News From Terre Haute, Indiana

May 18, 2013

The Joy Lady: A good morning: everything that rises must converge

Verna Davis
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Last Monday, I had a good morning. It started bright and early at my 8:15 doctor’s appointment. (I know that 8:15 a.m. is not bright and early to a lot of you. But to a night owl like me, 8:15 comes way, way too soon for me to be cheerful about a doctor’s appointment.) The appointment was a follow-up to a follow-up to a toe nail removal. The doctor declared my toe to be healed and said I wasn’t even going to have to wear special (translate: ugly) shoes. I said, “Hello, flip-flops.” The doctor laughed, saying “It’s good to feel good about the little things.”

Next, at the battery store in search of a battery for my favorite lime green watch, I met an early-20-something girl who was excited — no make that ecstatic — that the battery guy had been able to “fix” her phone battery. She was so happy she was giddy, almost jumping up and down with joy.

Encouraged by her success, I gave my watch to the other watch guy and prayed that I wouldn’t have to spend all of the money I had in my wallet: one lone $5 bill. (If there was any money left, I wanted to buy a Diet Coke to drink on the way home. To celebrate my healed toe, of course.)

The watch guy replaced the battery, set the watch to the correct time and charged me a little more than $2. “Hello, diet coke!” I said. He laughed and I said, “Hey, I live a simple life. It doesn’t take much to thrill me.” The girl held her phone up and said, “I know what you mean.”

At the drive-thru five minutes later, being handed my Diet Coke, the fast-food young man (hey, at my age, anyone under 50 is young) stuck his head out towards my car and asked what music I was listening to. “Mandisa,” I said. Before I could explain she was my favorite Christian artist, he smiled hugely and said, “I’m not a morning person, but her song ‘Good Morning’ has made me want to wake up each morning ready to see what God has in store for me.” He didn’t even look over his shoulder to see if his boss was listening to him talk about God with his head hanging out the drive-thru window. It was an amazingly courageous show of excitement and joy at living the Christian life.

Those three things made me pretty happy: a good visit at the doctor’s office, a good visit at the battery store, and a good visit with a stranger at a fast-food restaurant. I knew they were all gifts from God, given to encourage and cheer me.

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.”

Wow. God giving to us over and over, giving us “new every morning.” Isn’t that amazing?

Have a good morning.

Verna Davis, speaker and writer, may be reached at