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January 10, 2013

Across the Wabash Valley — Elementary

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Lost Creek

It was a P.E. newsworthy second grading period for our Lost Creek Mighty Muscle students. All grade levels have been learning and using their quadriceps, biceps, abdominals, latissimus dorsi and gastrocnemius.

During the first two weeks we finished our basketball unit with rapid pass and shooting drills, defensive slides, line quickness games and their favorite the scarf/BKB liontail game.

Our four fierce hoop shoot finalist shined for the county. They were Nolan White, Kalie Schoffstall, Erika Funkhousers’ sub Jennifer Benke and Cole Higham. Higham won the trophy for the boys 8-9 age group and will compete for the regionals the third week of January.

Bowling biceps was our second unit. There were many varieties of pin setting, number of pins and pin distance. Mastering the four step approach was a piece of cake and the icing was our finale Bicep Bowl Tournament. The grand champions with a total of 1,323 pins was Mrs. Laubert’s 4/5 GT class.

Rock climbing was the next unit. Since our 47 foot wall is transverse, all students climbed sideways with foot rocks  one foot from the floor safety mats. They achieved the drills right to left, left to right, zig zag, and were timed. Our grand champion was Hunter Morrison of Mr. Frisz fifth-grade class who completed the wall in 47 seconds. That is one second per foot.

Our winners for the standing long jump and standing high jump were from Mrs. Ellis’ fifth-grade class: Shaelynn Bell and Brayden Brookins, both tall, lean, muscle machines.

We were only able to squeeze in two weeks of the Winter Wonderland unit.

Next unit, the students’ favorite, to begin the new grading period, will be “Dance Your Paws Off.”

— Mrs. Anderson

Rio Grande

It is my hope that you are looking forward to this New Year full of fun-filled art projects. The best is yet to come. Since learning about the color wheel last year, we will now use that knowledge in drawing and painting. I am excited to see what your talents and imagination will create.

Cartooning will be our focus when spring arrives. Shortly thereafter we will work with clay to craft fantastic figurines. As nature comes alive, we shall rejoice in what your inspiration has produced.

I want to congratulate Madi Ellingsworth once again for her participation and award in the Year of the River poster contest as well as to encourage all of you to participate in this year’s annual Swope art contest.

I am thrilled to continue this adventure with you.

— Mr. Holloman,

art teacher