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July 26, 2013

READERS' FORUM: July 26, 2013


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Taxpayers will foot bill no matter what

I have been following both on TV and in print the discussion on the swimming pools at our local high schools. In the ’60s when I was in high school, none of the schools had swimming pools. As a student back then, I never felt the need for one, nor do I now. As a pool owner myself I have had to get a new liner after 12 years of use. I don’t know, but think the school pools are a concrete-based pool, which require a rubber/latex sealant at a cost of about $50-55 a gallon for a do-it-yourself person, less if bought it bulk by a contractor. To be fair, a lot of prep work is involved. $11 million for this?

Three new pools for $27 million? Is this just making more swimming lanes for swimming meets? Great for us to be able to host out-of-town people here for the meets. But where does it benefit taxpayers? It will increase revenue for motels and food places for sure.

Now a third option comes in at $8 million for a “community” pool and small water park. Does that mean that if done, no repairs are needed to the school pools, or still $11 million on top of this? Who will pay the upkeep on that pool, the city of Terre Haute or VCSC?

Obamacare has caused many problems on the hours worked as the newspapers reported. Our school corporation has had to cut back on bus drivers and teaching assistants hours because of health insurance. They stated because of that parents may have to take students to the events that they are involved. I feel like these people should be more a priority with hours and pay than swimming pools.

Does the school corporation have the powers of our Congress to spend money and just pass us the bills? I have seen many new elementary schools pop up while St. Pat’s and Sacred Heart are still going in their old buildings under private funds. The VCSC said new schools were needed because of costs of running the old ones, and got new ones.

No matter what the outcome, we the taxpayer will foot the bill through federal, state or local taxes.

— David Marter

Terre Haute

The long and short of it

First let me address Clay Wilkinson’s letter. Wow, what a lengthy tirade (120 lines, average words per line of six equals about 720 words) to say so very little. Clay, you remind me of the song of the early ’60s by Nat King Cole called “Rambling Rose.”

I got two things from your letter. First, I thought your remarks about Charlton Heston were in extremely poor taste. The second thing, I actually agreed with you. I agree with you about extensive background checks to keep criminals and people with mental problems from owning guns. I own no guns, but several in my family do, and they believe in background checks also. Other than that, your article was just rambling.

The second letter by Van Cottom was short (about 60 words), but he was to the point and so very accurate. We need to solve the spiritual problems of this nation first, then we will be able to solve the others. We need “real” people leading this country, not career politicians.

— Joe DeLorme

Clay City