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May 15, 2013

Readers' Forum: May 15, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Participants rise

to the challenge

I would like to write a letter congratulating all the Wabash Valley Roadrunners that competed in the One America Indianapolis Mini Marathon. These runners and walkers meet every Saturday morning from January to April in the snow, ice, rain and sunshine to Train in Terre Haute (TNT) for this race.

It is a great accomplishment to just finish this race, and the ages of these people range from their early 20s to athletes in their 70s. I encourage anyone that has ever wanted to run in a half-marathon to join us next year in training to compete in the 2014 Mini Marathon.

You will not only come away in better shape, but you will meet some of the most amazing people in Terre Haute.

— Jack Miller

Terre Haute

Pay attention

to flag details

It was a very moving tribute paid to fallen police officer Brent D. Long. The ceremony was handled with dignity and respect, not only to Officer Long, but those other fallen officers that preceded him.

I had the distinct honor of commanding an elite honor guard unit while stationed at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., in the mid 1980s. Prior to assuming the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge position, I read up on the proper way the flag is to be folded ending up in a triangular configuration. My unit performed well over 360 events, many were giving final honors to those soldiers upon their death.

When the flag was presented to the widow (most times) or next of kin, it was never presented with a red tip showing. The red tip showing is a sign of blood. Proper folded flags would never have this red tip showing. It was the responsibility of the presenter to ensure this was never the case. I am proud to say that all flags presented by my honor guard were properly folded and presented with blue (heaven) and white stars displayed.

On page A4 of the Friday, May 3, Tribune-Star, there is a picture of an assistant police chief having been presented a flag from a veterans organization that was not properly folded, having the red tip showing. I am not trying to put them down, but only pointing out that more attention to detail would have resulted in the flag being properly folded.

As we approach the Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14), and the Fourth of July holidays, one other item pertaining to presentation of the flag and banners, is the proper way to display the red, white, and blue bunting. Properly hung bunting will be displayed with the field of blue on top, not the red field. So many military affiliated organizations do it the wrong way. Many times I have had to correct them on this and told them if necessary to call the National Institute of Heraldry in Washington, D.C., should they not believe this. Many have since thanked me for enlightening them of this.

Regardless of how this is interpreted, keep up the good work. In this day and age, our veterans, law-enforcement officers and firefighters deserve these moving tributes upon their passing.

— Bob Spruill

 Terre Haute

Thanks for work

on historic house

Recently Kevin and Roger Maher Contracting completed a beautiful job re-roofing and siding my home in Clay County. Painstaking work was done to perfection by Dave Fagg and Denny Airhart in Kevin’s siding crew.

But helping me to place wooden columns that were my grandparents, Charles and Elizabeth Haeberle, on my front porch Kevin went beyond his call of duty. These columns were made about 1907 and placed on my grandparents “newlywed” home on North Alabama Street in Brazil. Over 100 years old, the crown molding was rotted and the columns needed repair. Kevin searched all over to find a repairer of old wooden columns of the 1907-08 era.

Now, thanks to his efforts, and help given by Dave and Dave, they sit in beautiful style on my front porch.

— David Haeberle Krampe