News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 21, 2013

Readers' Forum: Aug. 21, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Take a stand for

public schools

Recent illumination of Mitch Daniels’ and Tony Bennett’s motivation for educational “reform” and control should also raise significant concerns about other politicians in Indiana continuing to push the same agenda, such as A-F grading systems, curriculum control, high-stakes testing, minimizing training for professional educators, and turning over public dollars for private schools.

Censorship, manipulation and dishonesty appear to be characteristics of these “reform” politicians whose financial backing comes from special interest groups desiring to dismantle public education for privatization perks.

Unfortunately, many of Daniels’/Bennett’s kindred politicians continue to undermine Glenda Ritz and the Indiana voters who conclusively objected to the direction Bennett and the Indiana Department of Education were heading.

Recent educational initiatives by Ritz to place Indiana on a truly progressive path, backed by legitimate educational research, have been stifled by several board members and legislators.

Currently the bully pulpit reigns. It is time to expose these obstructionists and vote them out. Find out where your representatives stand for the sake of our public schools.

— Wendy Marencik


Thanks for help

supporting family

On behalf of the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department office and staff I would like to thank the Wabash Valley and surrounding area for its tremendous support for the benefit held Aug. 9 for Kaylynn Zehner and her family.

Kaylynn, who is turning 1, is scheduled for heart surgery in November. The benefit was able to raise over $11,000 to help this young family cope with the expenses associated with Kaylynn’s illness.

Supporters are far too numerous to mention by name. Our community once again demonstrated its care and concern for others by coming out to support this event and show that they “Have a Heart for Kaylynn.”

— Penny Davis

Event Chairperson

Vigo County Sheriff’s office


Nice turnout for

MS fundraiser

On Saturday, Aug. 10, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society held a fundraiser at Tumbleweed. We washed cars and received donations to be turned in for the Walk MS fundraising event on Sept. 14.

I would like to thank the Tumbleweed and Christina Doan for her help in setting this up, the Terre Haute South swimmers from Coach Jeff Thompson, who came to help wash cars, the Dana Wilson family who washed, the Church  of Latter Day Saints who had many there to lend a helping hand, led by Kristin Williams, and to friends and family and the public who came to support those of us wanting to put and end to MS in our lifetime.

I am grateful for the beautiful weather and the very nice turnout.

Thank you, Terre Haute.

Please come and join us at St. Mary-of-the-Woods for the walk on Sept. 14.

— Pam Grimes

Terre Haute