News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 25, 2012

Linton kicker is ground-breaking all-star football player

Andy Amey
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The Wabash Valley Football Coaches Association, as has been mentioned before, is a ground-breaking organization in itself, organizing schools that might be 100 miles apart — Cumberland to Cascade, for instance, or Turkey Run to Olney — into a unit that puts on an all-star week and hands out college scholarships every spring.

The WVFCA also chooses the All-Wabash Valley team every year, and in doing so this year has come up with something else that’s new: the 30-player first team includes a female for the first time.

Linton’s Dyllanne Deischer, a consistent source of extra points the last three years for a team that was often far enough ahead that field goal attempts weren’t necessary or even sportsmanlike, is the first-team kicker.

Deischer is one of six Miners on the first team, giving the Miners — who fell one excruciating play and a few painful inches short of an appearance in Indiana’s Class A championship game — the most selections on that unit.

Also chosen from the Miners were running back Koye Kaiser, who had approximately 50 touchdowns the past two years; interior linemen Taylor Kanen (offensively) and Ethan Lannan (defensively); defensive back Cole Bradbury, also a dangerous wide receiver; and linebacker Dane Rupska, whose ability to play just about any position makes him the obvious choice to lead the 2013 edition of the Southwest Seven Conference champions.

If you notice a Linton name missing, that’s because Austin Karazsia, one of the state’s most prolific passers ever, was a second-team choice.

He was edged for first-team quarterback honors by Purdue-bound Danny Etling of Terre Haute South, whose throws to another first-teamer, wide receiver Tyler Seibert, gave the Braves one of the most dangerous combos in the state. Also earning first-team honors for South were offensive lineman Junior Berry and punter Jeremy Patterson.

Terre Haute North, enjoying its most productive season since joining the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, had five first-teamers and four more players on the second team, giving the Patriots the biggest representation among the 56 players chosen for the two teams.

Patriot first-teamers are led by Class 4A all-state tight end Calvin Blank and include three more future Division I players — receiver/safety/linebacker Austin Lewis, lineman A.J. Grady and linebacker Lee Davis — plus junior defensive back Ricky Brookins.

Another team that had one of its best seasons in a while was North Vermillion, and the Falcons have three first-team players — running back Kody Zumwalt, defensive lineman Dakota Uplinger and defensive back Brayden Woodard. Don’t be surprised if Woodard is the first-team quarterback a year from now.

Three Putnam County schools combined to send five more first-team players. Greencastle, undefeated until a sectional championship showdown with eventual Class 3A state champion Indianapolis Chatard, is represented by defensive lineman Dustin Williams and quarterback Nick Gilliam, the offensive at-large pick; North Putnam, always well represented on this team, has offensive lineman Eric Davis and linebacker Grant Bryan; and South Putnam’s representative is a two-time first-team all-stater, lineman Ryan Chestnut.

Also having two first-team choices are North Central, where linebacker Dante Rehmel was among the state’s leaders in tackles the past two years and where Chase VanSchoyck set the Indiana single-game rushing record this fall, and Mattoon, represented by receiver Skyler Hartbank and linebacker Mitch Hirsch.

Casey’s perennial deep run into the Illinois Class 2A playoffs resulted in defensive lineman Matt McCown earning a first-team berth. The Warriors also had three second-team selections, and coach Jim Sullivan was one of the WVFCA’s two Coach of the Year honorees; he’ll match wits with Linton’s Steve Weber six months from now in the annual all-star game.

Also getting first-team accolades are West Vigo’s Andy Velazquez, the Vikings best cornerback the past three years, and Owen Valley’s Larry Shaffer, a linebacker named the defensive at-large player.

North’s four second-team choices are linebacker Vasco Billberry, running back Brother Scank, defensive back Kai Stratten and punter Zach Potter.

Casey and Greencastle each have three players on the second unit: offensive lineman Shawn McCown, linebacker Dalton Livvix and defensive back Josh Blome of the Warriors and receiver Mac Shuee, offensive lineman T.J. Bollman and defensive back Tyler Scott of the Tiger Cubs.

South Putnam (running back Lucas Lorian and defensive lineman Jacob Williams) and Mattoon (offensive lineman Ryan Paige and defensive lineman Ben Vieth) each have two second-team players, and so does Sullivan. Running back Brooks Weszely and receiver Michael Hutchcraft represent the Golden Arrows.

Players who are their school’s only second-team representatives are Karazsia; defensive back Dillon Bell of South; offensive lineman Lucas Clark of North Vermillion; receiver Jameson Brewer of North Putnam; offensive lineman Jacob Riley of West Vigo; tight end Robbie Foster of Rockville; kicker Daniel Littlejohn of Marshall; defensive lineman Anthony Helm of Olney, linebacker Kurtis Fleek of Oblong; and defensive lineman Derrick Nicholas of Robinson.

All-Wabash Valley high school football

Selected by Wabash Valley Football Coaches Association

First team


Quarterback — Danny Etling, Terre Haute South

Running back — Koye Kaiser, Linton

Running back — Chase VanSchoyck, North Central

Running back — Kody Zumwalt, North Vermillion

Wide receiver — Skyler Hartbank, Mattoon

Wide receiver — Austin Lewis, Terre Haute North

Wide receiver — Tyler Seibert, Terre Haute South

Tight end — Calvin Blank, Terre Haute North

Offensive lineman — Junior Berry, Terre Haute South

Offensive lineman — Ryan Chestnut, South Putnam

Offensive lineman — Eric Davis, North Putnam

Offensive lineman — A.J. Grady, Terre Haute North

Offensive lineman — Taylor Kanen, Linton

Offensive at-large — Nick Gilliam, Greencastle

Kicker — Dyllanne Deischer, Linton


Defensive lineman — Ethan Lannan, Linton

Defensive lineman — Matt McCown, Casey

Defensive lineman — Dakota Uplinger, North Vermillion

Defensive lineman — Dustin Williams, Greencastle

Linebacker — Grant Bryan, North Putnam

Linebacker — Lee Davis, Terre Haute North

Linebacker — Mitch Hirsch, Mattoon

Linebacker — Dante Rehmel, North Central

Linebacker — Dane Rupska, Linton

Defensive back — Cole Bradbury, Linton

Defensive back — Ricky Brookins, Terre Haute North

Defensive back — Andy Velazquez, West Vigo

Defensive back — Brayden Woodard, North Vermillion

Defensive at-large — Larry Shaffer, Owen Valley

Punter — Jeremy Patterson, Terre Haute South

All-Wabash Valley second team, honorable mention

Second team


Quarterback — Austin Karazsia, Linton

Running backs — Lucas Lorian, South Putnam; Brother Scank, Terre Haute North; Brooks Weszely, Sullivan

Wide receivers — Jameson Brewer, North Putnam; Michael Hutchcraft, Sullivan; Mac Shuee, Greencastle

Tight end — Robbie Foster, Rockville

Offensive linemen — T.J. Bollman, Greencastle; Lucas Clark, North Vermillion; Shawn McCown, Casey; Ryan Paige, Mattoon; Jacob Riley, West Vigo

Kicker — Daniel Littlejohn, Marshall


Defensive linemen — Anthony Helm, Olney; Derrick Nicholas, Robinson; Ben Vieth, Mattoon; Jacob Williams, South Putnam

Linebackers — Vasco Billberry, Terre Haute North; Kurtis Fleek, Oblong; Dalton Livvix, Casey

Defensive backs — Dillon Bell, Terre Haute South; Josh Blome, Casey; Tyler Scott, Greencastle; Kai Stratten, Terre Haute North

Punter — Zach Potter, Terre Haute North

Honorable mention

Cascade — Eric Bobadilla, Austin Butler, Colin Smith

Casey — Austin Justice, Ajaye Meeks, Austin Schaefer

Cumberland — Colt Brummer, Kole Butler, Jon Duniphan, Austin Jamison, Jamin Repp

Edgewood — Cody Cowden, Derek Driver, Christian Fleener

Greencastle — Brett Gierke, Carter Lewis, Alec Pettit, Caleb Robinson

Linton — Jackson Bohnert, Zane Hayden

Marshall — Kendall Bombard, Brock Hook, Adam Kendall, Cole Rice, Zack Tharp

Mattoon — Peyton Hartbank, Sam Mitchell, Cody Monnis, Jared Pilson, Jeremy Woodyard

North Central — Dillon Bailey, Logan Berg, Justin Burris, Austin Kutch, Tod Lebeda

North Daviess — Evan Judy

North Putnam — Beau Green, Jake Haste, Hunter Overbay, Laren Sanford, Ben Wiatt

North Vermillion — Riley Chew, Robby Davis, Abbott Dowers, Ethan Kunkle

Northview — Chad Godsey, Daniel Kimball, Jesse Miller, Tyler Rector

Oblong — Anthony Johnson, Chase Mendenhall, Gerald Richardson, Ian Sablone

Olney — Justin Bailey, Mitchell Harmon

Owen Valley — Caleb Arthur, Wesley Arthur, Drew Bradley, Logan Britton, Gunnar Ranard

Palestine-Hutsonville — Joseph Eckert, Treyver Ferguson, Tim Pointon, B.J. Ramsey, Matt Schmidlin, Dylan Webster

Paris — Stewart Arp, Tyler Bouslog, Audie Temples, Devin Walker, Jacob Whitacre

Red Hill — Max Andersen, Trevor Richards, Jacob Wirth, Matt Young

Riverton Parke — Jan Ackerman, Dale Laznik

Robinson — Nic Berty, Blake Hale, Nick Iovanac, Jesse Richart, Austin Weck

Rockville — Alec Dalton, Keiontre Wilkey

South Putnam — Sawyer Arnold, Justin Bumgardner, Tanner Thompson

South Vermillion — Tanner Akers, Seth Dickey, Dalton Rowe

Sullivan — Robert Fish, Payne Fortner, Chance Hollifield, Jake Kinnaman, Michael Willis

Terre Haute North — Chris Barrett II, Lucas Comer, Charles Dillahunt, Forrest Lowery, Chris Spencer

Terre Haute South — Danny Banks, Dylan Banks, Brandon Russell-Cherry, Jonathan Weakley, Derik Whalen

Turkey Run — Jeff Girdler, Riley Sunderman, Jeff Woods

Union — Darrell Faulkner, Mike Foglesong, Sterling Langley, Jared Reynolds

West Vigo — Danny Creasey, Jacob Creasey, Jimmy Maples, Sam McClain, Skyler Warnock

Wabash Valley all-academic team

Grade-point average of 3.5 required

Cascade — Zach Batts, Eric Bobadilla, Michael Browning, Austin Butler, Zac Butler, Sawyer Donovan, Austin Gates, Chris Howard, Mitchell Hunter, Michael Morris, Dylan Musgrove, Nate Stonebraker, Lukas Stoutenour

Casey — Josh Blome, Matt McCown, Shawn McCown, Austin Schaefer

Cumberland — Colt Brummer, Austin Jamison

Edgewood — Damian Chambers, Cody Cowden, Derek Driver, Christian Fleener, Zach Harrison, Gabe Koontz, Patrick Mosby

Greencastle — T.J. Bollman, Zach Secrest, Sedrick Weinschenk, Dustin Williams

Linton — Austin Karazsia, Dylan Morris, Dane Rupska

Marshall — Kendall Bombard, Brock Hook, Matt Kesler

Mattoon — James Allee, Colton Anderson, Jacob Atkinson, Zach Black, Brad Burbes, Justin Chambers, Luke Collings, Chris Dyer, Josh Evans, Caleb Fritchnitch, Tyler Giberson, Michael Jean, Lucas Kearney, Anthony Lineberry, Samuel Mitchell, Cody Morris, Trey Mullins, Anthony Nichols, Charles Osley, Griffin Paige, Hayden Phillips, Derek Pierce, Jared Pilson, Nick Polston, Ryan Rappe, Todd Reardon, Chase Rich, Gunnar Roling, Johnathan Shaw, Colton Shoot, David Skocy, Alex Smith, Braden Smith, Alexander Steele, Cristian Sweeney, Thomas Taylor, Jackson Utsler, Andy Veth, Ben Vieth, Colton Whitley, Adam Willaredt, Jacob Woodyard, Jeremy Woodyard

North Central — Logan Berg, Justin Burris, Alek Copeland, Jeremy Hunt, Austin Kutch, Tod Lebeda

North Putnam — Grant Bryan, Jensen Conlin, Beau Green, Brian Quates, Jake Smith

Northview — Jacob Dean, Marcus Duregger, Drake McKee, Logan Mikles, Craig Rice, Tucker Stewart, Jordan Tracy, Mark Underwood

Oblong — Brody Allen, Kyler Fear, Alec Jacobs, James Rogers, Tyler Woods

Olney — Justin Bailey, Jordan Hahn

Owen Valley — Caleb Arthur, Wesley Arthur, Jesse Kestenman, Gunnar Ranard, Dylan Winkler

Palestine-Hutsonville — Joseph Eckert, Cade Fulling, Tyler Heflin, Kienan Knecht, Kyle Myers, Blake Newlin, Matt Schmidlin, Mike Watson, Dylan Webster

Paris — Stewart Arp, Justin Asbury, Tyler Bouslog, Jayman Cloward, Xavier Holt, Elliott Kauffman, Kyle Keenan, Shane Mason, Logan McDaniel, Riley Spencer, Mike Wells

Riverton Parke — Adam Byers, Kevin Dalia, Kaleb McBride

Robinson — Jay Akins, Lucas Bell, Nicky Berty, Darin Cox, Sam Cunningham, Dylan Dart, Michael Elliott, Andrew Gallagher, Connor Griffin, Wes Harrison, Nick Iovanac, Jacob Ludwig, Collin Rains, Jason Richart, Phil Salesman, Austin Van Schoyck

Rockville — John Brown, Avery Butler, Brandon Cooper, Alec Dalton, Alex Hill, Ryan Lewis, Kyle Paddock, Sam Paris, Jason Thistlewaite, Jake Thurman, Keiontre Wilkey

South Putnam — Justin Bumgardner, Kinser Franklin, Noah Taylor, Tanner Thompson

Sullivan — Dylan Boone, Payne Fortner, Tristan Hancock, Colton Harrison, Michael Hutchcraft, Kynon Johnson, Cameron Marx, Hunter McCoy, Cameron McNeely, Sheridan Sater, Matthew Siner, Luke Spurlock, Jonathon Sullivan, Brooks Weszely, Zach Willis

Terre Haute North — Evan Alexander, Austin Bishop, Calvin Blank, Seth Boland, Ricky Brookins, Xavier Craft, Charles Dillahunt, Trey Grim, Austin Lewis, Forrest Lowery, Austin Massey, Ryan Moshak, Colton Pittman, Zach Potter, Jon Sagarsee, Cole Seward, Kai Stratten, Bryce Woodason

Terre Haute South — Danny Banks, Dylan Banks, Danny Etling, Timmy Herrin, Jacob Johnson, Adam Kahn, Nic Keller, Ian Newton, D.J. Ramsook, Adam Scott, Tyler Seibert, Sammy Velazquez, Jonathan Weakley

Turkey Run — Jeff Woods

West Vigo — Tyler Gustafson, Daniel Mackey, Jimmy Maples, Sam McClain, Garrett Ray, Andy Velazquez, Hunter Voils