News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 22, 2012

RUB OF THE GREEN: Hunts still popular on golf course

Bob Arnett
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — There is something about golf that lends itself to some friendly competition and in times gone by, the competitions were called “choose-ups.” Somewhere along the line, choose-ups became “hunts.” Regardless of what you call them, they remain a most popular mode of play for Terre Haute divot-diggers on courses throughout the Wabash Valley.

Let’s take a look at Hulman Links. When the course opened back in 1978, golfers from far and wide traveled to Terre Haute to play what many felt were the toughest 18 holes in the State of Indiana.

Tim Mundy excelled in basketball and to boot helped Terre Haute North to an IHSAA baseball state championship. Mundy was a latecomer to golf, but he learned quickly. At DePauw, he played golf in his 5th year since he was not eligible for baseball. He has a Hulman Links Club Championship and a Mini City title on his resume.

On Saturday, July 14, Mundy assembled 23 players at Hulman Links. Members of the Mundy Hunt were: Mark Neaderhiser, Chuck Payne, Ted Collins, Doc Snoddy, Dave Brown, Jason Kyle, Gus Solomon, Linus Haller, Mark Malone, Chuck Adamson, Bubba Atkinson, Glen Jones, and Chris Keen. Also included were Tom Jones, Kevin McCray, Jim Homburg, Mark Bird, Gary Stuck, Phil Ralston, Ted Schneider and Larry “Dog” Tackett.

Although many players flip coins to determine the order in which they choose teams, Mundy takes a different approach. He chooses the pickers. The two best scores on each hole count toward the team’s score.

Another hunt played concurrently is the Nasser Hunt, which takes places at Hulman Links on weekdays. However, on weekends, the hunt is known as the Bill Doan, Jr. – Scott McVey Hunt. Doan is a product of Terre Haute North, while McVey played for Terre Haute South.

If it sounds unusual to have two names for the same hunt, it is. Abe Nasser, a former three-time winner of the Terre Haute Junior Championship, has been heading the weekday competition since Hulman Links opened for play. Players in the hunt are Abe Nasser, Sr., Bill Doan, Jr., Dan Grmelich, Dave Alumbaugh, Scott McVey, Kenny McVey, Mike Wright, Dave Nasser, Ted Kaperak, Fred Reynolds, Ted Schneider, and Brent Bocard. Some players participate in multiple hunts.

Golf courses continue to have strange names. Since golf is a devilish game, it is only fitting that the word “devil” is in the names of various courses. Wisconsin has the Devil’s Head Resort, Michigan has Devil’s Knob and then there are Devil’s Pulpit and Devil’s Paintbrush in Caledon, Ontario. On a similar note, let’s not forget the Hell’s Point Golf Club in Virginia Beach.

Congratulations to Chris Cassell on his recent win in the Mini City Championship. Kudos are also due Adam LaGrange for his excellent play in the Terre Haute Junior Tourney.

In addition, Troy Farris gets a 21 gun salute for a sudden death win over Ezra Evans who shot 68, 67 to tie Farris at the end of 36 holes.

Tip of the week — This tip was a favorite of the late Virgil Morey and it offers an excellent opportunity to check the important fundamentals of the golf swing. If you are right-handed, the following points apply to you.

Hold the club with your left hand and arm only, and make sure there is a straight line from the head of the club to your left shoulder. Then lower the club, keeping your left arm straight until the head of the club touches the ground. Now you are ready to take the back swing.

Take the club back, keeping your left arm and club in a straight line until the hands reach belt-high, and then turn your hip and shoulders until your left shoulder is under your chin. At that time, your left knee should be turned back and pointing toward the ball that is teed-up.

Remember, at the top of the back swing, you should have your chin, left shoulder, left knee and the ball all in a straight line.

To begin the down swing, you should slide the left hip to the left, which pulls the left arm down closer to the ball. Swing the club through the ball keeping the right elbow in tight to the right side, continuing the downswing until the chin, right shoulder, right knee and where the ball had been are in a straight line. Swinging the club in this manner will ensure that you don’t sway off the ball, a common mistake.

While there are more refinements to this method, swinging in this manner will help you develop a golf swing that you can count on to produce consistent results.

Keep your head down and your shoestrings tied. We’ll be back.

GOLF LEAGUES: July 22, 2012

Riverbend at The Landing Ladies — Low gross: Mid Rusk. Low net: Carol Tolin. Low putts: Tolin. Play of the day: Jeanie Robinson, Carolyn Sweeting, Rusk. Chip-ins: Helen Ruhl, Mary Silvers.

Rea Park Ladies Wednesday Evening — Standings: Hyde-Rusk 33, Price-Hiatt 26, Horrall-Harden 26, T.Johnson-Atterson 25, Durand-Snow 21, Bocard-Watkins 21, Swalls-Gruenert 17, McCord-M.Johnson 17, Meyer-Albert 14. Low gross: Stephanie Meyer, Sharon Horrall 37. Low net: Linda Snow, Lisa Watkins 30. Birdies: Candy McCord (No. 7), Horrall (No. 4), Meyer (No. 1), Watkins (No. 2). Chip-in: Watkins.

Terre Haute Savings Bank Senior Men — National Division standings: Johnson Surveying 149, Lough Bros. 142, Hogan Stanley Charters Group 140, Complete Kitchen and Bath 131, TH Savings Bank 121, Local No. 103 109. Low gross: Terry Liffick 37. Low net: Charles Compton 31. American Division standings: Salt of the Earth 175, Spring Clean Car Wash 138, Poplar Flower Shop 135, Gurman Container 129, VFW No. 972 118, Baesler’s Market 97. Low gross: Ed Dominick, David Bays, Charlie Williamson 37. Low net: Dominick, Williamson 32.

 Mark's Par Three Senior Men — Standings: Old National Bank 566, Mattingly Collision Soouth 555, Watts Farms 502, Rollie’s Pizza 495, Tabco 478, Dew Drop Inn 467, The North Siders 459, Dorsett Mitsubishi 4523, Mattingly Collision North 443, Vigo Bowl 379. Low gross: Mike Moore 33. Low net: Moore 27. Closest to pin second shot: Bill O’Rear (No. 13). Longest putt: Keith Youngen. Closest to pin: Bob Bryan (No. 11).

Paitson's Roofing Eastend Ladies — Standings: Advanced Chiropractic 508, Louise’s Fine Dining 507, Baesler’s Market 499, Kleptz Restaurant 488, Coaches Corner 484, Vigo Bowl 467, Jonesey’s Diner 447, Turner Coach 440. Low gross: Phyllis Pestoff 35. Low net: Pestoff 25. Play of the day: Barb Kelley. Chip-ins: Virginia Anderson (No. 13), Pestoff (No. 18). Birdie: Marge Kintz (No. 12).

Idle Creek Home Builders Tuesday Evening — Low gross: Dana Hinrichs 34. Low net: Brian Cottom nd Renee Sanky 32. Long putt: Terry Day (No. 8). Closest to pin: Hinrichs (No. 3), Charlie Smith (No. 9).

Idle Creek Terminal Sports Bar Wednesday — First place: Denise Rowlett, John Cesinger. Second place: Zach Wilhoyte, Dave Rowlett. Closest to pin: Cesinger (No. 3), De.Rowlett (No. 9).

Idle Creek Ladies Tuesday Morning Scramble — First place team (three-way tie with 38): Sue Welch, Martha Layton, Mary Brannen, Lora Snyder AND Kate Michaw, Peggy Burlison, Monica Hawkins, Traci Wooler AND Debbie Holcomb, Joyce Burdine, Pam Hodge, Candy Lovvron. Closest to pin: M.Brannen (No. 3). Long putt: Lovvron (No. 6).

Rea Park Women's Tuesday 18-hole — Low gross: Josie Swalls 87. Low net: Sheri Harden 67. Birdie: Sandra Lanke (No. 4). Chip-ins: Lanke (No. 4), Beth Lowe (No. 8), Emily Gruenert (No. 11). Low putts: Madonna Johnson, Pat Cannon and Carolyn Hyde 30.