News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 11, 2009

Standout softball player returns to diamond to win tournament

By John Benton

TERRE HAUTE — For once the softball rumor mill has produced some accurate information. The rumor that local softballer Ryan Dehart was ready to get back into the softball fray has proven to be true. This past weekend, Dehart’s Rentals emerged from the loser’s bracket in the Vincennes NSA Invitational to earn a tourney title.

Quiet most of the 2009 season on the statewide softball scene, Ryan Dehart put together a combination of local talent supplemented with several out of town stars to field a formidable squad. In addition to local talent such as Matt Mack, Darrin Chaney, Jason Frye, Ryan Welty and Chris Dehart, the team roster included softball luminaries such as Jerry Williams, Chris Firebaugh, Luke Baker, Joe Yeager and Brian “B.J.” Goins.

Finishing with a 5-1 tourney record, the Dehart Rentals team recorded wins over Tyler Evans 21-9, Wisman’s Crew 14-4, Halter’s Tree Service 17-4 and Old School 33-32 and 21-16. Their only loss was to the Old School team by a 23-8 count.

An even stronger Dehart Rental squad is scheduled to compete in the upcoming Q-95 all-nighter hosted at the Midwest Sports Complex in Indianapolis.

Sprinkled throughout the rosters of other participating teams were numerous players with local connections. They included Kyle Seaney, Joe Harbrueger, Ryan Carter, Gary Potter, Dan Potts, Chad Cress, Zach Morgan and Travis Sutton.

In a side note connected to the tourney discussed above, sympathy must be extended to local softballer Ryan Carter. Ryan opted to accept a ride to a from the tourney with yours truly and was subjected to approximately three hours of nonstop softball blather. I’m sure that’s the last time he’ll opt to save gas money and be subjected to an extended diatribe concerning the world of softball.


Interested teams should be aware of entry and roster deadlines for upcoming ASA state tourney play. Listed below will be the dates and contact for several adult tournaments:

July 17-18 — MSP Church D/E, Avon

July 25-26 — MSP “C” South, Evansville; WSP All classes, Kokomo

July 31-August 2 — MSP “B” and “C”, Indianapolis; MSP “D” South, Avon; MSP “E” North, Kokomo; Coed B/C, Indianapolis

August 7-9 — MSP “E” South, Bloomington

Sept. 11-13 — Coed D/E, Crawfordsville

Rosters and more complete information can be obtained from local ASA commissioners.


A recent stop at Terre Haute’s Spencer Field found many familiar faces present. Veteran softballers Chuck Federle, John McDonnall and Geoff Martin were there and talking about their recent softball ventures.

Martin and McDonnall are presently playing with a 60-and-over team from Columbus (Ind.), while Federle is playing with a 65-squad out of Indianapolis. All three are enjoying considerable success as they continue to extend their softball careers.

Another familiar face was “super softball fan” Ken Burgess. A mainstay at the Spencer Field facility, Ken continues to battle back from a series of medical problems. Good luck with your recovery Ken and keep enjoying the softball.


Three local softball squads, Crawlworks, Outkast and Budweiser will be traveling to Effingham, Ill., this weekend to participate in an ISA state qualifying tournament.

While playing the same tournament on several occasions in 2009, the above-mentioned teams have yet to play each other thus far. Weather permitting, maybe local bragging rights may be settled with this affair.

See you at the park.