News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 6, 2012

RONN MOTT: This ’n' that

Ronn Mott
Special to the Tribune-Star

---- — I walk Collett Park and in spite of the fact I have done it for many months, I keep expecting to wake up one morning and feel really great. But, so far I haven’t. I have, however, met many nice people and some very good dogs. One day while walking I saw two young women who were busily painting a fire hydrant not too far from where I live. I told them I suppose I know why fire hydrants are yellow because red looks black at night.  

Then, I asked why the caps on the tops of the hydrants are different colors. Some are blue, some are green, and others are red. One of the ladies explained that when a fire engine pulls up to a fire hydrant, the color of the cap — blue, green or red — will tell them the size of hose that will readily fit that particular hydrant. Well, I didn’t know that. But it goes to show that walking around the park can teach you things.

People are always asking me how my cats are doing. I am here to report they are doing very well. Orange Crush (O.C.), the first of our adopted felines, sticks pretty close to home, and even though when we took her in she was afraid of just about everything, that has improved now where she is beginning to spend the nights when it is cold on the back porch. Love, and a good supply of food, is beginning to break down her fear barriers. She’s a little sweetheart.

Magic, who looks like a small panther, likes to roam a bit and it drives my wife crazy when he isn’t home after a certain length of time, which puts her on cat-wrangling duty and she’s out to find him. (A block to the west of us is an abandoned area where a house was torn down and brush is overgrown. It’s a paradise for a young cat who likes to stalk about and see what is going on in the outdoor world.)

Mellow, another cat that came to us starving, eats like a little pig and now weighs approximately 10 pounds. He tends to stay a little closer to home, but loves the outdoors. He is the terror of every large bug that hops or flies, he runs squirrels up trees, and tries to catch birds. (He hasn’t been very successful at catching birds.)  

Magic loves to cuddle up next to my wife on the sofa in the family room and Mellow has claimed a chair in the living room for his nap headquarters. At this writing, all is well with the Mott cats.


I hope Jack Swart doesn’t take offense at this, but his new morning team on MIX-FM is working hard to get acquainted with Terre Haute. This is the third morning team since 2009 at MIX- FM. Kristen Flowers and Nick Steele are native Californians who worked together in Las Vegas. Kristen, I believe this correct, went to work in Houston. Nick went to work in Dayton, Ohio. After the neon lights of Las Vegas, it must have been culture shock for the two of them. They stayed in touch and agreed they would love to be a morning team. Hence, that is what brought them to Terre Haute and MIX-FM.

If you bump into these two people while they are learning about Terre Haute, say hello and wish them well. Radio being what it is, is not a position for the faint of heart. But we say to Kristen and Nick, good luck, we hope you like Terre Haute and we hope Terre Haute likes you.


Even though the ISU Sycamores lost to Illinois State by a touchdown, Coach Trent Miles should be congratulated. He has performed a near miracle in a very short period of time. His current team has beaten almost all of its opponents, getting national attention and rankings, and is working toward even bigger and better things.

I like Trent Miles. I knew and liked his father as well, but you know I would have to like a man who has Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the moon” as his ring tone on his cell phone.

Trent, you get a sticky, wet, gold star all the way around on your report card.

Ronn Mott, a longtime radio personality in Terre Haute, writes commentaries for the Tribune-Star. His pieces are published online Tuesday and Thursday on, and in the print and online editions on Saturday.