News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 7, 2012

EDITORIAL: Noteworthy in the news

Another ‘Miracle’ for downtown

The Tribune-Star

---- — It was the “Ghost of Christmas Past” who paid a visit to downtown Terre Haute a few years ago, reminding one and all of those glorious days of yesteryear when the holiday shopping season played out in spectacular fashion on Wabash Avenue.

That flash from the past triggered a spiritual reawakening of interest and enthusiasm in making downtown a destination for residents during the Christmas season. “A Miracle on 7th Street” was born.

Now in its fourth year, “Miracle” has enticed a visit from the “Ghost of Christmas Present” to see what the renewed spirit has wrought. It’s truly a sight to behold.

The downtown festival opens tonight at 5. The event has grown in popularity in a short time. Thousands are expected to again fill the streets, stores, shops and restaurants to enjoy and share the holiday spirit of 2012.

This beautifully conceived and meticulously planned festival has earned its grand reputation in a short time. If you have not participated before, we urge you to do so this year. Another big crowd will undoubtedly guarantee cheery visits from the “Ghost of Christmases yet to come.”

Reader poll results

Recently, the Reader Poll at asked:

What is the best way for Congress to avoid sending the federal government off the “Fiscal Cliff”?  

Results: 475 votes were cast.

• Combination of higher taxes for wealthy and program spending cuts — 193 votes, 40.63 percent

• Deep spending cuts in federal programs — 146 votes, 30.74 percent

• Higher taxes for wealthiest Americans — 92 votes, 19.37 percent

• Do nothing and let fiscal cliff occur — 44 votes, 9 percent

New web poll

Should college-educated people be able to teach in public schools despite not having specific training to be a teacher?

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You can say that again

“I think we have to do something different than what we’ve been doing. We need to be spending our prison dollars more effectively than putting people away for minor violations like some kid caught with a joint in his pocket.”

— State Rep. Heath VanNatter, a Republican from Kokomo, on the topic of decriminalization of Indiana’s marijuana laws