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October 8, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Oct. 8, 2012

The Tribune-Star

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City could lose a broadcast license

Ron Mott’s opinion article on Saturday, Sept. 29, was very interesting and informative. However, Mr. Mott did not know about another broadcaster who has a construction permit for 640 kHz in Terre Haute and who has no faith in this community to make the investments as Emmis Communications Inc. and Midwest Communications Inc. have.

Birach Broadcasting Inc. won a Federal Communications Commission auction for $52,000 for the former WBOW-AM 640 kHz frequency to be built in Terre Haute. A year later Birach Broadcasting is asking for a relocation of this station from Terre Haute to Peotone, Ill. Peotone is a village with a population of 3,385 and is just 40 miles from Chicago. Birach Broadcasting’s intention is to increase the power 16 times of what it was in Terre Haute and build four towers so most of Chicago and parts of northern Indiana can listen.

To purchase a station in Chicago costs millions of dollars, but Birach Broadcasting is getting the rights to build the station for a mere $52,000. I enjoy getting a bargain, but not at the expense of Terre Haute.

Citizens of Terre Haute need to write the Federal Communications Commission to stop this application by Birach Broadcasting. The information you will need is the following: Marlene Dortch, Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th St. Southwest, Washington, D.C. 20554.

State that this is an “Informal Objection” to BMP—20120813ABI, Facility I.D. No. 136069. Write in the letter why you want 640 kHz to stay in Terre Haute, such as diversity of ownership, more types of programming, clearer signal in rural areas and at night, or the station covers a larger territory with programming. Refrain from being negative about Chicago.

A broadcast license is an asset to any community and it is up to the citizens to make sure it stays in the community. The FCC needs to hear from us by Nov. 1, 2012.

— Mike Ditto

Terre Haute

We should reflect on great republic

Soon, we Americans will be offered once again the opportunity of going to the polls and, in a relatively, free and unfettered manner, electing from among ourselves for ourselves political leadership for the next four years.

One can’t help but wonder, after all the pre-election win-lose rhetoric is over, when the “winners” and “losers” are declared, how many of us who have participated by working hard for our candidates, by voting or by actually standing for elective office will pause in thankfulness to reflect not only on what we have done, but the fact that we Americans have been doing it without interruption for over 200 years. A record unmatched anywhere in the annals of self-determinism.

As we all reflect on the significance of what we have just done, we perhaps can, in our own thinking, move from our pre-election win/lost style of thought to a post-election win/win modality of thinking because sorely, we who have participated are, in fact, all winners.

To help in this process, I would like to recommend that on the first day of post-election special observance that our own particular faith tradition provides, that we all, as Americans, set aside at least a portion of that day for a period of thanksgiving for our great American republic which affords so many great opportunities for us all.

— Earle L. Harvey

Terre Haute

Volunteers helped register new voters

The League of Women Voters thanks all the citizens of Vigo County who helped with our countywide voter registration drive on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012. Nineteen businesses participated in helping us register 80 voters.

The businesses who helped were: Apple House, Beasler’s Market, Big Lots, Books A Million, Children’s Museum, Dollar General at Southland, Dollar General at Meadows, Family Video on Fort Harrison, Farmers Market, three Goodwill Stores, IGA in West Terre Haute, Kmart, the public library, Mike’s Market, Page’s Market, Rural King and Tilford’s Five and Dime.

Those who volunteered time at these businesses for a three-hour period were: Joe and Sue Tenerelli, Margaret Pabst, Ann Seltzer, Robbie Piper, Betty Martin, Millie Vaughn, Carol Cox, Marsha Miller, Sandye Hicks, Pat Creasey, Julia Bonham, Dale Finley, Carolyn Callecod, Rosemary Scott, Pete Ciancone, Judy Mullican, Dorothy Scott, Tom and Linda Sturtevant, Becky Buse, Sue Benthrup, Mel and Venita Gastineau, Nellie Remington, Jan Hanrahan, Louise Anderson, Saundra Newsom, Barbara Norman and Bionca Gambill.

The time spent was worth it. You are helping democracy work as it should. If you haven’t already registered, remember the last day to register is Oct. 9. You can go on line at

— Gerri Black

Terre Haute

VCSC’s cookout benefits charities

On Friday, Sept. 28, the Vigo County School Corp. held its 10th annual Cookout for Charity. Each year the employees of the administration building, along with our sponsor Wendy’s, cook hamburgers and serve about 2,000 meals. All the money raised goes to various Wabash Valley Charities.

This year 14 schools secured donations and created various baskets to raffle. As always, the employees of the school corporation worked really hard and created beautiful, imaginative and highly sought-after baskets.

The corporation has been extremely happy to see businesses and employees of the downtown area support our event. The event has grown every year, and we look forward to having everyone join us for lunch, have a great time and raise a lot of money for very deserving charities. We thank everyone who has supported our causes in the past and will continue to do so in the future. If you have never attended our cookout, please make plans to join us next year and see what you are missing.

The cookout committee would like to commend the schools’ teachers and administrators who have faithfully supported the cookout every year and have gone above and beyond this year with the amazing baskets they created to be raffled.

We would also like to thank the extremely hard work of the employees of the administration building who work diligently to put out 2,000 meals in about two hours. All this would not be possible without our faithful sponsor Wendy’s and especially Mr. Jim Shorter.

The hard work the school lunch employees and those of the General Services Building provide is highly appreciated and without whose help we could not pull off this huge endeavor.

This year’s charities are the Shoe Bus and the Backpack Program. Both of these charities directly affect the lives of many of our students and their families. They provide shoes and socks to needy students and send home packs of food for children to eat over the weekend and holidays who otherwise may not eat or eat very little at home when school is not in session.

— Penny O’Brien

VCSC Cookout Committee