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April 28, 2013

Readers' Forum: April 28, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Another debacle

for landowners

The integrity of our city and county officials continues to erode with an Issue that has come up on the east side of the city behind the Sycamore Terrace apartments.

When Thompson Thrift constructed these apartments, they were allowed to make a retention pond to hold the run-off water from these apartments. The problem occurred when they installed a 24-inch pipe that runs from the pond to their north property line. This pipe spews water onto the adjoining property owned by Linda and Wayne Horn.

This water has turned the Horn property into a mud hole. Water runs out of this pipe constantly and creates a river when there is a heavy rain. The Horns have attended several city and county meetings trying to get this problem resolved, but to no avail.

Everything I have read about a situation like this says it is illegal — “a landowner may not collect surface water into a body and then discharge it on to another’s land.” Our city and county officials don't see a problem with what Thompson Thrift has done (in fact, they OK’d it) and to my knowledge Thompson Thrift has made no attempt to talk to the property owners to resolve the problem. I'm sure none of them would appreciate this spewing pipe in their backyard, but no one wants to impede the growth of the city, so developers are free to do whatever they want regardless of the legality of the issue.

What has been done here is wrong and Thompson Thrift should step up and correct the problem. The second phase of these apartments has already begun so it will be interesting to see what the plans are for the additional run-off. Looks like another Cobblestone Crossing debacle.

— Shirley Ellis

Terre Haute

A kind gesture

was appreciated

This letter is to thank the two most kind and giving people I’ve met at Walmart South. One was in December and the other was March 23. They came to my aid when a credit card I had was refused. They paid for a card for my grandson.

I know who they are but don’t want their name in the paper as they may not approve of it. May God bless these two families.

— Betty Luken

Terre Haute


our Bill of Rights

Ms. Takes/Liz Ciancone may respect the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but I don’t believe she understands it or the basis for it being in the Constitution along with the other nine that make up the Bill of Rights.

Yes, it was written in the 18th century when the standard arm was a flint-lock musket which was state of the art at that time. These were not “hunting” rifles for game or sport but the arms of the world’s most powerful armies and the Second Amendment was not written to protect the hunting rifles of that time period. The Second Amendment extends not only to rifles but pistols as the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution was written after the United States had fought a long and bloody war of Independence with England, at that time the most powerful nation on the earth and this war was fought due to the oppression of the crown toward the colonies.

One only has to read the Bill of Rights to see the grievances of the colonists toward England and what was put into the Constitution to protect the citizens of this ever happening again. It was not to protect us from some foreign government but to give the citizens protection from their own government.

The First Amendment gives us the freedom of worship, speech and press.  Many of the original settlers came here so they could worship as they chose. Freedom of speech and press was to help keep the government in check and to force openness of government. This is just to name a few of the reasons.

The Second Amendment is put there so that the people can be empowered to protect themselves from an oppressive government. The founding fathers had just won a war against an oppressive government where representation had become non-existent whereby laws and taxes had become a burden and grievances would not be addressed. They realized that the government they were establishing could become the same and this amendment gives the citizens the right to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies … foreign or domestic.

The Third Amendment forbids the quartering (housing) of troops in private homes. Yes, this was forced upon the citizens not only housing the troops but feeding them as well.

The Fourth prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The others guarantee the freedom of the individual. Every person who either works for the government or becomes a member of the armed forces takes an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. This includes from enemies domestic or foreign. Yes, semi-automatic weapons are protected by this amendment and that does not just mean .22 rifles and shotguns. This gives us the right to protect our loved ones and our nation.

Why do you think Japan stopped with just the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Japan knew if it invaded the west coast, every blade of grass would hide an American with his or her rifle, pistol or shotgun. Japan would not have to just fight the military, but an armed population. If you want to conquer a nation, take away the citizens’ right to defend themselves. Look at Russia, China, North Korea and the list goes on.

One other thing, the militia is the people of the United States. It is up to us to defend ourselves and our nation. I, for one, will keep my weapons to protect what was established for us on July 4, 1776.

— Mike Wilson

Marshall, Ill.

Gun control

debate misplaced

What happens when people no longer legally allowed to own firearms are faced by threatening people who obtained firearms illegally? What happens when one or more illegally armed assailants break into the home of people who are no longer legally allowed to own firearms? What happens when a woman walking at night who is no longer legally allowed to own a firearm is confronted or violently attacked by an assailant who obtained a firearm illegally? What happens when one selected religious group is legally allowed to own firearms and all other religious groups are no longer legally allowed to own firearms?

These are only a few of the hundreds of scenarios here in America, in any state, in any town or city that could and do happen. Our police officers and sheriffs cannot be everywhere, every second of the day, protecting every single person from violent harm or attacks.

Discussions and actions by our legislators at all levels of government concerning gun control are misdirected. The criminal elements in society using illegally obtained firearms, doing brutal and violent criminal acts against unarmed citizens, needs to be thoroughly addressed by our legislators.

Today, the emphasis on gun control by our government is wrongly put on good citizens legally buying firearms and not on those illegally acquiring firearms and using them for criminal purposes.

— Charles Bean

Terre Haute

Stop campaign

against Muslims

This letter is in response to Mr. Munson criticizing Professor Feinsod for taking a stand on Mr. Abhyankar’s unrelenting campaign against Islam and Muslims.

It is possible Mr. Munson did not read all the hate-spewing letters of Mr. Abhyankar whose only intention seems to be to spread misinformation about Islam. You should know that this is not a debate on religion, but a concerted effort on Mr. Abhyankar’s part to defame Muslims.

Mr. Feinsod is absolutely correct that this man’s obsession with Muslims is to a dangerous level. I was born and raised in Terre Haute until I got married and moved out. I keep in touch through the Tribune-Star. Terre Haute was a peaceful community until Abhyankar came to town. I don’t understand what is wrong with educated, open-minded people that they let this man get away with his rhetoric.

When Mr. Feinsod, like a good Christian, stands up against hate he is chastised by Mr. Munson. How very sad. It would be one thing if Mr. Abhyankar came from a perfect religion. Hinduism is Paganism and the world is too far advanced for people to build their own gods and then worship them, but we tolerate it only because we believe in freedom for all religions no matter how crazy they seem to us.

When we see Hindus with a red dot on their forehead and red powder in their hair, or we see someone with orange paint lines on their forehead or their heads shaved off with a pigtail knotted in the middle of their head hiding God knows what, we just look the other way. We do not complain that the Hindus don’t assimilate into or adjust to the American society like Mr. Abhyankar complains about the Muslims.

Mr. Abhyankar acts holier than thou when Hinduism has committed great crimes against humanity. The world still remembers the carnage in Gujrat, India, where ethnic cleansing of the Muslims took place. Thousands of Muslims were slaughtered, their houses and businesses burned to ground, their women raped on the streets, pregnant women’s babies were cut out and let to die and one terrorist was shown stepping on an infant lying helpless beside his dead mother.

Dr. Sarkar’s letters don’t count because the poor guy doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. One day he is a Hindu, the other an atheist and yet another day he hails Jesus Christ.

It is for the Hindu community to reign in Mr. Abhyankar. ISU should be more diligent in hiring faculty and also keep close tabs on Mr. Abhyankar as he is framing the minds of our young ones.

Mr. Feinsod might not know much about Islam, but neither does Abhyankar. He only knows what he hears on Fox News, what the apostates say and what his anti-Muslim search engine tells him. I wonder what the Christian and Hindu apostates have to say about their ex-religions.

Like it or not, Islam is still the fastest-growing religion in the world today. Mr. Abhyankar, it will be very difficult for you to wipe out the 1.5 billion Muslims from the face of the earth.

We are at war with several nations in the Middle East and we should be diligent as to who is crossing our borders. However, most American Muslims are law-abiding citizens who came to this country looking for a better life for themselves, just like our ancestors did. Of course, Muslims, like any other religion, have their crazies and criminals and they should be brought to justice under our legal system. Our constitution awards American Muslims the same rights of and protection as the rest of us enjoy.

Mr. Munson must know that Hitler also started with hate speeches against the Jews under the guise of free speech and we all know what happened next. When free speech becomes a threat to any group, it is generally followed by terrorism and it should be stopped.

—  Nina Miller

Brookfield, Wis.

Union staff did

awesome job

I wanted to write to you about a recent experience I had with some staff at Union Hospital.

I have been struggling with pneumonia for the last month and it was then that my doctor wrote an order for IV therapy at the hospital. If you would ask anyone who knows me I do not scare easily, that is until you mention the word hospital and IV, then I get scared.

But I had the pleasure of meeting a group of very caring professional staff at Union Hospital IV Therapy area.

I went in very sick and scared as I have had such horrible experiences with unsuccessful attempts at putting IV’s in. So it was a wonderful surprise to find such a caring group of ladies and they put my fears behind me and I left every day for 10 days feeling comfortable and laughing.

So in this day and age where friendly, professional and compassionate people are few, I just want everyone to know what a special group of ladies Union Hospital has in the IV therapy area. A special thanks to them all — Cherrie, Bonnie, Judy and Phyllis. You all rock.

— Margie Hagan

Terre Haute

Justice for the greedy, immoral

Television is a great medium. It keeps us abreast of happenings everywhere, warns us of impending danger and entertains us. It also acquaints us with character types and their quirks with all the good and evil they support and employ.

Occasionally they miss the mark, but generally are close in their portrayals. One prime example is the character from “Dallas” known as J.R. Ewing. A character who would do anything to anybody, family, friend or foe, to achieve his goals. My personal feeling is to stay as far away from this type character as possible but I wonder if my efforts are in vain.

This type of character is at every turn of my daily existence. They present themselves in the oil company executives who gouge the public to the point of people having to select groceries or fuel to get to work. The health insurance executives who can accept $300 million annual bonuses as the public struggles to live in decent conditions and protect themselves from catastrophic health issues. The pharmaceutical executives who, while living large, determine to discontinue a life-saving medicine because of too low a profit margin and lives are lost.

Let’s not forget our government dignitaries who have the very best of all conditions on the taxpayer dollar and only offer a bare minimum in return. Those who live in plush circumstance pledging their lives as public servants who gave up nothing in crisis and only look at what may be taken from the people to support their lobbyist objectives. How many would serve for small compensation?

I suppose the character of J.R. Ewing has made an impact. He has shown that if you succeed in your endeavor you are justified in using every immoral implement at your disposal.

At some point in time it would be appropriate for these people to receive the justice that we all believe exists.

There are unjust people performing unjust acts to improve their situation at the expense of those who have little influence or recourse. We all know them.

— Ernest Garwood

Paris, Ill.

A solution to Mott’s problem

 In his April 23 piece, “You, me, and the Muslim world,” columnist Ronn Mott admits he has no solution to the problem, and writes: “My God, what a mess!”

Former Muslim Ali Sina (he has a website: is of Iranian origin and works as a psychiatrist in Canada. In his book, “Understanding Muhammad and Muslims,” Ali Sina offers a solution to Ronn Mott’s predicament. The solution is contained in the following quotes from the book:

“… ban the Sharia, end the Muslim immigration, deport those who refuse to integrate, and fight Islam ideologically, before Muslims manage to eliminate its criticism and freedom of speech is lost forever.

“Our fight is against darkness. We don’t draw a sword against darkness; we light a light.

“Lies can be defeated with truth. Fighting Islam with violence is fighting Muslims in their turf.

“When it comes to violence Muslims have the upper hand. No one can be as vicious and do more evil as one who is motivated by his faith. Violence is the strength of the Muslims, but logic is their weakness.

“Former Muslims are the best allies the world has in this war. They know the truth about Islam, they know the value of freedom and they are determined to defend it.

“This would be a win/win war. We win because we convert an enemy into a friend, and they win over their demon and are set free. There is no need for bloodshed. No bullets need be fired. By destroying Islam we will eliminate the source of hate and will lay the foundation for a better world.”

— Ramachandra B. Abhyankar

Terre Haute