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June 11, 2014

Readers’ Forum: June 12, 2014


---- — D-Day stories are worth remembering

I would like to thank the Tribune-Star for its excellent D-Day edition.

The greatest stories of our culture involve courage and sacrifice. D-Day had an incredible amount of both. The D-Day story that inspires me the most involves two infantrymen.

Shortly after landing, each of them had stepped on one of several million land mines that had been hidden in the sand. Each of them had a foot blown off.

They were instructed to crawl back to the hospital ship that was heading back to Britain. Both of them refused. Instead, they sat together on the ground, bleeding from their shattered leg stumps, shouting instructions to the incoming troops because they thought they could direct them to a safer path to advance to the battle. Unbelievable.

Every generation of American parents should teach their children about World War II. It is an incredible testament to the American spirit. It must never be forgotten.

May God bless Mr. Lowe, Mr. Cromwell, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Dodson, Mrs. Dodson, Mr. Felton and the rest of The Greatest Generation. May God bless the 407,000 American families who lost a loved one in World War II. May God bless America.

— Greg Doll, M.D., Terre Haute

Tommy John speech handled with class

Thank you, Mr. Tanoos, for the respect you showed Tommy John by having him speak at graduation. What happened in 1961 was not acceptable and should never have happened. Thank you for correcting others’ wrongdoing.

Your show of class is a welcome relief and speaks volumes about you and your leadership. The job you do for the school corporation has to be difficult and very stressful, yet you handle it admirably.

Again, thank you for everything you do to make our school corporation what it is.

— Michael and Elizabeth Pine, Terre Haute

No apologies

l really enjoyed the articles about D-Day.

I am surprised that Obama hasn’t apologized to the Germans about the invasion and subsequent defeat of Germany.

— Mark Burns, Terre Haute