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February 25, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Feb. 25, 2013


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Let Goodwill help you with clutter

Americans’ preoccupation with possessions is stress inducing, say researchers at UCLA’s Center on the Everyday Lives of Families (CELF). Findings show that our “clutter culture” stresses people out, especially moms in the study who described their homes as “a mess,” “not fun” and “very chaotic.” Results of the study are published in a new book titled “Life at Home in the 21st Century: 32 Families Open Their Doors.”

It’s no wonder that so many people view annual spring cleaning as cathartic. This is where Goodwill Industries plays a role. Donating unwanted, gently used or rarely used items results in more than tidier households and reduced stress levels. Donations are sold in Goodwill stores and online at, generating revenue that funds job training programs and other community-based services that put more people in the workforce and help them gain personal and financial independence.

If you want to know if you’re part of the clutter culture, researchers noted that a family’s tolerance for a crowded, artifact-laden refrigerator surface often corresponds to the clutter in main rooms of the house and how long goods are retained over a lifetime.

Never fear, Goodwill accepts refrigerator magnets, too. Visit to find the donation site nearest you.

— William Tennis

Executive Director

Wabash Valley

Goodwill Industries

We don’t have to accept tolerance

The recent debacle at Dixie Bee Elementary School involving Muslim parents and children as reported by news sources is far more serious than most believe.

Concerns expressed from a wide spectrum of the community addressed many issues. I discussed some with Mr. Tanoos. Though nothing was resolved by our telephone conversation, I was pleased that Mr. Tanoos admitted having very limited knowledge of Islam, the theology or political ideology. One should assume that few administrators or teachers are better informed.

I suggest this be corrected with training for all principals and all interested teachers. At least learn about major doctrines such as abrogation and which verses are affected. There are sources of reliable training providing unvarnished factual information. I recommend avoiding groups supported by, affiliated with or linked to CAIR, ISNA, campus student groups or other Muslim Brotherhood organizations that work to destroy the very essence of Western Civilization.

An immediate source of concern is the disparate treatment given Christians in the craven desire to be “loved” by practitioners of a religion, the sole purpose of which is to establish a worldwide caliphate subjugating non-Muslims to a status of dhimmitude.

Why should we allow our children to be influenced by a culture that does not allow any outside influences in its own? Saudi Arabia does not allow the introduction of Christian or Jewish scriptures into their society. Their society allows schoolgirls to be burned to death, locked inside a building, because they are wearing nightclothes. This is not a social order I want American girls to experience. Who does?

Christian groups, such as the Gideons, are prohibited from distributing any literature in schools. As Mr. Tanoos so blithely told me, “You are allowed to be on the sidewalk and distribute literature.” Not to be rude, Danny, but we don’t need your permission to be on the sidewalk. That brings up another point. Many of the rural schools do not have sidewalks. Where then do we stand?

According to reports, the video taken at the school was erased. How many potential copies were not erased? Could they be used to plan a future event?

We must stop this nonsense. Every culture is not equal in value, nor is every religion. We must not accept “tolerance” of things which will destroy our society.

— Edward Kesler

West Terre Haute

Reflecting on Satan, squirrels

I suspect that the most widely read section of the Tribune-Star is the sports section. But for those people who happen to read other sections, here we have columnist Verna Davis, The Joy Lady, telling readers the joyful news on Feb. 9 that her imaginary friend, Satan, is encouraging the whole readership of the Tribune-Star to do bad things, or sin. And if they follow the advice of her imaginary friend they will receive death. Isn’t that a joyful message?

I was under the impression that only our judicial system could impose the death penalty. The only more joyful thing would be for the Tribune-Star to invite an Islamic Fundamentalist to scare readers that they will be stoned to death if they have sex outside marriage, as decreed by Sharia Law. Then the joyful jihadist could invite readers to an afterlife if they commit jihad against Westerners with a suicide vest.

I’d say Verna’s column is extremely squirrely, and if squirrels could talk, they would be insulted by Verna’s comparison. I wonder how recently The Joy Lady had a conversation with Satan and found out what he was thinking? I wish I could have heard that one.

The Tribune-Star even gave this column the title: “Satan Makes Sin appear as harmless and as cute as squirrels.” So now the population of Terre Haute has been warned to be on the lookout for Satan. I suspect he will be harder to find than the groundhog or the Easter Bunny. And she should double check to see if all the sin she is worried about is actually caused by Thor or Zeus.

— Bill Cain

Terre Haute

Improving safety for our children

As our nation is gripped with the issue of school safety and public awareness. The Honey Creek Middle School family would like to commend our Vigo County Sheriff’s Department, Terre Haute Police Department, Vigo County Council, and the Vigo County School Corp. Sheriff Ewing, Chief Plasse, all the council members, and Danny Tanoos are being diligent by making sure safety is a number one priority in our county.

By being proactive, we can ensure our community will continue improving safety precautions for our children.

With continuing to look at creative ways to deal with student issues, we have implemented the “Bee Rewards” at HCMS. The Bee Rewards is a positive reinforcement tool used to give students points to earn rewards at the end of each grading period or even to save their points to use at a later date. Students can earn and save their points to use toward a “free homework pass” or a big prize such as an end of the year event. Students earn “Bee Badges” that are worn for a week to show other students they have earned the accomplishment of positive behavior among their peers.

As we carry on the remainder of this school year, we want to continue our students’ academic and social emotional growth. Remediation classes will begin soon for students that need extra help for the ISTEP-plus, and the Second Steps program will continued to be taught to help with the social emotional growth of our students.

We are very proud of our teachers’ and students’ dedication of being a Honey Creek Bee.

— Michael Cox, principal

Honey Creek Middle School