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November 1, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Nov. 1, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Give health care law a chance

The Affordable Care Act is the most worthwhile law passed and enacted by lawmakers in this country for a long while.

Republicans claim it’s a disaster and a failure. They say Obamacare is not working. What they are saying is quite premature, to say the least. The Affordable Care Act is barely out of the chute. People will not actually received coverage until 2014. An undertaking of this magnitude is undoubtedly going to take time to market, organize, implement and administer. Add in the undeniable amount of big government bureaucracy and red tape, and that means another unfortunate though necessary delay. Along the way there will be revisions, possibly many. I rarely hear any more about the current skyrocketing health care costs that affect the poor, lower middle class and middle class families unable to afford decent health care as it is now.

The Republicans chatter of enormous cost for Obamacare — what about the nearly one t-r-i-l-l-i-o-n dollars the Bush administration spent on the Iraq War? A war that was absolutely unnecessary. We can thank Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove for the economic disparity that Obama inherited in 2009, and our country is trying to get out of that yet today. I am sure the trillion dollars would be more than helpful for ironing out the glitches for the Affordable Care Act.

Give Obamacare a chance. In years to come the American people will say, “What would we ever do without Obamacare?”

— James A. Hartman

Terre Haute

Looking ahead to ‘real change’

In reply to the Oct. 20 letter from William Fussman:

I notice that you believe the two-party system is a complete failure and it is time for “real change.” Unfortunately, you forgot to mention any of your ideas for real change. One party or three or more would be your main choices. The last time the American people fell for “real change” was a few years ago when Obama sold us his bill of goods. It will take several years to recover from the mess he has us in today.

If you are suggesting a one-party system, then sit back and relax because that is the very thing the current president is working toward. It goes by another name, dictatorship. Three or more parties would be similar to some foreign countries. Those lead to continual civil war. Which of the two are you suggesting? Our two-party system is struggling today because the difference between the parties is at an all-time high.

I sure hope the American people do not fall for any more of the nonsense proposed by our liberal friends. There is no way to pay our debts on our current course. What we need in Washington is real people running our country and fewer politicians and lawyers. I am looking forward to what your “real changes” are.

— Joe DeLorme

Clay City

We need relief from Congress

Have you had enough of deja vu all over again with our so-called representative government? They all have to be marksmen because they shoot themselves in the foot at every opportunity. They continue down the path of no regard for the American public that elected them. Where is the common sense negotiator that accepts what is law and makes the effort to solve the glitches and inequities? Who can we name that is making the proper effort to resolve issues that will benefit us?

We need representation that will not close schools but enhance education, that will not make a priority of excess spending but make adjustments as necessary. Why should we deny health care to our weak and elderly and send billions to countries that tolerate us at best? When will we truly be the first consideration of government?

We have outgrown the idiot government that has served us well to this point. Technology is the answer to replacing the Boehners and Pelosis that only survive by roiling the political waters. Consider if you could look at your TV for 15 minutes daily and see current issues and vote on them on your phone. You would have a true voice in your future. What if you could text your concerns daily at an alphabetically determined time? We have reached a point in time to replace Congress with a much smaller tabulation entity that counts the vote issues and responds appropriately.

The end of the arrogant, money-grubbing, insider-trading, lobbyist-serving, overpaid, self-serving bureaucrat should be very soon. Could we possibly balance the budget with the savings from their automatic raises, no pork barrel spending, their extreme health care and retirement benefits and the numerous other expensive perks they enjoy? We Americans deserve relief immediately.

— Ernest Garwood

Paris, Ill.

Stran Steel Picnic wonderful event

I would like to thank Ernie and Vicky Bragg for caring so much to continue the Stran Steel Picnic event, and all the good food Vicky prepares.

My husband, Bill, thoroughly enjoys it and looks forward to the event every year. He has attended numerous funeral visitations for those who have gone on ahead. To see all those who are still here, enjoy a good meal, lots of laughs and some good old times are simply priceless to him.

I did not work at Stran Steel, but I am a younger union factory worker. There is a bond between workers that seems to last even if the factory doesn’t. For me it renews my beliefs in people to see the camaraderie and bonds they have.

Stran Steel friends, mark your calendars. Next year the date is set for the second Saturday in September at Ft. Harrison VFW shelter. Pass the word on.

Hope to see you there.

— Julie Sappingfield

West Terre Haute