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April 11, 2013

READERS' FORUM: April 11, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Standing against canned hunting in Indiana

Representatives of the undersigned sporting and conservation organizations thank Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long for his recent public stand decrying canned hunting. His comments on shooting domestic deer in enclosures expose the unethical practices that occur behind hunting preserve fences. Long’s comments couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Indiana House of Representatives is currently considering legislation, Senate Bill 487, which contains an amendment aimed at legalizing canned hunting here in Indiana. Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Bloomfield, authored and presented the amendment to the House committee on natural resources on April 1. Despite vigorous public testimony in opposition, the committee voted to accept the amendment. Reps. Lloyd Arnold and Tom Saunders voted against the amendment, citing their constituents’ negative feelings for canned hunting.

We commend their commitment to their constituency. The bill, amendment attached, came to the House floor on April 2. Long announced his opposition last Thursday.

Also last Thursday, representatives of our sporting and conservation organizations held a press conference at the statehouse to voice unified opposition to the bill. Each of us spoke of concerns held by our members: disease that threatens Indiana’s wild deer herd, commercialization and exploitation of wildlife, and the unethical practice of shooting deer in enclosures.

We reiterated that over 80 percent of Hoosiers oppose canned hunting. We documented our stand by signing a written proclamation and presenting it to the governor’s office. Just minutes before our press conference began we were told of Sen. Long’s announcement.

We urge the Indiana House of Representatives to kill Senate Bill 487. We as representatives of our respective organizations, and 80 percent of Indiana residents, press for the end of canned hunting in our state.

That end begins with the defeat of SB 487.

Again, we thank Senate Pro Tem Long for his stand.

— Steve Cecil

Indiana Wildlife Federation

— Doug Allman

Indiana Deer Hunter Association

— Jim Sweeney

Izaak Walton League of America

— Don Gorney

Amos Butler Audubon Society

— Tom James

Quality Deer Management Association

— Darren Reed

Indiana Conservation Officers’ Organization

Thanks to all who helped

I want to thank everyone who took the time to care for my mother:

Hospice — Bre, Thomas, Trish. Without you I would not have made it. Simple Cremation, Brenda, Newlin-Johnson. All the rides home, ADA bus. And to everyone who helped.

Thanks to Linda, my friend, Dr. Desai, Regional Hospital’s third and fifth floors, and especially Dr. Kumar and Dr. Singh for taking the time with my mother and showing compassion and caring.

Friends of mine, thank you.

— Eileen Nardi

Terre Haute