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August 23, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 23, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Demands reforms in Muslim teachings

Many non-Muslims feel threatened by the hateful teachings of the Koran, a Muslim holy book. For example, the Koran calls Jews the “children of apes and pigs” and calls on Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians. It demands that Muslims “slay the idolaters”, Buddhists, Hindus, followers of any religion not comporting with their view of Allah and Mohammed. It calls on Muslims to wage Jihad (wars) against non-Muslims to collect war booty and to impose Jizya taxes on them as a part of the imposition of shariah (Muslim) law on the defeated non-Muslims.  Jizya can be received in many forms, such as welfare, etc.  

The U.S. Constitution guarantees American residents (including non-citizens) complete religious freedom. This is a freedom to worship, not to spread hatred of our society, culture and mores in the presumably religious settings and environments of mosques and Islamic centers.

The indoctrination of Muslims, young and old, with hate-filled, violent ideas are a justifiable concern among non-Muslims. It is disconcerting for Christians, Jews or any other non-Muslim to understand that local mosques and Islamic cultural centers are teaching these hateful values to their Muslim neighbors and their children.

The recent rapes, tortures and murders of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the continued barbaric savagery committed against Christians in Nigeria and across Africa should be instructive. More than 100 million Africans, 160 million Christians, Buddhists and Hindus have been killed by Islamic Jihad. Entire Jewish populations have been destroyed in Muslim countries.

Non-Muslims have a right to demand that Muslims in America undertake serious reforms of Islam ideology. As Americans, we must demand these issues be addressed immediately.

— Edward Kesler

West Terre Haute

America cannot save the world

I have been wondering what would have happened if we had stopped shooting people after George Bush the first ran Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. We would have had lots more money in our treasury. A lot of  America’s finest would be doing good things instead of being in hospitals and cemeteries.

At his worst, we killed a lot more Arabs than Saddam ever dreamed of. I might add Iran and Iraq hated each other and if Saddam was looking over Iran’s shoulder, Iran might not be quite as belligerent as they are today.  

In the 50 years or so of the stupid wars we have indulged in, we have not been a victor in any of them. In fact, the unfriendly know, if our be-killed rate goes up, we will go home and leave behind a lot of very expensive military equipment.

You cannot change past history, but if we the people would get rid of the egoistical morons with an unattainable goal of saving the world and then use our assets to take care of what is important to the USofA, all would find these important assets are living in the middle of North America and nowhere else.

— Sam Wallace

Casey , Ill.