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August 15, 2012

4-H Livestock results

TERRE HAUTE — Vigo County 4-H Scholarship Recipients — Cory Edge, Corrinne Leader, Austin England

Larry Schopmeyer Scholarship Recipient

Bailey Bergherm

Jack Fry Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Sponsored by the Fry Family

Danika Miller

Ralph and Wayne Livengood Scholarship Recipient

Cory Edge

Brad DeHart Award Recipient

Indy Hanna

Home Ec Award Winners

Hannah Bryan, Journey Warner

2012 Friends of 4-H

Individual - Vigo County 4-H Livestock Auctioneers

Business - Wabash Clay Custom Meats

4-H Junior Leaders Cottom Award Winners

Ben Perry, Klair Wiram

Alpaca Show

Huacaya Females

Champion Class 3 (25 months and up) - Harlie Dycus

Reserve - Emma Land

Alpaca Showmanship

Junior Champion - Harlie Dycus

Reserve - Sasha Nagy

Intermediate Champion - Jia Webb

Senior Champion - Anna Nagy

Grand Champion - Anna Nagy

Reserve Grand Champion - Harlie Dycus

Beef Cattle Show

Breeding Heifers

Champion Angus - Danika Miller

Reserve Champion - Hunter Dailey

Champion Chi - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Champion Commercial - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve Champion - Cassie Bonar

Champion Hereford - Megan Marion

Reserve Champion - Matt Marion

Champion Simmental - Tommy McGuire

Champion Shorthorn - Dalton Chambers

Supreme Heifer - Megan Marion

Reserve Supreme Heifer - Danika Miller

Champion Vigo County Born and Raised - Megan Marion

Reserve Born and Raised - Danika Miller

Market Steers/Heifers

Class winning Market Beef steers:

Patrick Moore

Tommy McGuire

Michaela Marion

Bailey Fitzpatrick

Class winning Market Beef Heifers:

Bailey Bergherm

Grand Champion Market Animal - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal - Bailey Bergherm

Champion Vigo County Born and Raised - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Reserve Born and Raised - Bailey Bergherm

Champion Vigo County Rate of Gain - Beth Romine

Pair of Steers

Champion - Lane and Cassie Bonar

Beef Cattle Showmanship

Champion Junior Showman - Michaela Marion

Reserve Champion - Hunter Daley

Champion Intermediate Showman - Courney Marion

Reserve Champion - Emma Chambers

Champion Senior Showman - Danika Miller

Reserve Champion - Megan Marion

Grand Showman - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Reserve Grand Champion - Matt Marion

4-H Dairy Cattle

Champion Jr. Steer - Tyler Hamilton

Reserve - Cheyanne Smith

Champion Sr. Steer - Kacie Dudley

Reserve - McKala Dudley

Champion Rate-of-Gain Dairy Steer - McKala Dudley

Grand Champion Dairy Steer- Kacie Dudley

Reserve Grand Champion - Tyler Hamilton

Champion Holstein - Dylan Beasley

Champion Jersey - Tyler Hamilton

Reserve Champion - Elyssa Brune

Grand Champion Dairy - Tyler Hamilton

Reserve - Elyssa Brune

Dairy Cattle Showmanship

Champion Junior Showman - Stella Hart

Reserve Junior Showman - Tyler Hamilton

Champion Intermediate Showman - Dylan Beasley

Reserve Intermediate Showman - Will Hart

Champion Senior Showman - Cheyanne Smith

Reserve Senior Showman - Elyssa Brune

Grand Showman - Cheyanne Smith


4-H Market Lambs

Champion Hampshire - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Reserve Champion - Klair Wiram

Champion Katahdin - Max Goodwin

Reserve Champion - Lyric Krause

Champion Natural Color - Rachel Sivertson

Reserve Champion Natural Color - Carter Hall

Champion Oxford - Renee Sivertson

Champion Shropshire - Erin Buckallew

Reserve Champion Shropshire - Hallie Pell

Champion Dorset - Renee Sivertson

Champion Suffolk - Renee Sivertson

Champion White Face Cross - Tanner Edge

Champion Crossbred - Rachel Sivertson

Reserve Champion Crossbred - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Grand Champion Market Lamb - Bailey Fitzpatrick

Reserve Grand Champion Lamb - Rachel Sivertson

Grand Champion Pair of Market Lambs - Renee Sivertson

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lambs - Lyric Krause

Champion Vigo County Bred and Owned Market Lamb - Cory Edge

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Market Lamb - Tanner Edge

Champion County Born and Raised Market Lamb - Rachel Sivertson

Reserve Champion Born and Raised Market Lamb - Carter Hall

4-H Breeding Stock Sheep


Champion Shropshire Ewe Lamb - Erin Buckallew


Champion Ewe - Caroline Goodwin

Reserve Champion Ewe - Lexea Hendricks

Champion Yearling Ewe - Caroline Goodwin

Reserve champion Yearling - Lexea Hendricks

Champion Pair Katahdin Ewe - Lexea Hendricks

Champion Katahdin Ram - Lexea Hendricks

Reserve Champion Ram - Caroline Goodwin


Champion Commercial Ewe Lamb - Renee Sivertson

Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe Lamb - Cory Edge

Champion Commercial Yearling Ewe - Danika Miller

Reserve Champion Commercial Yearling- Cory Edge

Champion Pair Commercial Yearling Ewe - Renee Sivertson

Reserve Champion Pair - Cory Edge

Champion Commercial Ram Lamb - Erin Buckallew

Supreme Ewe - Renee Sivertson

Reserve Supreme Ewe - Cory Edge

Grand Champion Ram - Lexea Hendricks

Reserve Grand Champion Ram - Erin Buckallew

Champion Vigo County Bred and Owned Ewe - Cory Edge

Reserve Champion Vigo County Bred and Owned Ewe - Tanner Edge

Champion Vigo County Born and Raised Ewe - Lexea Hendricks

Reserve Champion County Born and Raised Ewe - Hallie Pell

Sheep Showmanship

Champion Junior Showman - Lyric Krause

Reserve - Lexea Hendricks

Champion Intermediate Showman - Renee Sivertson

Reserve - Hallie Pell

Champion Senior Showman - Rachel Sivertson

Reserve - Tanner Edge

Grand Showman - Klair Wiram

Reserve - Rachel Sivertson

Mini Showmanship - Ellie Goodwin, Chance Meaders


Dairy Goats

Best Junior Doe in Show

Grand Champion - Taylor Guevara

Best Senior Doe in Show

Grand Champion - Bailey Bergherm

Dairy Goat Showmanship

Champion Junior Showman - Blythe Heber

Reserve - Cassie Bonar

Champion Intermediate Showman - Courtney Tarwater

Reserve - Nathaniel Ennis

Champion Senior Showman - Courtney Pfister

Reserve - Elizabeth Favre

Grand Showman - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve - Courtney Pfister

Meat Goat Showman

Champion Junior Showman - Stella Hart

Reserve - Lexea Hendricks

Champion Intermediate Showman - Julia Ennis

Reserve - Kayla Ennis

Champion Senior Showman - Elizabeth Favre

Reserve - Taylor Guevara

Grand Showman - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve - Elizabeth Favre

Dairy Goat Show

Alpine Sr. Champion - Andy Curry

Lamancha Sr. Champion - Taylor Curry

Reserve - Taylor Curry

Nubian Sr. Champion - Taylor Guevara

Reserve - Brenna Hall

Recorded Grade Sr. Champion - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve - Blythe Heber

Saanen Sr. Champion - Blythe Heber

Sable Sr. Champion - Blythe Heber

Lamancha Jr. Doe - Elizabeth Favre

Reserve - Andy Curry

Nigerian Dwarf Jr. Champion - Cale Bryan

Nubian Jr. Champion - Taylor Guevara

Reserve - Brenna Hall

Oberhasli Jr. Champion - Blythe Heber

Reserve - Blythe Heber

Recorded Grade Jr. Champion - Katelyn Creasey

Saanen Jr. Champion - Blythe Heber

Sable Jr. Champion - Blythe Heber

Pygmy Goat Show

Best Senior Doe in Show - Tanner Horton

Grand Champion Pygmy Wether - Ariel Hughes

Dairy Wether Show

Grand Champion Dairy Goat Wether - Connor Lindsay

Reserve Grand - Brenna Hall

Meat Wether Show

1st Place Lightweight I - Dylan Beasley

1st Place Lightweight II - Kayla Ennis

1st Place Middleweight I - Courtney Pfister

1st Place Middleweight II - Brandon Lough

1st Place Heavyweight I - Lexea Hendricks

1st Place Heavyweight II - Evan Wyrick

1st Place Heavyweight III - Bailey Bergherm

Grand Champion Meat Goat Wether - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve Grand - Courtney Pfister

Meat Goats

Best Jr. % Boer Doe Champion - Bailey Bergherm

Best Jr. % Boer Doe Reserve - Dylan Beasley

Best Yrl. % Boer Doe - Lindsey Unger

Reserve Yrl. % Boer Doe - Cheyanne Case

Best Senior % Boer Doe - Cheyanne Case

Res. Best Senior % Boer Doe - Lexea Hendricks

Grand Champion % Boer Doe - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve Grand Champion % Boer Doe - Cheyanne Case

Best Jr. FB/PB Boer Doe Grand - Lexea Hendricks

Best Jr. FB/PB Boer Doe Reserve - Khara Totten

Best Yrl. FB/PB Boer Doe - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve Yrl. FB/PB Boer Doe - Bialey Bergherm

Best Senior FB/PB Boer Doe - Bailey Bergherm

Res. Best Senior FB/PB Boer Doe - Brandon Lough

Grand Champion FB/PB Boer Doe - Bailey Bergherm

Reserve Grand Champion FB/PB Boer Doe - Lexea Hendricks


Breeding Gilts


Champion - Hallie Pell

Reserve Champion - Nick Wiram

Chester White

Champion - Emily Kerr    

Reserve Champion - Chloee DeHart


Champion - Lindsey Unger

Reserve Champion - Peyton Johnson


Champion - Dylan Case

Reserve Champion - Nick Henderson


Champion - Michaela Marion

Reserve Champion - Nick Wiram


Champion - Jared Harlan


Champion - Cody Devanis


Champion - Emma Chambers

Reserve Champion - Ross Mason


Champion - Tyler Allen

Reserve Champion - Cody Devanis


Champion - Lester Moore


Champion- Shaylee Swaearingen

Reserve Champion - Ross Moore

Grand Champion Breeding Gilt:  Lindsey Unger

Reserve Grand Champion:  Hallie Pell

Market Gilts


Champion - Hallie Pell

Reserve Champion - Ronnie Norton


Champion - Chloee DeHart

Reserve Champion - Shaylee Swearingen


Champion - Tyler Allen

Reserve Champion - Shelby Kerr


Champion - Jordyn Krantz

Reserve Champion - Emily Kerr


Champion - Lindsey Unger

Reserve Champion - Bailee Fidler


Champion -  Jared Harlan

Reserve Champion - Elizabeth McCombs


Champion - Audrey Hodges

Reserve Champion - Paxton Granda


Champion - Joseph Moore

Reserve Champion - Hannah Lee


Champion - Matthew Marion

Reserve Champion - Cheyanne Case

Grand Champion Market Gilt - Matthew Marion

Reserve Grand Champion - Tyler Allen

Born and Raised Grand Champion - Matthew Marion

Born and Raised Reserve - Jordyn Krantz

Market Barrows


Champion - Hallie Pell

Reserve Champion - Klair Wiram

Chester White

Champion - Shaylee Swearingen

Reserve Champion - Shaylee Swearingen


Champion - Dylan Johnson

Reserve Champion - Lester Moore


Champion - Marty Kerr

Reserve Champion - Danika Miller


Champion - Lindsey Unger

Reserve Champion - Peyton Johnson


Champion - Jared Harlan

Reserve Champion - Lance Fagin


Champion - Baylee Fidler

Reserve Champion - Cole Sturgeon

Poland China

Champion - Ross Mason

Reserve Champion - Lindsey Unger


Champion - Cory Edge

Reserve Champion -Lance Fagin


Champion - Matthew Marion

Reserve Champion - Megan Marion

Grand Champion Market Barrow - Matthew Marion

Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow - Dylan Johnson

Born and Raised Grand Champion - Matthew Marion

Born and Raised Reserve - Dylan Johnson

Swine Showmanship Results

Junior Champion - Spenser Butterman

Reserve - Chole Dehart

Intermediate Champion - Hallie Pell

Reserve - Michaela Marion

Senior Champion - Lester Moore

Reserve - Tyler Allen

Grand Champion - Danika Miller

Reserve - Matthew Marion


Best in Show - Kinsey Hoogenboom - Satin

Reserve Best in Show - Noah Boyce - Netherland Dwarf

Grand Champion Breeders Class - Noah Boyce - Netherland Dwarf

Reserve Grand Champion Breeders Class - Baylee Fidler - Florida White

Best Mini 4-H - Austin Burns - Havana

Reserve Mini 4-H - Morgan Fidler - Mini Rex

Breed Winners

Best American - Kaitlin Burns

Best Britannia Petite - Nellie Brown

Best Californian - Kinsey Hoogenboom

Best Opposite - Heavin Mahurin

Best Checkered Giant - Dylan Johnson

Best Opposite - Dylan Johnson

Best Dutch - Lyric Krause

Best Dwarf Hotot - Lyric Krause

Best Opposite - Lyric Krause

Best English Spot - Skyla Mahurin

Best Opposite - Heavin Mahurin

Best Flemish Giany - Lauren Schloegl

Best Opposite - Lauren Schloegl

Best Florida White - Cody Devanis

Best Opposite - Baylee Fidler

Best French Lop - Mackenzie Brandenburg

Best Opposite - Stevie Johnson

Best Havana - Shelby Hoogenboom

Best Opposite - Nellie Brown

Best Himalayan - Will Edington

Best Opposite - Baylee Fidler

Best Holland Lop - Stevie Johnson

Best Opposite - Stevie Johnson

Best Jersey Wooly - Kennah Padgett

Best Mini Lop - Cody Devanis

Best Opposite - Cody Devanis

Best Mini Rex - Baylee Fidler

Best Opposite - Jarakah Padgett

Best Mini Satin - Shelbe Padgett

Best Opposite - Shelbe Padgett

Best Netherland Dwarf - Noah Boyce

Best Opposite - Noah Boyce

Best New Zealand - Cody Devanis

Best Opposite - Cody Devanis

Best Polish - Jacklynn Mulliken

Best Opposite - Kennah Padgett

Best Rex - Jacob Weir

Best Rhinelander - Jared Harlan

Best Opposite - Jared Harlan

Best Satin - Kinsey Hoogenboom

Best Opposite - Kinsey Hoogenboom

Best Silver Fox - Kaitlin Burns

Best Opposite - Kaitlin Burns

Best Silver Marten - Emmy Macak

Best Opposite - Danielle Lance

Best Standard Chinchilla - Emmy Macak

Best Oppposite - Emmy Macak

Best Tan - Noah Boyce

Best Thrianta - Stevie Johnson

Best Opposite - Stevie Johnson

Grand Champion Meat Pen - Cody Devanis

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen - Baylee Fidler

Champion Meat Pen - Peyton Johnson

Grand Champion Single Fryer - Baylee Fidler

Reserve Champion Single Fryer - Cody Devanis

4-H Rabbit Poster Winners

Champion Level I Poster - Kaitlin Burns

Champion Level II Poster - Emmy Macak

Champion Level III Poster - McKinsey Moss

4-H Rabbit Ambassador Winners

Novice - Shelby Hoogenboom

Junior - Noah Boyce

Intermediate - Kellee Edington

Senior - Nellie Brown

Master - Jessica Harden

4-H Rabbit Educational Contest Winners

Grand Champion Educational Contest Winner - Bethany Mahurin

Reserve Grand Champion - Kinsey Hoogenboom

Champion Arts and Crafts - Emmy Macak

Reserve - Jarakah Padgett

Champion Educational Display - Bethany Mahurin

Reserve - Jarakah Padgett

Champion Research Book - Gretchen Lance

Reserve - Morgan Weir

Champion Miscellaneous Project - Kinsey Hoogenboom

Reserve - Stevie Johnson

Champion Photography - Claire Pfister

Reserve - Stevie Johnson     

Champion Wood and Metal Working - Morgan Weir

Reserve - Nellie Brown

Champion Educational Game - Allison McElroy

Reserve - Noah Boyce

4-H Rabbit Hersman Award

Nellie Brown

Vigo County 4-H Rabbit Club Achievement Scholarship

Bethany Mahurin

4-H Poultry Results

Champion Bantam Duck - Gabbi Harlow

Reserve - Elizabeth Romine

Champion Light Duck - Grace Harlow

Reserve- Hailee Liston

Champion Medium Duck - Amanda Tovey

Reserve - Molly Tovey

Champion Heavy Duck - Skylar Kane

Reserve - Tyler Kane

Champion Pigeon - Grace Harlow

Reserve - Lauranna Boone

Champion Guinea - Andrea Beal

Reserve - Hailee Lynn

Champion Pheasant - Lauranna Boone

Reserve- Lauranna Boone

Champion Turkey - Angus Brechbill

Reserve - Cayla Donham

Champion Dove - Helen Fulk

Reserve - Helen Fulk

Champion Goose - Lauranna Boone

Reserve - Lauranna Boone


Champion Standard Cock - Courtney Pfister

Champion Standard Hen - Courtney Lane

Champion Standard Cockerel - Gabbi Harlow

Champion Standard Pullet - Angus Brechbill

Champion Asiatic Hen - Hailee Lynn

Champion Asiatic Cockerel - Courtney Lane

Champion American Class - Courtney Pfister

Reserve - Claire Pfister

Champion English - Courtney Lane

Reserve - Courtney Lane

Champion Polish - Andy Beal

Reserve - Andrea Beal

Champion Game - Gabbi Harlow

Reserve - Grace Harlow

Champion Other Breeds - Angus Brechbill

Reserve - Angus Brechbill

Champion Oriental - Helen Fulk

Reserve - Elizabeth Romine

Champion French - Andrea Beal

Champion Mediterranean - Laurana Boone

Reserve - Tyler Kane

Champion Contineal - Madaline Bent

Champion Crossbreed - Jerrica Donham

Reserve - Angus Brechbill

Champion Laying Pen - Ben Steppe

Champion Breeding Pen - Kayla McMichael

Grand Champion Standard - Courtney Pfister

Reserve Grand Champion Standard - Helen Fulk


Champion Bantam Cock - Sierra Milton

Champion Bantam Hen - Hailee Lynn

Champion Bantam Cockerel - Grace Harlow

Champion Bantam Pullet - Gabbi Harlow

Champion Breed Pen - Brayton Liston

Champion Game - Grace Harlow

Reserve - Sierra Milton

Champion Modern Game - Grace Harlow

Reserve - Grace Harlow

Champion Rose Comb Clean Leg - Hailee Lynn

Reserve - Hailee Lynn

Champion Straight Single Comb Clean Leg -

Lauranna Boone

Reserve - Lauranna Boone

Champion Feather Leg - Hailee Lynn

Reserve - Gabbi Harlow

Champion Other Comb Clean Leg - Grace Harlow

Reserve - Gabbi Harlow

Champion Crossbreed - Lauranna Boone

Reserve - Kayla McMichael

Grand Champion Bantam - Grace Harlow

Reserve Grand Champion Bantam- Hailee Lynn

Grand Champion Meat Pen - Austin Donham

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen - Brittnee Donham

Champion - Brayton Liston

4-H Horse & Pony Results

Grand Champion Mare - Chance Duncan

Reserve Grand - Tommy McGuire

Grand Champion Gelding - Madison Rice

Reserve Grand - Hunter Duncan

Junior Showman - Maya Snider

Intermediate Showman - Hunter Duncan

Senior Showman - Jenna McClain

Grand Showman - Jenna McClain

Horse & Pony Class Winners

Pony Class Winners - Kaitlyn Ray, Elizabeth Favre

Mare Class Winners - Ethan Cox, Chance Duncan, Tony McGuire

Gelding Class Winners - Hunter Duncan, Madison Rice, Elyssa Brune

Showmanship Class Winners - Maya Snider, Hunter Duncan, Jenna McClain

Lead Line Equitation Class Winners - Andy Curry

Walk Trot Class Winners - Macee Kuhn, Nick Peters

Horsemanship Class Winners - Maya Snider, Elyssa Brune

Pleasure Class Winners - Payton Halloran, Hunter Duncan, Elyssa Brune

Reining Class Winners - Abby Kelsheimer

Western Riding Class Winners - Abby Kelsheimer

Trail Class Winners - Abby Kelsheimer, Eylssa Brune

Barrel Race Class Winners - Devon Hunt, James Conley, Kaitlyn Ray, Jacy McClain

Flag Race Class Winners - Payton Halloran, Elizabeth Favre, Hunter Duncan

Speed and Action Class Winners - Elizabeth Favre

Pole Bending Class Winners - Devon Hunt, James Conley, Kaitlyn Ray, Brenna Rogers

Keyhole Race Class Winners - Elizabeth Favre, Madison Deal

Hunter Hack Class Winners - Brooklyn Watkins

Working Hunter Over Fences Class Winners - Brooklynn Watkins

Jumper Class Winners - Abby Kelsheimer

Equitation Over Fences Winners - Brooklynn Watkins

Hunter Under Saddle Class Winners - Brooklyn Watkins, Hunter Duncan, Elyssa Brune

English Equitation - Brooklynn Watkins, Elyssa Brune

Dressage Class Winners - Brooklynn Watkins

Cross Rails Class Winner - Brooklyn Watkins

Mini 4-H Horse and Pony Participants - Jaiden Guire, Carson Lutz, Katelyn Conley, Abby Kane, Gavin McCoy, Cailyn Green


Grand Champion - Stevie Johnson

Reserve Grand Champion - Ruby Pigg

Bill Hoggatt Memorial Award - Christopher Ray

Agility Beginning A Champion - Skyla Mahurin

Reserve Champion - Rosie Engle

Agility Beginning B Champion - Christopher Ray

Reserve Champion - Indy Hanna

Agility Class 1A Champion - Ruby Pigg

Reserve Champion - Heavin Mahurin

Obedience Class 1A Champion - Stevie Johnson

Reserve Champion - Ruby Pigg

Obedience Class 1B Champion - Anna Nagy

Reserve Champion - Rosie Engle

Obedience Class 2B Champion - Christopher Ray

Reserve Champion - Indy Hanna


Text Only | Photo Reprints
  • College Success Workshops at The Woods May 8

    Making the right decisions about college can be complicated. That’s why there is the Vigo County “KnowHow2Go” College Success Workshops, a roadmap for preparing for the college experience. Designed for high school juniors, the path to success starts at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 8 in the Rooney Library.

    May 1, 2014

  • EcoCAR2 in garage.jpg EcoCAR 2 gives local college students skills to advance eco-friendly automotive technologies

    The EcoCAR automotive design competition’s surname is ‘Plugging In to the Future,’ and that’s precisely what Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Indiana State University students have been doing in learning valuable skills to become the next generation of innovative automotive engineers.

    May 1, 2014 2 Photos

  • State Education Department releases graduation rates

    The Indiana Department of Education released graduation rate data today for the 2012-2013 school year.
    The overall graduation rate for all schools was 88.6 percent, virtually unchanged from the previous year’s rate of 88.7 percent.

    April 16, 2014

  • Vigo County School Corp. Honor Roll

    March 27, 2014

  • South High announces 2014 Hall of Distinction Inductees

    A nationally known playwright and screenwriter, an inventor with more than 35 patents, and America’s top U.S. Navy Seal make up the Class of 2014 of the Terre Haute South Vigo High School Hall of Distinction.

    March 19, 2014

  • Kauffmann, Bruce.jpg BRUCE KAUFFMANN: Jews as scapegoats in the Civil War

    Of the myriad problems besetting Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, what to do about government anti-Semitism was not high on his list. But it confronted him, nevertheless, this week (Dec. 17) in 1862 when Union General Ulysses S. Grant issued his infamous General Order No. 11, expelling Jews from trading with the Union Army.

    December 19, 2013 1 Photo

  • Vigo County School Corp. High School Honor Roll

    December 19, 2013

  • Vigo County DAR honors Good Citizens

    The Fort Harrison Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honored Vigo County DAR Good Citizens and their families at a December meeting. Following the reading of their essays, each student received a DAR Good Citizen pin, a certificate and a $100 scholarship.

    December 19, 2013

  • The Woods launches RN to BSN completion program

    For Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a new year will mean a new major program. When students enroll in Woods Online to begin in January, an online option will be available — RN to BSN degree completion program. This program seeks to help women and men who hold an associate’s degree and nursing license complete a bachelor’s degree.

    December 19, 2013

  • Harrison receives Campus of Year honors

    Harrison College, a private sector college serving more than 4,000 students worldwide, announced recently that Brennan Randolph, campus president for Terre Haute campus, received recognition as Campus President of the Year and the campus received distinction as Campus of the Year during the Annual Harrison College Recognition Day in Indianapolis in November.

    December 19, 2013

  • Apply now for Principal Leadership Institute

    The Indiana Principal Leadership Institute at Indiana State University’s Bayh College of Education announced that applications are available for the second class, which will begin next summer.
    The Indiana Principal Leadership Institute is a two-year experience designed to address the professional needs of Indiana public school principals with an emphasis on student success.

    December 19, 2013

  • RP senior wins Voice of Democracy contest

    Casey Dust, a Riverton Parke High School senior, recently won the Veterans of Foreign Wars 6th District Voice of Democracy contest. Dust’s recorded speech, “Why I Am Optimistic About My Country’s Future,” not only captured the local contest, but won out over entries from 14 other posts, including those in Terre Haute, Lebanon, Crawfordsville and Carmel.

    December 19, 2013

  • Some Vigo schools out Nov. 12 for safety drills

    Next Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Vigo County School Corp., in cooperation with local police agencies, will conduct school safety drills involving several elementary and middle schools.
    The “hostile intruder” drills will require the buildings involved to dismiss school early that day. Elementary schools affected will be dismissed at 1:45 p.m.

    November 6, 2013

  • The Woods launches new brand initiative

    Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College today launched its new brand initiative focused on advancing the image and reputation of the College. The brand will launch with the important strategic goals of enhancing student recruitment, fundraising and overall brand awareness.

    October 22, 2013

  • red ribbon week contest video screen capture.tiff VIDEO: Enter Red Ribbon Week 'A Healthy Me is Drug Free' contest

    The National Family Partnership® (NFP) announces the national contest for its 28th annual Red Ribbon Week®, Oct. 23-31.
 Here’s how to enter to win $1,000 for your K-12 school and an iPad for the home:

    October 11, 2013 1 Photo

  • Rose-Hulman: 15 years in the lead

    For the 15th consecutive year, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been ranked the nation’s top undergraduate engineering college.

    September 10, 2013

  • Woods climbs in U.S. News rankings

    Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has moved up to No. 18 from No. 27 as one of the Best Regional Colleges in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report in its 2014 Best Colleges Guidebook.

    September 10, 2013

  • Kauffmann, Bruce.jpg Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ speech an ad-lib

    Fifty years ago this week (Aug. 28) Martin Luther King, Jr., put a historic exclamation point on the Civil Rights movement’s “March on Washington” when he stood before the Lincoln Memorial and delivered to some 250,000 people, and millions watching on television, the most famous and important American speech since — well, since the Second Inaugural Address given by Lincoln himself.

    August 29, 2013 1 Photo

  • Kauffmann, Bruce.jpg BRUCE’S HISTORY LESSONS: Lincoln, Douglas, and slavery in America

    The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, which centered on the future of slavery in America, began this week (Aug. 21) in 1858.

    August 22, 2013 1 Photo

  • Bruce’s History Lessons: FDR’s most important domestic program

    Of all of President Franklin Roosevelt’s many domestic achievements, none exceeds the one that became law this week (Aug. 14) in 1935. The Social Security Act was the centerpiece of FDR’s vision to provide financial security to millions of Americans devastated by the Great Depression.

    August 15, 2013

  • BRUCE'S HISTORY LESSONS: The cagey, but never caged, White Mouse

    Few have lived a life as meaningful or full as did Nancy Wake. While she lived in France in 1940 when Nazi Germany subjugated that country, she became a leader of the “maquis” groups — the French resistance fighters — who sabotaged the Nazi occupation of France at every opportunity. Wake was so good at her job, and so good at escaping capture, that the Gestapo nicknamed her “The White Mouse” because she avoided every trap.

    August 8, 2013

  • Kauffmann, Bruce.jpg BRUCE’S HISTORY LESSONS: Writing the ‘Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant’

    When the autobiography of Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War hero and 18th president of the United States, was posthumously published in 1885 it was a literary tour de force.

    July 25, 2013 1 Photo

  • Vigo County School Corp. Honor Roll

    July 25, 2013

  • BRUCE’S HISTORY LESSONS: Becoming the House and Family of Windsor

    In the summer of 1917, Great Britain’s King George V had something of a public relations problem. His country was at war with Germany — World War I as it would be known — and the fighting was so fierce, and British casualty rates so high, that King George’s British subjects were increasingly resentful of all things German.

    July 18, 2013

  • GOALS, PRIDE & ACHIEVEMENTS: July 18, 2013

    The following local students graduated from Anderson University, in Anderson, on May 11. They are Hing Sing Chan and Aaron Joseph Hoff, both of Terre Haute.

    July 18, 2013


    The 45th reunion of the Honey Creek High School class of 1968 is scheduled for Aug. 9 at the VFW at 1111 Veterans Square, 12th and Mulberry streets.

    July 18, 2013

  • Vigo County School Corp. middle school honor roll: fourth grading period

    Honey Creek

    Otter Creek

    Sarah Scott

    West Vigo

    Woodrow Wilson


    July 18, 2013

  • BRUCE’S HISTORY LESSON: The birth of the disposable razor blade

    What millions of Americans (including me) have dreamed of — staring at your bathroom mirror when suddenly you’re hit with a brilliant idea destined to make you rich — actually happened to the man who died this week (July 9) in 1932.

    July 11, 2013

  • REUNIONS: Published July 11, 2013

    St. Bernice High School

    Terre Haute South Vigo High School Class of 1978

    July 11, 2013

  • NEWSMAKERS: Published July 11, 2013


    July 11, 2013

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Couple Channel Grief Into Soldiers' Retreat Clinton Before 9-11: Could Have Killed Bin Laden WWI Aviation Still Alive at Aerodrome in NY Gaza Truce Unravels; Israel, Hamas Trade Blame Smartphone Powered Paper Plane Debuts at Airshow Raw: Woman Who Faced Death Over Faith in N.H. Netanyahu Vows to Destroy Hamas Tunnels House Leaders Trade Blame for Inaction Raw: Rescuers at Taiwan Explosion Scene Four Rescued From Crashed Plane Obama Slams Republicans Over Lawsuit Ravens' Ray Rice: 'I Made a Huge Mistake' Raw: Tunisia Closes Borders With Libya Renewed Violence Taking Toll on Gaza Residents Today in History for August 1st Raw: Otters Enjoy Water Slides at Japan Zoo Florida Panther Rebound Upsets Ranchers Raw: Thousands Flocking to German Crop Circle Cantor Warns of Instability, Terror in Farewell US, UN Announce Deal on Gaza Cease-Fire
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Under Armour Launches Biggest Women's Campaign with Inspiring Ad NYPD chokehold death of Eric Garner was homicide: medical examiner Christina Aguilera Pulls a Demi Moore! Man with no arms throws first pitch Chapter Two: Composing for a film in retirement Is Justin Bieber Dating a Model? Guardians of the Galaxy (Trailer) 'Sharknado 2:' Hottest Memes Surfing The Net Snoop Dogg Narrating Animal Footage Is Perfect Raw: Obama Gets Hug From Special Olympian Recapping a Blockbuster MLB Trade Deadline Tigers Acquire David Price - @TheBuzzeronFOX Russell Brand Slams Sean Hannity Over Gaza Conflict Segment Woman's Dive Goes Terribly Wrong Brian Williams Reports on Daughter Allison Williams' 'Peter Pan' Casting News Did Jimmy Fallon Look Up Heidi Klum's Dress? What Drama? Miranda Kerr Poses Topless Plane crashes in San Diego Costco parking lot Justin Bieber Takes To Instagram To Diss Orlando Bloom You Won't Believe the Celeb Cameos in "Sharknado 2"

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    March 12, 2010