News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 25, 2013

EDITORIAL: Noteworthy in the news

Inspiring response to flooding

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — This does not qualify as a surprise in any way. But the Wabash Valley’s response to widespread flooding of recent days has been nothing short of impressive, even inspirational.

Living along the banks of a significant river and so many creeks and streams that feed it makes this a flood-prone area. It’s a cold, hard fact of life. And residents know what it takes to deal effectively with it. There are occasional exceptions, of course. People sometimes take risks, such as trying to drive vehicles through rising and rushing waters and getting themselves into trouble by underestimating the dangers. For the most part, however, common sense prevails.

Lapses in judgment are more than countered by the willingness of community volunteers to rally with help for those affected most by the flooding. Neighbors helping neighbors — even those who aren’t themselves directly threatened by floodwaters — is a heart-warming scene. And we’ve seen it a lot in recent days. We’ll certainly see it continue in coming days as well. When there is a need, people of the Wabash Valley are more than willing to help. And they do so with enthusiasm.

We applaud those who have responded, both in official roles and as volunteers, to the flooding. Meanwhile, we pray that the heavy rains will end and that floodwaters will soon recede.

You can say that again

“The notion that Congress would defy the overwhelming instinct of the American people after what we saw happen in Newtown, I think is unimaginable.”

— President Obama in response to the U.S. Senate’s inability to pass a bill  expanding background checks on gun purchasers

Reader poll results

Recently, the Reader Poll at asked:

A U.S. Senate proposal to expand background checks on those purchasing firearms fell short of required votes. What is your reaction?

Results: 420 votes were cast.

• Happy that the proposal failed — 206 votes, 49.05 percent

• Unhappy that the proposal failed — 191 votes, 45.48 percent

• Undecided — 23 votes, 5 percent