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January 17, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Jan. 17, 2013


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Only answer is more firearms

To Shirley Thomas, I like cookies and I appreciate the offer but I don’t think what you propose is a good idea or a legal idea.

I believe I used the words allow and encourage, not require concerning school employees carrying firearms. I also included an Internet address with info concerning another school district which has allowed teachers to carry concealed weapons at school since 2007. This link was deleted from my letter so I won’t try to include it again now. However, I’m sure if you do an Internet search for “Texas school guardian plan” you will quickly find it.

Since I assumed the link would be included I saved space by not repeating the info. Now, I’ll do so. In essence, an interested school employee has to be approved by the school board, then undergo training in firearms safety and marksmanship. They are of course restricted to certain firearms and ammo. Essentially the same firearms and ammo air marshals are restricted to.

The majority of students in this area live in homes where they are protected from criminals by parents with firearms. The majority are also taught to use these same firearms by their parents. It’s not really a stretch to assume there are school employees who, like many of their students, can safely handle firearms.

As I assume you realize, the Clinton administration passed the “gun free schools” act in 1994 which banned law-abiding citizens from having firearms on school property. My opinion is this law which guarantees potential killers will find defenseless victims is one of the causes of these mass shootings. It’s no coincidence these people attack schools, workplaces and theaters instead of gun shops, police stations and National Guard units.

A congressman named Steve Stockman is working to repeal this Clinton-era law which turns our schools into “criminal safe zones” and he needs support from our lawmakers. In the meantime, Indiana needs to look into how the Texas school district I mentioned is getting around this law and see if we can follow suit or improve on what they started.

Whatever your personal view of firearms is, you can’t deny the only thing that stops evil people with firearms is good people with firearms. It’s time to get our heads out of the sand, admit it and stop these shootings now.

By the way, although I’m not in the teaching field, one of my brothers was a professor and two of my sister-in-laws were teachers also. Like most of the teachers I know, they are/were very competent, intelligent people fully capable of handling the same Second Amendment rights which have been the birthright of every American for 226 years. I think you should have more confidence in our educators.

— Mike Frye