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April 30, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: April 30, 2013


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Gujarat attack was provoked

This is in reply to Nina Miller’s letter of April 28 from an American Hindu.

I am writing to provide background information for the unfortunate events in Gujarat, India, in 2002, in which many Muslims as well as Hindus perished. I am an American Hindu. I am a descendant of Hindus hailing from the state of Gujarat in India.

Ms. Miller’s letter seems to suggest that atrocities on Muslims by Hindus were unprovoked. The Hindu attacks on Muslims were set in motion by an unprovoked attack by Muslims in Gujarat on Hindu pilgrims returning to Gujarat after a pilgrimage. Muslims locked the compartments of the train carrying returning Hindu pilgrims and set fire to the train, killing a large number of Hindus.

The attack by Muslims on Hindus was unprovoked.

The Hindu attack on Muslims was a response to the unprovoked atrocity carried out by Muslims on Hindus.

— Shefali Purohit

Terre Haute

Proud honor for THN student

Terre Haute North Vigo High School senior Elizabeth Dultz has made our Patriot family very proud. During the fall of this school year, Elizabeth was tabbed as an Indiana Academic All-Star nominee. Only 257 senior students across the state were nominated, which is quite an honor.

After being nominated, each of the 257 students and their school completed an application capturing the accomplishments of each nominee. Once the applications are submitted and reviewed by the Indiana Association of School Principals (sponsor of the award), they select 40 students as Indiana Academic All-Stars and an additional 50 students as Regional All-Stars.

The Academic All-Stars are chosen on the basis of their academic accomplishments.

The selection of students is based on the following considerations and in the priority listed: The score derived from a mathematical formula combining the grade-point average for seven semesters and the SAT/ACT composite score; academic courses; academic achievement; extracurricular activities related to academics; nonacademic extracurricular activities; and community service and involvement.

Late this winter Terre Haute North Vigo High School received word that Elizabeth Dultz was selected as an Indiana Academic Regional All-Star. This award garnered by Elizabeth speaks volumes about the person she is. To achieve an accolade such as this is rather remarkable and impressive. It is also refreshing to work in a school and live in a community where we produce some of the best and brightest. Congratulations to Elizabeth.

— Scott Moore

Assistant Principal

Terre Haute North Vigo

Dowsing for

water is for real

I started reading Tribune-Star about 75 years ago. Back then it was the comic strips I enjoyed, and now at times some letters are almost as funny.

A thank you to Mike Lunsford for the great article on the front page of the paper relating to the help and hope of years gone by about dowsing.

First of all, it was very good to have something to think upon besides the many stressful facts like murder, disasters, accidents, molesting of children, unsolved murders of elderly — and the list goes on.

My father was a “water witcher” during the years when running water meant you ran to the creek or spring to get water.

He was quite busy. He guaranteed his calling by digging the well to prove his mastering of the task. He never dug a dry well, and put many down here in Illinois, Indiana, and as far north as Ely, Minn., and west in the Nevada desert on Jericho Road between Searchlight, Nev., and Nipton, Calif. Those were dug in the 1940s.

As for the mystery and science, I know the Bible states that God gave gifts to man. Some were miracles, healing, wisdom and knowledge.

It is plain horse sense to know that man’s opinion does not change God’s Word one iota.

True Christians believe people were created by God and we may be called old dogs, bigots and whatever else, but we stand on God’s Word.

We are not perfect and never will be until Jesus puts the finishing touches on us.

Perhaps Mr. Gagnon, like other letter writers, is running on man’s opinion through the courts that they evolved from monkeys and thus he has conflict with reality. Maybe some knowledge will change his opinion.

“Forever is too long to be wrong” is my favorite motto.

Thank you from the well-witcher’s daughter.

— Ruby Kesler Cook

Marshall, Ill.