan on Feb. 19, 2010.

To keep the memory of this former Knights wrestler alive, the high school and Northview coach Dan Mikesell began putting on an annual round-robin tournament in 2010 — known as the Gregory S. Stultz Memorial Tourney — and this year’s version was won by 2011 champion Martinsville on Saturday.

The Artesians defeated Plainfield 47-34, Northview 53-12, Terre Haute South 51-35, South Vermillion 60-18 and Terre Haute North 53-12 in posting a 5-0 record. South finished second at 4-1 and Northview was third at 3-2.

“It’s absolutely my favorite tournament of the year,” Mikesell told the Tribune-Star. “Greg was so into wrestling. He got kind of a late start as a sophomore, but he really dedicated himself. The guys from our team who won, that was a good tribute to Greg. … It’s a great tournament and it’s a great tribute to a great person.”

Northview’s individual champions were senior Zach Williams in the 220-pound weight class and senior Justin Sampson at 285. Sampson’s final victory of the day was a pin he secured in 19 seconds.

“Zach made a commitment this past summer to make the varsity lineup at 220,” Mikesell noted. “He had to lose several pounds to get down there and I’m real proud of his effort. … Justin had some good wins against some decent opponents today. It seems like he’s getting better. He’s aggressive and he’s in great shape.”

South’s title winners were sophomore Darin Pemberton at 113, sophomore David Lewis 120 and junior Phoenix Adams at 138. All five of Adams’ victories came via pinfall.

“He wrestled great,” South coach Gabe Cook said of Adams. “He’s finally settled into his weight class at 138. He did a great job for us.”

Representing Terre Haute North with championships were junior Tyler Gilmore at 152 and junior Ryan Moshak at 170. Moshak was the tournament’s only individual champion who had a less-than-perfect record. He ended up 4-1.

“They wrestled very well,” assessed North coach Mark Frisz, whose injury-plagued team went 0-5 for the day. “Tyler is finally coming into his own. He got off to a slow start today, but he really got better as the day went on and finished strong against a really tough kid from Martinsville. … The Martinsville kid that Ryan lost to had two losses. I’m glad for Ryan because he works really, really hard and overall today wrestled very consistently. It’s disappointing that he got that one loss, but I’m glad he was still able to pick up the [first-place] trophy to take home.”

Regarding his team as a whole, Frisz is still awaiting the return of some of his injured wrestlers. Without four of them Wednesday, the Patriots lost a dual meet to West Vigo for the first time in 10 years.

“Gavin John is back,” Frisz noted. “He wrestled 120 [Saturday]. He’s going to go down to 113 when he can get his weight down. Hopefully, this coming week we’ll get J.J. Low and Zach Schmidt back. We’re gradually getting our team back together.”

South Vermillion ended up 1-4, with its lone victory coming against North.

Saturday at Northview

Team records — Martinsville 5-0, Terre Haute South 4-1, Northview 3-2, Plainfield 2-3, South Vermillion 1-4, Terre Haute North 0-5.

Northview scores — South 49, Northview 22; Martinsville 53, Northview 12; Northview 39, South Vermillion 30; Northview 43, North 26; Northview 36, Plainfield 34.

Terre Haute North scores — South Vermillion 41, North 27; South 56, North 14; Plainfield 44, North 24; Northview 43, North 26; Martinsville 53, North 12.

Terre Haute South scores — South 49, Northview 22; South 58, Plainfield 18; South 56, North 14; Martinsville 51, South 35; South 60, South Vermillion 18.

South Vermillion scores — Northview 39, South Vermillion 30; Plainfield 54, South Vermillion 21; South Vermillion 41, North 27; Martinsville 60, South Vermillion 18; South 60, South Vermillion 18.

Martinsville scores — Martinsville 47, Plainfield 34; Martinsville 53, Northview 12; Martinsville 51, South 35; Martinsville 60, South Vermillion 18; Martinsville 53, North 12.

Plainfield scores — Martinsville 47, Plainfield 34; Plainfield 54, South Vermillion 21; Plainfield 44, North 24; South 58, Plainfield 18; Northview 36, Plainfield 34.

Individual champions, Wabash Valley records

106 — Champion: Isaac Gomez (P) 5-0. Ryan Uppal (THS) 4-1, Tanner Bishop (SV) 3-2, Cale McCoy (Nv) 2-3.

113 — Champion: Darin Pemberton (THS) 5-0.

120 — Champion: David Lewis (THS) 5-0. Shane Ryan (Nv) 2-3, Gavin John (THN) 1-4.

126 — Champion: Ben Macri (P) 5-0. Nathan Arguello (THS) 4-1, Eric Elia (THN) 3-2, Stephen Gibson (Nv) 1-4, Shannon Marshall (SV) 0-5.

132 — Champion: Corin McKee (P) 5-0. Trance Kelley (Nv) 3-2, Austin Bishop (THN) 2-3, Trevor Newman (SV) 1-3, Dante Johnson (THS) 1-4.

138 — Champion: Phoenix Adams (THS) 5-0. Tanner Waldrop (SV) 4-1, Caleb Ingle (THN) 1-4, Jackson Copper (Nv) 0-5.

145 — Champion: Seth Ferguson (M) 5-0. Ian Newton (THS) 4-1, Trevor Boor (Nv) 3-2, David Holt (SV) 2-3, Sean Elia (THN) 0-5.

152 — Champion: Tyler Gilmore (THN) 5-0. Daniel Shew (SV) 2-3, C.J. Williams (THS) 1-4, Coan Williams (Nv) 0-5.

160 — Champion: Levi Hess (M) 5-0. Cody Helms (THS) 4-1, Tyler Smith (SV) 1-1, Trey Grim (THN) 1-4, Anthony Mills (Nv) 1-4.

170 — Champion: Ryan Moshak (THN) 4-1. Tanner Smith (SV) 3-2, Duane Deerwester (THS) 2-2, Eric Fazekas (THS) 1-0, Scotty McGuffin (Nv) 1-2, Levi Brown (Nv) 0-2.

182 — Champion: Hunter Collison (M) 5-0. Aeron Goodman (SV) 4-1, Foster Buell (Nv) 1-0, Brown (Nv) 1-2, Sean Young (THS) 1-3, Deerwester (THS) 0-1, Michael Miller (Nv) 0-1.

195 — Champion: Ben Schoolcraft (M) 5-0. Jesse Miller (Nv) 3-2, Brandon Nickle (SV) 2-3, Zach Schmidt (THN) 1-0, Nick Wiram (THS) 1-0, Matt Taylor (THS) 1-3.

220 — Champion: Zach Williams (Nv) 5-0. Christopher Rawling (THS) 3-2, Andrew Baca (SV) 2-3.

285 — Champion: Justin Sampson (Nv) 5-0. Andrew Londo (THN) 3-2, Junior Berry (THS) 2-0, Alex Mimms (THS) 1-2, Peyton Clark (SV) 0-5.

Oustanding Wrestler of Tournament — McKee (P).

Next — South (10-5) will visit West Vigo on Tuesday. North (3-9) will be at home Tuesday to take on Sullivan. South Vermillion (9-11) will be at home Tuesday to battle Southmont. Northview (7-5) will compete Wednesday at Edgewood.