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May 19, 2013

READERS' FORUM: May 19, 2013

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Flawed reasoning on gun checks

After Boston, who now can argue with the common sense logic that if there were no pressure cookers, there would be no pressure cooker bombs?

Anyone wishing to purchase a pressure cooker, or inherit one from their mother, should be subject to a comprehensive background check. This is the only way to keep pressure cookers out of the hands of the mentally unstable and terrorists.

Next, Congress should outlaw any pressure cooker larger than two quarts because a lot more people can be killed with high-capacity pressure cookers. It should also be illegal to transport a concealed pressure cooker without a permit.

Congress should add to the pressure cooker laws that if anyone gets hurt by a pressure cooker bomb, manufacturers of pressure cookers should be held responsible and be subject to pay for damages.

I realize these laws would be expensive to administer and a big inconvenience to those law-abiding citizens who only want to cook, but if we can save even a single life, it would be worth it. Right?

Ridiculous, yes, but no more ridiculous than if this reasoning is applied to guns, knives, ball bats, or any number of items that can be made to be deadly.

At age 70, when I purchased my first gun ever at a retail outlet, I did not object to the background check. However, Boston has made me realize that background checks and controls do nothing to assure our safety.

Besides, any decent criminal or terrorist would buy a cheap black-market gun, or steal one, rather than pay retail price.

— Ron Gore


A hint of things yet to come?

“Night of the Broken Glass.” This phrase means nothing to most, but to those who do, it will live in infamy.

That terrible night in 1938 Germany likens to events that will eventually happen here. The Benghazi hearings will spark retaliation from this regime in power unseen in our history. Conservative groups will be targeted as never before. Prominent conservative figures will be labeled as enemies of the state.

This may seem a little far-fetched. But again, it did in 1938.

— Thomas Woodbury

Terre Haute

Are the ‘makers’ doing the ‘taking’?

Surprise! The Republican governor, state Senate and House did not do anything for the middle class. What other outcome could have come out of this? Their presidential nominee was okay with paying 13 percent federal tax on $21 million while some pay 28 percent on $30,000. They are OK with their companies sending jobs overseas.

I agree that making a lot of money is not a crime, but when manufacturing thought this way their jobs went overseas and the plants closed down. Was anyone listening when the GOP said we need to get government out of business and then used their government power to regulate labor laws?

The GOP says they are the productive class when manufacturing workers produce more per hour with less people yet the manufacturing workers pay has gone down. When they talked about Pell Grant reduction, the GOP knows who this affects, but going to work and then going to school before you go home means nothing to them unless you are in their group.

Some of the people in this Pell group work every day to support a special needs child or adult, so when you talk of SSI reductions, it affects these people and you know it but insist on insulting them by saying they are abusing the system.

The GOP’s definition of a “taker” does include people born with a disability. Before any of you start screaming about the injustice you’re suffering because I said that. Stop and think, then tell me when Paul Ryan ever said special needs were exempt from his idea for SSI reform. I’m amazed that neither political side recognizes the voting power in this group.

Autism has a one in 55 rate, so that’s two parents plus four grandparents either saying you take care of their child or you hurt their child but there is no concern on either side.

I think what bothers me the most is the GOP’s arrogance. You think that you are the only ones who have family and moral values and that you are the only ones who want to be educated and work for a living. Is that how you sleep at night? You tell yourself all the unemployed people you created deserved it. They would have never used the opportunities you took away from them.

I read about millionaires from this country hiding money in banks like USB while complaining about how unfair the tax system is or how heavy they are getting taxed. So what is the overseas money doing? I know you’re not breaking any laws that we can see.

— Mike Travelstead

Terre Haute

The ‘Obamination’ is finally revealed

It appears the press has finally awakened to the Obamination. Like the dead body that cannot be hidden, the scandalous, crooked political behavior of the current administration has begin to surface.

The majority of the media has ignored the calls for more than cursory looks at repeated questionable acts like a neighbor ignoring the waft of decay coming from the nearby house because he is “such a nice guy.” But eventually the rot becomes too much to wave off as has happened to the media.

When it became obvious Hillary and Obama directly lied about not only who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on Benghazi, but also why, the media was forced to take more than a glance at the allegations. Like the neighbor who sees the bodies being dug up in the nearby yard, they have to ask themselves “was I blind?” Suddenly they can see.

When the IRS admits they have been targeting political opponents of Obama, they realize they have been protecting the monster (the partisan political attack dog), providing cover and undermining all that this country is supposed to be based on. Now, they see that the whole time, even they were being scrutinized (tapping the phones of the press) and again, like the neighbor who ignored the screams (accusations of the right) as just background noise, they feel like the fools they were and lash out.

This will pass, as the monster is dealt with and punished but the real damage has been done. Like unknown victims buried and forgotten, the effects of this Obamination will continue to be found for years. Even now, the real damage is just being discovered. The biggest crime will be the effect on our medical care. Those who work for a living will soon see a brutal increase in their costs, in some cases tripling the premiums all while seeing an accompanying decline in the quality of care, just like all other government controlled health care systems.

Even authors of this disaster such as Democrats Max Baucus and Harry Reid are characterizing the coming year as a train wreck. One can only hope that at this point, the serial murderers of the American way have been stopped and that we can somehow undo the hideous distortions they have created within our midst.

— Michael C. Sherrill

Marshall, Ill

Pondering effects of Obamacare

Suppose one of the victims of the recent Boston bombings was an elderly individual well into his/her 80s.

Suppose such a person had drawn out much more in SS benefits than were ever paid in.

Suppose said person was, as Hitler described them, a worthless eater.

Suppose said person would require much surgery and a long period of rehab.

Would said person, under Obamacare, be denied the lifesaving care that they need?

I hope not.

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute

Fantasizing on the ‘Apocalypse’

I had a dream about Obama’s final elected six months. Here is how it goes. The administration has been printing billions of dollars and then dumping these dollars into the economy with nothing to support the money printed.  The result is the stock market is expanding at an unsustainable rate. At the appointed time, the printing presses will stop. With the money supply gone the collapse of the stock market will make the Depression of 1929 look like a walk in the park.

The administration’s plan’s code name has been selected as “Apocalypse.” The Department of Homeland Security has been secretly buying thousands of automatic weapons plus millions of rounds of ammunition. Also orders have been sent to one of the major tank manufactures to build and deliver, to unspecified addresses, over a thousand light tanks by the middle of 2016. Early on the DHS had activated a remote military training facility in the northwestern part of the country along with top-secret security.

A newly enacted law gives the federal government electronic control of any and all electricity distribution. Which means in time of crisis, at the push of a button, the administration decides who gets and who does not get electric service. You and I know that we have become so dependent on this utility that every thing would grind to a halt with any longtime outage.

This is how the plan proceeds. The stock market collapses, money supply dries up, prices skyrockets, shortages of everything, riots everywhere. Behold, “Apocalypse”.

Due to unrest, the president declares a national emergency, sets aside the Constitution, declares martial law and activates the military division of the Department of Homeland Security. With the U.S. military as a backup, the DHS moves into action. With three years of training in crowd control, well armed, with light movable tanks, they soon have control of all major areas.

Any opposition will find themselves with out electricity. No electricity, no water, no food.

True? How would I know? But if you are a conspiracy theorist it makes interesting reading. Besides, lighten up, it is only a dream. Isn’t it?

— Sam Wallace

Casey, Ill.

Another view of Hinduism

In her letters of April 28 and May 12, Nina Miller criticizes and ridicules Hindus and Hinduism.

She is certainly entitled to her opinions. However, a contrasting view is provided by the quotes about Hinduism/Hindu Scriptures by noted individuals, that I am giving below.

Arthur Schopenhauer: “In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life — it will be the solace of my death.”

Wilhelm von Humboldt pronounced the Gita as: “The most beautiful, perhaps the only true philosophical song existing in any known tongue … perhaps the deepest and loftiest thing the world has to show.”

Lord Warren Hastings, the Governor General, was very much impressed with Hindu philosophy: “The writers of the Indian philosophies will survive, when the British dominion in India shall long have ceased to exist, and when the sources which it yielded of wealth and power are lost to remembrances.”

— Karanam S. Rao

Terre Haute

Great experience for HCMS students

The seventh-grade teams at Honey Creek Middle School would like to thank Allyson Newport and her ISU Interlink students for sharing information about their countries and cultures with our students.

Our seventh-grade curriculum focuses on other cultures around the world, and the opportunity to hear and interact with people from some of the countries students have studied helped bring the curriculum to life.

This program provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop their worldview by listening to and asking questions of the Interlink students. This was a valuable learning experience for our students.

— The seventh grade

MVP and VIP team

Honey Creek Middle School