News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 27, 2012

FLASHPOINT: Working for bipartisanship

Larry Bucshon
Candidate for Congress

---- — Over the past few months, you have heard two very different visions for the direction of our country and our state.

My opponent Dave Crooks, a liberal career politician, has failed to offer any solutions for our country’s problems. Instead, I have focused on my record and have offered a positive plan for what I believe will bring more jobs to Indiana, address the skyrocketing cost of healthcare, and protect and strengthen Medicare.

The economy under President Obama has grown at an anemic rate. We’ve had chronically high unemployment, record deficits, and the federal government has crushed our nation’s job creators — small businesses.

President Obama has taken the credit for hardworking entrepreneurs and innovators by telling businesses owners “You didn’t build that” while my opponent calls him “My guy Obama.” Serving as a rubber stamp to the President’s failed policies will not grow the economy. Instead, we need to foster the real engine of economic growth — free enterprise.

To get the economy working again, we need to reign in reckless federal spending, repeal Obamacare, put an end to unnecessary federal regulation, and reform our tax code.

We can also grow the economy by opening our markets to the 95 percent of the world’s consumers that live outside of the United States. I support common sense reforms that will send American made products to overseas markets, not American jobs. If American companies can compete on a level playing field, we will out-perform and out-produce our foreign competitors.

For instance, Free Trade Agreements, that I supported, have allowed Toyota in Princeton, to export Sienna minivans to South Korea. These are Hoosier made products, being sent to foreign markets, and creating more jobs and prosperity here in Indiana.

Dave Crooks has an isolationist view of the economy that is stuck-in-the-past and will put American companies at a disadvantage in the global economy. These policies might be good political talking points, but they have failed in the past and will continue to leave workers in the United States behind.

As hardworking families are struggling through this weak economy, the ever-increasing cost of healthcare has become burdensome. The President’s healthcare law has failed to address this fundamental problem and I firmly believe it needs to be repealed and replaced with common sense, patient-centered reforms.

My opponent’s position on Obamacare is much different, even though he has attempted to have it both ways on this issue.

Dave Crooks won’t vote to repeal Obamacare if elected, even though it steals $716 billion from Medicare, leading to benefit reductions for current seniors. Additionally, Obamacare appoints a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats in charge of further cuts to Medicare. Putting the government in charge of healthcare is not the solution. As a heart surgeon for more than 15 years, I know that the patient-doctor relationship is sacred and I intend to keep it that way.

As a surgeon, I also understand how important Medicare is to seniors and how critical it is to preserve and protect this vital program. The plan that I support ensures that current seniors, like my mom and dad, keep Medicare as it is now, and future seniors, like Kathryn and me, are able to choose an insurance plan that fits their needs, including traditional Medicare. In no way have I voted to end the Medicare guarantee nor have I done anything to force low and middle income seniors to pay more for their benefits. The independent, non-partisan and Pulitzer Prize winning fact checkers at Politifact agree with me and have called these attacks on my record the “Lie of 2011” and the Wall Street Journal went as far as to call them a “myth.”

You won’t hear that from Dave Crooks because his plan is to do nothing and continue down the current path that will lead Medicare into bankruptcy by 2024. If we want to provide future seniors the Medicare guarantee, we cannot allow the system to continue on a path to insolvency as my opponent would have it.

Let me be clear, the only people in Washington, D.C. who have cut Medicare are President Obama and Dave Crooks’ liberal allies that support Obamacare.

During my first term in Congress, I have personally worked in a bipartisan manner to pass key legislation that will improve Indiana’s infrastructure, address drug shortages, push back on regulation on the coal industry, and provide better employment opportunities for our nation’s veterans. I am proud of my record and the way I have represented the 8th District.

It has been an honor to serve you and I will continue working hard to represent you in Congress to address the problems our nation faces. I ask for your vote and support on Nov. 6.

Dr. Larry Bucshon is a former heart surgeon serving his first term in the United State House of Representatives. He currently lives in Newburgh with his wife Kathryn of 21 years and four kids.