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May 11, 2013

Readers’ Forum: May 11, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Ban big pressure cookers; that’s it!

I  just wanted to express my disappointment at the lack of response shown by President Obama after the Boston Marathon bombings. There are several options available to him of which he has not taken advantage.

If I was him, first I would have the Department of Homeland Security buy up every single pressure cooker in the U.S.A. Criminals can’t buy them if they aren’t on the store shelf! Brilliant? Right?

Then I would review all the different manufacturers’ buyer registrations to see who currently owns such weapons. This would greatly aid in speeding confiscation. Besides, there is no need for anyone to own a 3-quart cooker. He might allow the smaller ones but really, this is 2013! Nobody even needs them at all.  There are other ways to cook deer!

President Obama should take the huge amounts of money saved by closing the White House tours and furloughing air traffic controllers and invest that money into solar- or wind-driven pressure cookers.

China would be so happy to produce them for us! We certainly don’t need any more jobs here!

If our rascally part-time, constitutionally elected legislative branch won’t pass the laws the president wants, why, he should just issue any executive order he wants. And if the Supreme Court doesn’t think it’s right, well, he can just ignore the justices, or bribe them, or even embarrass them by yelling at them during his State of the Union Speech!

I wonder if he has DHS checking those guests coming up from the south? They always carry backpacks, Hey! That’s the idea! Ban backpacks!

Seriously, folks, we’re in a heap of trouble. Our constitution is under attack by  people sworn to preserve, protect and defend it. And that is treason.

We can’t exchange freedom for a false sense of security. Our bloated, overgrown government needs to be pruned and put on a diet. We need more freedom — not less.

Thank God that in 1951 Congress saw fit to limit presidential terms. We are now in dire need of a limit to congressional terms. We will never get that until we, the people, demand it, and elect only people who will fight to make it happen.

There are too many millionaires and professional politicians, too much wheeling and dealing in secret backroom meetings. Where is the transparency Nancy Pelosi promised? Probably in the same rooms where Obamacare was stealthily crafted.

We need to have our attention on what our government is doing and planning. Otherwise, these people will continue to bankrupt us and rule away our freedoms.

Let your voice be heard while you still have a voice.

— Nancy Bond


Clinton’s mistakes with Benghazi

I was an eyewitness to history: I watched the Congressional Oversight Committee hearing dealing with the tragic events in Benghazi.

I begin with a segment addressed to Mrs. Hillary Clinton:

“Mrs. Clinton, the YouTube video, to which you referred numerous times, had nothing to do with the confrontation in Benghazi. And I wish that you would have advised the president not to use the phrase ‘al Qaeda is decimated,’ which was a purely pre-election political observation.The irony is, in my view, that lack of deployment of U.S. Armed Forces in this operation (yes, a terrorist attack), related inadvertently to your comment about the Internet video and the president’s statement of the disarray of al Qaeda. It is my deeply felt belief that these were two major mistakes.”

You don’t fight a severe case of pneumonia with over-the counter medicine. (I know something about it. I was a pharmacist all my active life).

I am, obviously, not a lawyer:

Love of America is my credo: “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

I am sure that Mrs. Hillary Clinton, in her curriculum at Yale Law School, took a course learning how a person can appear in a hearing in front of one of the two chambers of Congress: The citizen will raise his or her right hand to make a solemn statement, under oath, to tell the truth.

If not, the phenomenon is defined as perjury.

— Michael Kor

Terre Haute