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February 12, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Feb. 12, 2013


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A chance to be part of solution

There could not be a better time to be a young Republican in the Wabash Valley. As momentum has continued to build for the GOP in Vigo and surrounding counties, a group of new young faces has emerged as the leaders of our party, and these leaders have often been able to convert party excitement into electoral success.

One of the best examples of this leadership has come from a political novice, businessman and young Republican working at Rose-Hulman. Four years ago Alan Morrison had never been involved in politics, and was living out his life with a good job and a great family in Seelyville. As he saw the results of Gov. Daniels’ leadership beginning to take effect and compared that to the ever-expanding national debt and impending fiscal crisis, he decided he wanted to be part of the solution, and now represents the Wabash Valley in the Indiana House of Representatives.

Stories like these are emerging across the Wabash Valley. Young Republican leaders, like newly elected City Councilman Dustin Jorgensen of Brazil and Commissioner Luke Misner of Sullivan County, are leading our communities from elected office. We have seen first-time candidates, like Caleb Fleschner who ran for Vigo County commissioner, outperform all expectations and become a face for the youth of our party. Additionally there has been a number of political staff emerging from the Wabash Valley to lead our state and nation through their roles with multiple members of Congress, at the Indiana Statehouse, and with campaigns across the state.

Young Republican leadership does not end with elected officials, candidates and political staff. There are countless young Republican volunteers across the Wabash Valley working every day to make this all possible. As momentum continues to build, now is your time to become part of the solution. Join us at the next meeting of the Wabash Valley Young Republicans and find out what your role can be to support our shared ideas of limited government and economic freedom. We will look forward to seeing you this Wednesday, Feb. 13, at Sonka’s Irish Pub at 5:30 p.m. Follow our efforts online at


— Matt Huckleby, chair, Wabash Valley Young Republicans

The deception of Islamic Law

In her Jan. 25 letter, Hanan Shahid, a Muslim, spreads disinformation about Islam among the infidel non-Muslims, as required by the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya (holy deception).

Contrary to what Hanan Shahid says, Islam does not allow freedom of thought or expression. The blasphemy laws of Sharia (Islamic Law) call for the killing of anyone who criticizes the Quran, or who criticizes Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. Islam also has the death penalty for leaving Islam.

Hanan Shahid quotes the Quranic verse, “There is no compulsion in religion,” knowing full well the verse is abrogated by subsequent verses in the Quran itself, which require killing or subjugation of all who do not accept Islam.

It is standard practice in Taqiyya to quote the abrogated, i.e.,  non-valid verses of the Quran, following the Islamic directive of using Taqiyya, i.e., deception, to deceive the gullible infidels, i.e., all non-Muslims, into accepting Sharia as a replacement for Christian principles and American Constitutional law.

Indeed, as the Prophet of Islam said, “War is Deceit.”

— Hal Strahm

Terre Haute

Local parish still alive and well

In regards to our parish of Holy Rosary, I want people to know that we are still alive and well. We have sent our appeal to Bishop Tobin and he has denied it. We are pursuing an appeal in Rome and will to see what Rome has to say.

But people, we are still here, going to other parishes, would rather be going to our own parish, but still will continue to believe that our Lord will be with us.

Our location is the most eastern parish in this community. We need this parish at this location for the greater good of the church. Please pray for us and our appeal.

— Ruth Myers

Terre Haute