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June 4, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: June 4, 2013

The Tribune-Star

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What can lead us into peace?

What are the prerequisites for war? What are the prerequisites for peace? Throughout history as well as today, war and peace do not just happen accidentally and prerequisites are always fundamentally necessary for both. So to know and understand the prerequisites allows us to know and understand what is necessary for war and what is necessary for peace to happen.

Man here in America and man all around the world has set up schools for early ages of youth to people in colleges and universities for the purpose of learning, studying and for the betterment of man. Subjects taught deal with history, philosophy, economics, language, government, law, medicine, engineering, morality, science, mathematics, music, art and more. And still, war continues.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are religions that were instituted and developed for the betterment and peaceful coexistence of man. And still war continues.

Government here in America and governments all around the world were instituted, designed and developed for the betterment of man. And still war continues.

Education, religions and governments, three pedestals of civilization, have not made war obsolete. And yet, somehow and for some reason, this is what people are taught to aim for. Neither pacifism nor militarism has prevented wars. Education, religion and governments have also not prevented wars.

So I ask, are the prerequisites for peace fundamentally nonexistent, or are they not seriously or not deliberately aimed for by any of the pedestals of civilization? And we must always remember that the general public in every country cannot start, declare and may not even want war. What are the prerequisites for peace?

— Charles Bean

Terre Haute

What’s with John McCain in Syria?

The president of the United States is the sole and only source in constitutional law and practice to initiate, enunciate and execute foreign policy on behalf of the United States. Thus far, this president has chosen to remain neutral relative to the events surrounding Syria’s civil war. It is reprehensible that Sen. John McCain unceremoniously up-staged the president and undermined his Syrian policy and position by this meeting with Syrian rebels several days ago.

There is a saying in life: “Deal with the devil you know.” Bashar Assad is a state-actor whom we know. He is seriously pondering joining an international peace conference to end this civil war. There is now a hope that a peaceful and diplomatic solution will be found as means to terminate these hostilities. Whereas, these rebel insurgents have within their ranks al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad elements. Although some in Washington say these rebels can be vetted to qualify for armaments, I don’t believe this mantra for one minute. For all the Washington hyperbole regarding this vetting issue, these rebel factions still have those in their midst who pose a clear and present danger to stability throughout Syria and the Middle East.

At least the continuation of an Assad government would represent some semblance of stability to the region once this strife is terminated.    

The time is at hand for this president to order McCain back to the United States, to continue this policy of humanitarian aid to those refugees in the area affected by this conflict, to move forward with quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts to bring Assad to the conference table, and to stay out of just what this nation experienced about 150 years ago: That being an internal national conflict known as the Civil War.

— Earl Beal

Terre Haute

Slams and damns all part of process

All’s fair in war and the op-ed page.

To my critics: an oblique “thank you.”

Better to be slammed and damned than ignored.

As a Hollywood star, who also suffered a panning, once said, “Just make sure you spell my name right.”

— Saul Rosenthal

Terre Haute

This cannot stand

Amnesia epidemic! What is the chance of the IRS and the White House contracting this disease at the same time?

If the American people stand by and let this president get by with this then we are finished as a free society. He will not be the first or the last to face impeachment.

— Thomas Woodbury

Terre Haute