News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 8, 2010

Social Security: Apply for benefits together online

By Brian Hewitt

TERRE HAUTE — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We at Social Security have a romantic story we’d like to share with older couples out there who are thinking about applying for retirement benefits.

There was a husband and wife getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. The two of them did everything together. They became friends when they were still in school. They were sweethearts before they even graduated. Their courtship lasted for years and they tied the knot at what they considered then to be the “ripe old age” of 26.

When the kids were young, they enjoyed family vacations, road trips and amusement park visits. As empty nesters, they shopped together, ate together, went to the movies together, and paid their bills together. They even began e-mailing their grandchildren together.

So when they both reached full retirement age in the same month, we were glad they could do something else together: apply online for Social Security retirement and spouse’s benefits at

They were thrilled to learn how easy it was to file their applications from the comfort and convenience of their own home. His application for retirement benefits and her application for spouse’s benefits were both done in no time.

Not having to spend time driving to their local Social Security office or waiting in line once they got there gave them more time to do other things together.

Their first payments have already arrived by direct deposit. In fact, they plan to use part of their first benefit payments for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day.

So if you and your spouse are thinking about applying for benefits, why not do it together online? Applying online for retirement takes less time than a walk in the park.