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October 4, 2012

Museum partners with ISU to show kids math is fun

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TERRE HAUTE — The Terre Haute Children’s Museum and the Indiana State University Center for Mathematics Education are preparing for another fun-filled session of their popular “Go Figure” program. The unique math program is designed for third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students, and for the past three years, it has helped students gain enthusiasm and excitement for mathematics.

Go Figure is a five-week math encouragement and enrichment program, and each week of the program has a different theme. This fall, participants will see how math relates to the elections during the “Decision 2012” program. Themes for the sessions include: election history and the American democratic process; the race to the White House; the candidates, campaign, issues, media and your decision; election day and get out and vote; and the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

“Decision 2012 participants will register to vote and get a voter registration card during a mock registration exercise,” said Katelynn Moats, one of the ISU student leaders of the program. “Then they will go to the polls to cast their votes, participate in an exit poll, and learn the results of the class vote as compared to the actual election results for the county, state, and the whole USA.  Last but not least, they will find out what happens from the time a presidential candidate is declared the winner on election night until the inauguration in January 2013.”

fStudents with varying ranges of mathematics experience and achievement are encouraged to participate in the program, which strives to create a sense of excitement about being math-savvy in everyday life. This year, the program also hopes to get kids excited about the election process.

“The goal of this five-week session is to inspire our third-, fourth- and fifth- graders to become active participants in the American Democratic Process who not only understand how the process works but also understand why every vote is important,” said Marissa Goins, who is also an ISU student leader in the program. “And, yes, we do want them to know that it takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.”

The Go Figure program, which will be facilitated by Moats, Goins and other Indiana State University student docents, will take place every Saturday, from 1 to 2:30 p.m., beginning Oct. 13 and ending Nov. 10 at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, 727 Wabash Ave.

The cost to attend all five sessions is $40 for members of the Terre Haute Children’s Museum and $50 for non-members. Class size is limited.

To register

n To register for the program, or for more information, contact Rachael Nickel at rnickel@terre or 812-235-5548. The registration form can also be downloaded online at thchildrensmuseum.