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January 14, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Jan. 14, 2013


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So Congress has a tough job?

Congress could get a well-deserved pay increase. They only make $174,000 a year, plus benefits. The increase would be to $174,900 for a job well done, because they cannot agree on anything, walkout on a congressional meeting without voting first, go on vacations, never pass a budget in the Senate in four years even though they tried (ask them), and refused to act on a budget submitted by the president twice. Also, the vice president may get a well-deserved $6,900 increase. Gratifying.

Senior citizens, of which I’m a proud member, will receive approximately $25 to $27 a month. More is not necessary.

But let’s be fair here: what are they doing compared to Congress to deserve more? Just look at what they have to go through in Congress, compared to Social Security recipients.

One of the tough decisions Congress has to make (difficult as it is) is the possibility of giving Social Security recipients an automatic increase after being on Social Security for 20 years. (You see, they could have been thinking 35 years.) Now if that isn’t mindblowing and mental stress, I don’t know what is.

Now you may be able to understand the reason for the congressional pay increase. Mental stress?

It could be that we have something here. Better left for the psychiatry and psychology department.

One other thing that always amazed me, and I find it almost unworthy of print, why do psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, chiropractors, to name a few, have to display their diplomas, but the president doesn’t have to?

My son and daughter-in-law, plus, I’m sure my nieces, would be proud to mention their grades, and well should be.

But (don’t get your nose out of shape) the president doesn’t have to reveal his Harvard records. (We’re not talking about his birth certificate.)

I not only ask as a 75-plus-year-old veteran and a Democrat, but also, an American first.

Who would spend millions to keep records closed and turn down an additional $5 million to any charity just to release their records?

Go on ISU campus and offer much less for grades. Watch the response.

But to also be fair to the president, the Republicans say he spent trillions of dollars, but in all honesty, the president can’t spend that kind of money without being appropriated by Congress, which means both parties agreed.

So maybe it’s time to lay off the president and lay on Congress.

How many times have we seen both parties go on television and express their distaste for runaway spending?

How many have you seen say, “Whoops, my fault”?

In closing, let me state what I said about the president revealing his records (and I like to find one person that would come forth and say, “I knew him at Harvard”).

Please understand, I would like nothing better than to see this happen, but until that day — again, try to understand, this is not, may I repeat, this is not for the blurry-eyed or fogged glasses, I am not referring to a birth certificate. Get it?

Like the older generation will remember, Sgt. Friday: Just the facts, ma’am.

— Bud Frederick

Terre Haute