News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 20, 2012

Across the Wabash Valley: Sept. 20, 2012



Davis Park

New kindergarten students at Davis Park have been very busy the first few weeks of school. We were very fortunate to provide our incoming Kindergarten students with Kindergarten Jumpstart. We used this as an opportunity to familiarize them with the school and the Kindergarten teachers before school started. This helped to acclimate and help make the students more comfortable n the first day of school.

The kindergarteners are off to a running start learning letters and numbers, making patterns and recognizing and writing their names.

Kindergarteners will be learning firsthand about the four stages involved with the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. They will have opportunities to see this miracle in action. We will observe the changes right before our eyes from an egg, to a caterpillar, to a chrysalis and finally into a Monarch butterfly.

We will soon be focusing on fire safety. Children will visited by firefighters and will have an opportunity to see fire trucks, fire equipment and will learn what to do in case of a fire in their home.

— Mrs. Mascari, Mrs. Minton, and Mrs. Russell


DeVaney is excited to start off another year with principal Mrs. Nutter. New teachers include Catha McCarty; fifth grade, Matt Harden, counselor; and Christina Pence, who will be filling in for Mrs. Sutliff for part of the year.

New PTO officers are: Kay Ponsot, Carrie Bose, Missy Wilcox, Terre Pohlar and Ann Wright. The school will begin fundraising efforts on Sept. 26. The proceeds stay with DeVaney. The last Friday of every month will be PTO Spirit Day. This month, we will wear DeVaney colors for $1. Proceeds go toward PTO for school use.

We are proud to welcome back our Kids Hope Mentors from East Side Church. Director Julia Dierdorf is working hard to schedule about 20 mentors to work one-on-one with DeVaney students. Students light up when their mentor walks into the room. They look forward to each visit.

Second grade teachers Mrs. Higham, Mrs. Browne and Mrs. Boehler invited community firefighters from Station #6 to talk to students about fire safety.

School starts promptly at 8:15. Students may arrive at 8 to start eating breakfast. Remember: treat teachers and peers with respect, keep hands and feet to yourself, move through the building quietly and do your best everyday.

— Susan Higham, 2nd grade


Fuqua kindergartens have been busy places this fall. Our school year started out with good attendance at our Grade Level Parent Meetings. Open House brought other family members into our rooms to meet the teachers and observe what students accomplished during the first few days of school.

One beginning of the year activity that is always enjoyable for everyone is “Getting to Know You.” In each classroom a student’s name is chosen randomly each day and that child is the Special Person for the day. The student’s name and age as well as some of his/her favorites are charted. The student’s name is cheered, worked as a puzzle and compared to the names of other members of the class. Class members then write the name and draw a picture of the special person. These pages go together to make a book that is presented to the child. During this activity students not only practice letter and name recognition, but learn some of the characteristics and interests of others in their classroom.

Kindergartners love Math. We are learning to: compare; represent numbers in different ways; extend, create, and understand patterns; identify shapes; sort by attributes; and count forward and backward already. This is accomplished through activities that keep everyone’s brain busy and games that help us learn and understand the way math works.

Students are excited when it is their turn to have PE in the new gym, enjoy class in the spacious music room or create in the art room.

— Mona Bennett

Lost Creek

Lost Creek Elementary has another wonderful group of students again this year. The Character Trait to start off the new school year was “cooperation.” Students were chosen based on how well they started off the new year working with others in a friendly, sharing way. First award winners include: kindergarten: Caylee Taylor, Taylor Smith, Anna Harvey, Seth Ewing and Ava Ellis; first grade: Jenna Wiram, Wyatt Butcher, Devin Melton, Keira Beasley and Michael Roberts; second grade: Claire Dailey, Grace Rice, Brendon Keen and Grace Klopfenstein; third grade: Bryce Sutton, Hannah Steppe, Madilyn Unger, Nolan White and Avery Millington; fourth grade: Zachary Mounts, Catie Fulk and Michaela McKee; fifth grade: Ethan Branam, Isis English, Megan Rader, Yujin Jang and Isabelle Connor. The overall winner at Lost Creek was fifth grader Yujin Jang. Congratulations to all of our character award winners. Keep up the good work & make this our best year yet.

— Julie Plasse

Terre Town

Terre Town Elementary is once again an active beehive of learning and opportunity. Starting off the year the second grade took an exciting trip to Lieber State Park. This proved to be a wonderful and enriching teaching moment for the students, their teachers and the parent chaperones. Everyone was amazed and enthralled with the beauty of nature that surrounded them.

Terre Town is also involved in the Paragon Fund Raiser. This year has been much different because instead of using valuable teaching and learning time with a school-wide assembly, Paragon provided each classroom teacher with a short DVD to show their class that explained all about the steps required to win prizes and sell products.

Learning will continue to be the big focus at Terre Town as everyone rises to the challenges and thrills of education. The new Terre Town motto is “Reaching Individual Student Excellence.”

— School staff

Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott Middle School is fortunate for the shoe bus, and also the backpack program, which are both in full swing. Students are able to get food for the weekend by just signing up in the main office by Thursday of each week for a backpack (small carrying bag) when the students are in need. The shoe bus also provides shoes to those students in need every few months.

The administration, teachers, staff and students, will be raising money for the THPD K-9 unit. The money will be raised for the K-9 unit by selling wristbands, having a Valentine luncheon and other ways throughout the year. There will be at least one K-9 officer in attendance for the Valentine luncheon fundraiser. There will be a demonstration of the K-9 team in action at a later date. The SSMS K-9 Crew will be facilitating these fundraisers for our police department’s finest.

Police Officer Phil Haley is continuing the free karate program here at Sarah Scott, only for students who are enrolled at Sarah Scott. This program is on Friday’s from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. The free program was started in 1997 to teach students qualities of respect, discipline and a strong work ethic that the martial art of karate naturally instills with a dedicated lifetime of training. Karate club applications are in the main office.

Our Veteran’s Day program is on Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. in the gym. The program is free to the public and all veterans that attend will be honored. The Veteran’s Day program usually lasts about an hour and we hope you can attend.

— Sarah Scott Staff