News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 27, 2012



---- — Consolidated

The Sugar Creek Consolidated fifth grade class is off to a great start. Students are working hard to reach Reading Counts Quiz goals and they are progressing through Rocket Math challenges. Last week, they took their learning off campus to attend the Soil and Water Conservation Field Day at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds. The students had a wonderful time listening to all 20 presenters on topics ranging from turkey, beef cattle, and dairy cattle farming to bat facts. They also enjoyed learning about water quality, conservation officer careers, agriculture history, weather, city planning, recycling, tree farming and more.

— Teresa Stuckey and Tammy Brown


We have had a rockin’ and rollin’ start to the school year at Fayette. The month of September has been packed with so many cool activities.

Our school has been honored to take part in two of the Vigo County School Corp. initiatives this year. First, we are taking part in the Backpack Program. At the end of each week, backpacks are filled with food items and the families in our community get to take them home and have what they need to eat for the weekend. We have also been taking part in raising funds for the Shoe Bus program, but this year, we are also fundraising to provide socks for those that need them.

Many grandparents joined us for grandparent’s breakfast and the Scholastic Book Fair. It was a huge success. The Book Fair helps us to raise money to buy books and supplies for our school. Many also participated in the “McFayette” event, also a big success.

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Fayette Family. Laura Stephens is the newest addition to the cafeteria team.

— Shara Enyeart


Franklin Elementary has already had its first Mayor’s Character Award winner for this school year. The character trait for September was “cooperation.” The following students were nominated by their classroom teachers for this honor: Ellah Maze, Max Farner III, Trinity Jones, Kylie Alkire, Tyler Hernandez, Elizabeth “Grace” Delp, Patrick Sowards, Alyssa Gibbs, Marissa Varvel, Avanta Carson, Sally Hiett, Presseley Burke, Jaylin Tompkins, Hannah Sowards, Jaylyn Horne, Alexis Cummins and R.J. Wilkie.

The winner for September’s Mayor Character Award was fifth grader Cheradyn Jeffrey. Jeffrey was nominated for this award by Mrs. McKillop who says, “Cheradyn is always willing to work with students and staff members to get things accomplished. She is quick to volunteer to be a part of all events and projects at school and in the community. She is an active member of the Girl Scouts and always follows the motto: Leave things a little better than you found it. Cheradyn supports our kindergarten students in respectful and ‘motherly’ways. She is kind and helps them solve simple problems during the breakfast and recess rush. Cheradyn never questions why or why me … she just does what needs to be done with a smile and cooperative attitude.”

The following students have been chosen to be patrols for the first semester of this school year: Aaron Whitecotton, Leighann Snavely, Jaylyn Horne, Michael Whitney, Skye Bennett, Hayley Bennett, Dylan Corby and Peyton Walters. Patrols are school leaders who are responsible, reliable, have good attendance and good behavior in school.

Franklin Falcons have been enjoying fresh fruit snacks during our school day through a grant written by Tom Lentes to Del Monte. What fresh fruit snack did you have this week? Have you ever eaten that fruit before? What is your favorite fruit snack?

Remember to check Franklin’s website for calendar items and be sure to also check out teachers’ individual websites for news about classrooms. Simply go to and follow the links to Ben Franklin’s site. Mrs. Williams keeps our site constantly updated so check it out today.

 — Submitted

 by school staff


Riley students are off to an excellent start, not only academically but also socially. This year, Vigo County adopted a new program for all elementary counselors to use weekly in classrooms. The program is a progressive one. Each grade level has a set of age appropriate weekly lessons for the entire year. In Kindergarten the focus is on learning how to listen and being part of a group. Our new program provides us with songs, puppets and fun stories that will build as the student progresses through elementary school. The central theme throughout the program is to promote good, responsible behavior as well as learning how to learn. In addition to this welcomed curriculum to the counseling program, the school corporation continues to support a No Bullying policy. This is addressed by not only the counselor, but by the entire faculty and staff.

— Margaret Bourne, counselor

There’s an old song that reminds us “Everybody has a seed to sow,” and at Riley we’re trying to plant the seeds of healthy choices and good nutrition. When you eat school breakfast you can choose one of two entrees, 100 percent fruit juice, low fat milk in assorted flavors including skim, chocolate and fruit. If you need a quick breakfast you can pick an entrée and get your breakfast bagged to “Grab & Go,” or go straight to the register and pick up a pre-bagged “instant breakfast” to eat in class and avoid tardiness.

We serve lunch after recess so you’re hungry, thirsty and ready to re-fuel with a meal that offers a choice of four entrees. Choose from the entrée on the menu, cook’s choice entrée, PB&J Uncrustable or a fresh chef’s salad. Whatever entrée you pick comes with the same choices of fresh and cooked vegetables, fresh and chilled canned fruit, a choice of some type of whole grain breads and assorted flavors of low fat milk. We have ice water and cups on the line for anyone that wants a nice cold drink.

If you’re extra hungry you may have some extra fruit and vegetables with your school lunch. If you have a lunch from home and need a little extra food to fill you up, we sell fresh fruit, juice, milk, low fat mozzarella string cheese and mini Rice Krispie treats at the register.

— Colleen Lane, cafeteria manager