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October 23, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 23, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Things must change in the U.S. Congress

I personally am fed up with Congress. I don’t care what your party preference is but there needs to be some changes made. First by voting everyone out of office and starting over.

I love my country and would not want to live anywhere else, but things are out of hand. When did Congress become above every citizen in this country? They promise you everything you want to hear until we vote them in office and then it is all about them. The sheriff, mayor, governor and on up to the president are allowed to serve only two four-year terms. Why are the people in Congress in for life and become millionaires at the expense of the citizens. It is our fault.

Only a small percent of citizens even vote, yet everyone wants to complain. The ones that do vote keep re-electing the same people.

Just think of the wages Congress makes. Think of how that compares to the average citizen, and I am sure they receive many perks we don’t have any knowledge of. Think of the changes in Social Security if that was the pension Congress received instead of the pension they voted for themselves. Wouldn’t each of us like to have their pension? They should have the same health insurance we have. Instead, I am told they have the best anybody can have. Why do they receive these perks? Because they vote all these things for themselves, not us.

I do try to study each candidate before the election. It is not easy to make some of the choices, but I still vote. I have voted every election since I have been old enough, worked the polls on election day and also worked the satellite at North Plaza the years when we had them. I believe our system may not be perfect, but it is the best. And I do believe there need to be changes in Congress.

Please think about how we can go about making these changes because they certainly won’t vote to take any of these things away. It should be done to get Congress to work for the people.

— Carolyn S. Wilson

Terre Haute

You can’t have

it both ways

It is interesting to read letters like the one by Sharon Ammen concerning the providing, or not, of contraception by “religious” colleges and faith based groups. Her point that all persons should have access to contraception is valid and should be enforced, however, Sharon, your claim that these employees are denied access is a lie many have bought into. They just don’t want to pay for something they feel as strongly opposed to, as you favor.

So if we do as you wish and demand employers in this case provide contraceptives you specify to protect employees’ rights, we do so by trampling employers’ rights.

Can you say, “oxymoron?

— Bill Jaeger

Terre Haute