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August 31, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 31, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Truth will win out in the end

Wrong has been elevated to the throne and right is trampled and waiting at the gallows

One line of thinking suggests it is so bad we may as well give a boost to yet another fleshly sin. Since criminals are allowed to participate with no problems from the law, why not others?

Another concept is concern about being on the wrong side of history since people are changing their opinion, so just join the crowd.

The third group believe just one more ungodly decision by our leaders will no doubt lead to the end times for the nation.

I believe that the present situation is a disgrace to our “Pledge of Allegiance”, also both our military and our forefathers who have given so much to protect our freedoms.

We have laws that are not enforced that would eliminate some participation of ungodly demands and criminal activity. I think the sin most damaging to our nation is the lie that started in the garden by the devil serpent. The devil has many advocates and their lies are so frequent that one cannot see or hear the news without wondering if it is truth or fabrication.

Almost any crime committed has a lie entwined in it at some point. How many killings, murders, rapes, robbery and financial losses could have been eliminated if the culprit had been arrested for lying prior to another crime?

Now, they say everybody lies and that makes it not enforceable or some such excuse.

Lies are not limited to politics, nationality, age, color, profession, stranger or neighbor.

The lies have led to leaders in power playing God but working for the devil. We as a nation cannot depend on help from them.

These verses by Helen Steiner Rice in a poem of tribute to JFK are very pertinent:

“For unless ‘God is guard’, John Kennedy said, ‘We’re standing unguarded’ with dreams that are dead. For a nation too proud to bend down and pray will crumble to chaos and descend to decay.”

Yes, I too believe what this politician stated that spiritual power from above is our only hope to save the nation. Belief in God is not enough as the devil also believes but is destined for hell; May God’s will be done on Earth as in heaven.

Will you be counted among the faithful found standing on the rock knowing all others are sinking in sand? The Bible is the best history book and we know that the truth wins in the end.

Thank you for opportunity to speak out.

— Ruby K. Cook

Marshall, Ill.