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October 9, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Oct. 9, 2012

The Tribune-Star

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Mourdock will get things done

It’s obvious to most of us that our nation’s current fiscal dilemma is the direct result of extreme, uncontrolled congressional spending, so for opponents of Richard Mourdock to portray him as extreme is beyond comprehension.

They want to talk about extreme, OK, let’s talk. How about the extreme rise in gas prices from $1.85 to $3.75, the extreme poverty rates as 48 percent of Americans are considered to be low income, or the extreme taxes with the average American working 107 days of the year to pay their share.

Then there’s extreme unemployment when 20,000 recently applied for just 877 Hyundai job openings in Alabama and the extreme decline of $4,300 in median household income. Don’t forget the extreme waste such as spending $175,587 to find out if cocaine causes Japanese quail to engage in sexually risky behavior and another $20 million to create Sesame Street for Pakistani children.

Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities over the next seven years of more than $38 trillion, or $328,404 for every household. The U.S. national debt is rising $2 million every minute. Over 2.6 million more Americans slipped into poverty in 2010, the largest increase on record. When Obama took office there were 2.7 million long-term unemployed, today it’s twice that. There were 32 million on food stamps, now over 46 million. Our trade deficit with China is also a bit extreme at $295.5 billion, the largest in history.

And the most extreme of all would have to be our national debt. Last year the U.S. government spent $454 billion on just the interest. We owe China about $1.17 trillion and yet we continue to send them millions of dollars in foreign aid every year. How is that for extreme?

These are the facts; do your own research. Our country is in big trouble. We don’t need the same failed policies that Obama and Donnelly offer. We need to elect bold leaders who aren’t afraid to address the stark reality of our nation’s condition. It’s not about party loyalty, it’s about country loyalty. It’s about the future of our children and grandchildren.

Donnelly will spinelessly bend to the extreme political self-interest of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Richard Mourdock has already proposed a plan to cut federal spending by $7.6 trillion and balance the budget in 10 years. Perhaps Mourdock is considered extreme for demanding fiscal responsibility in government and promoting accountability by suggesting the Federal Reserve be subject to audits. As State Treasurer, Mourdock returned an average of 10 percent of the budget back to the state each year.

Mourdock is ready and willing to work with anyone of any party at any time to address the economic fiasco threatening America’s future. Richard Mourdock will never take part in Washington cronyism because he is an ethical man with common-sense goals and he will get things done. He is the man we need as our next U.S. senator.

— Courtney Schmidt

Terre Haute

Great celebration at Arboretum

With brilliant blue skies above and warm sunshine on our backs, Friends of the Arboretum members welcomed a nice crowd of visitors to the Clark-Landsbaum Deming Park Holly Arboretum in celebration of our 20th Anniversary.

As tours of the garden were conducted, questions asked and answered, refreshment served and enjoyed, the Mayor’s Proclamation of Sept. 23, 2012, “Holly Arboretum Day” presented, the afternoon quickly passed. One woman sweetly commented, “It is so beautiful — so peaceful.”

We sincerely thank all who visited the Arboretum, all who helped in the preparation of the event, Bruce Rosselli and the Terre Haute Parks Department, Hank Metzger Landscape, the Friends of the Arboretum Board members, and community volunteers for their many hours of assistance.

A special thanks to the Tribune-Star for their publicity articles, pictures and special invitations to the public. Thank you also to WTWO and WTHI. Each of you was instrumental in contributing to a happy and successful day.

It was a wonderful celebration.

— Marilyn Clark

Corresponding Secretary

Friends of the Arboretum

Terre Haute