News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 18, 2009

RUB OF THE GREEN: The ‘itis gang’ ready to pounce on golfers

By Bob Arnett

TERRE HAUTE — Golfers beware! They’re lurking out there on golf courses all over the world, ready to create havoc.

They are the dreaded “itis gang”, namely: arthritis. tendonitis and bursitis. They have the ability to cause excruciating suffering, especially to elbows and shoulders. If an avid divot digger tries to play through the pain he or she could feel misery equivalent to a firecracker exploding inside the affected joint every time a golf ball is struck.

Having been a victim of bursitis some 25 years ago, I felt my golfing days were over, until I made a trip to see a Dr. Ferguson who was Purdue University’s athletics team doctor. Besides heat and cold compresses, he recommended a strap that could be tightened about two inches below the sore elbow. This plus a shot of cortisone directly into the elbow (which in no way can be considered painless) kept this writer on fairways and greens for many additional years.

So if the “itis” culprits gang up on you, don’t wait; get to your family doctor to learn what can be done. Many physicians do not like to prescribe steroids due to possible harmful aftereffects. At any rate you shouldn’t wait to see what could be done to allow you to pursue this difficult game of golf without additional hazards being thrown in your path.

n Our sincere apologies to Kay Kaperak, wife of Ted Kaperak who was featured in our column of July 5. We’ve always been a believer in the axiom: “Behind every successful man there’s a woman”. That certainly holds true for Ted and Kay Kaperak in that Ted’s golfing prowess has definitely been on target during the six years he and Kay have been married.

Kay Kaperak is from Sullivan. She is currently employed by Indiana State Credit Union where she has worked for the past four years. Prior to that she spent 11 years with Old National Bank. She recalls that she and Ted were first acquainted back in 1983. Kay also remembers caddying for Ted during some of his tournaments. It would appear that they make a formidable team.

n A tip of the hat to Rich Schelsky for his down to the wire win in the THGA Mini-city Tourney last Sunday with a six-under-par 138 total.

He outlasted longball hitter Stu Johnson by a single stroke. Other big blasters, all of whom played some excellent golf, included former city champ Troy Farris who was just two back at four-under-par with Dave Brown at three swings out of first.

Travis Turpen and Brian Silvers deadlocked at two under with Ted Kaperak at one-under 143. Chris Keen was alone at even par despite a 42 on the outgoing nine at Hulman Links to finish in eighth place.

Keen is in his second term as president of the Terre Haute Golf Association, a task he performs most admirably.

Other players in the championship flight included Bob Kyle, Ryan Roscoe, and Tom Jones. Also, Don Alumbaugh, Dave Alumbaugh, Jason Kyle, Chris Cassell, Craig Martin, Rich Bucy, Mike Wright and Mike Payne.

All signs point to a terrific city tourney this year.

n Mark Bird cleaned up during the annual “Wagle Pilgrimage” played recently at the French Lick Hill Course, Country Oaks and Sultan’s Run.

He shot rounds of 76, 74 and 73 respectively to claim medalist honors on all three courses. Be careful Mark, you may not get an invitation next year!

n Jack Winning reports that Steuben Cain hasn’t forgotten how to hit the golf ball. Jack advises that Cain fired a nifty 73 at Rea Park recently despite the fact that he has hit the 83 mark in birthdays.

I played with Steuben the first time he teed it up in Terre Haute. I relayed the fact to the guys in our hunt that there was a new player in town named Steuben Cain and he hailed from Hazzard, Ky. They all laughed and no one would believe me.

Cain and Bill Doan Sr. are the only surviving charter members of Terre Haute Golf Association’s Hall of Fame.

n Dink Simonson celebrated hitting the age of 60 by posting a smooth 68 from the gold tees at Rea Park a week ago. He indicated that senior tees do make a difference.

n We remember Maynard Davison as an excellent teacher, administrator and golf coach for Vigo County schools. The annual Maynard Davison Memorial Golf Scramble is slated for Aug. 15 at Idle Creek. Entry fee is $50 with Aug. 10 the deadline for entering. Mail entries to James Gormong, 4460 Nottingham Court, Terre Haute, IN 47803.

n Kenny Bosc’s doctor has advised Ken that his 2009 golf season is finished. Bosc suffered injuries in a recent auto accident when two of his ribs were pulled away from his sternum. Knowing Bosc, he’ll be working hard to prove his doctor wrong and get back on the course before the season ends.

Bosc has won club championships at both Rea Park and Elks Fort Harrison. He also has a first place finish in the Lawrenceville (Ill.) Amateur.

n TIP OF THE WEEK: When putting, a slight forward press before beginning the backswing may help you make a smoother stroke. Just rock the shoulders forward before you draw the putter back. This action may pay dividends.

Keep your head down and your shoestrings tied. We’ll be back.