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February 7, 2014

EDITORIAL: Delivering a message

Postal workers deserve thanks

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — About a month ago, as Wabash Valley communities were collectively cleaning up from what we learned was something called a Polar Vortex, we handed out nearly 20 editorial bouquets to a number of groups who, we felt, had gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping all of us cope.

Among others, we praised police, firefighters, ambulance crews and other emergency responders; those who gave us notice of the impending storm and those who wisely called off events, such as school; those who restored our power on nights that were not, to quote W.C. Fields, “fit for man nor beast”; those working in hospitals and nursing homes who stayed long hours to care for their patients; and those driving snowplows and tow trucks who opened our roads and pulled us from snowdrifts.

In that editorial, the temps must have given us a little brain freeze, for we forgot to mention all of those who cause the mail to arrive at our homes and businesses — through rain, sleet, snow, you know the quote.

So, postal workers of all stripe, this one is for you.

It can’t be much fun during winter’s wrath to venture out to go to work, to drive or walk a route, to pick up mail from drop boxes and drive it to the next point in the delivery process, to staff the post offices and to perform the dozens of other chores that most of us never see or appreciate — until and unless they aren’t done.

Thanks to all of you for making sure that the mail goes through, even when snow falls by the half-foot.

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