News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 4, 2013

Noteworthy in the news

The Tribune-Star

---- — Low health rankings mean other problems for counties

Is there a connection between a community population’s overall health and its levels of personal income and educational attainment?

Research indicates that there is. And it’s wise to take such research seriously.

The fourth annual County Health Rankings report for Indiana was recently released, and it continues to show that counties ranking poorly compared to others on health also tend to rank poorly in a number of other quality-of-life areas such as education levels, finances, life expectancy, etc.

Public resources are limited, so it seems logical to target as many of those resources as possible to screening and educating people on health issues. Public health concerns such as obesity and smoking are a major part of the formula, and dealing effectively with impoverished segments of communities — especially children — is crucial.

Of course, there is only so much that can be done using public resources. Ultimately, personal responsibility on the part of individuals is required to make things better.

Charging into competition

Terre Haute North Vigo freshman Sam McCarter is scheduled to compete today at the U.S. Paralympics Spring Swimming Nationals at the University of Minnesota Aquatics Center. His event is the breast stroke. We join the community in wishing Sam all the best.

You can say that again

“Speaker Bosma is a leader we deeply respect and a personal friend, and we look forward to his return to serving Hoosiers in the coming days.”

— Gov. Mike Pence, in reference to news that Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma was taking a brief leave of absence from the legislative session to have surgery on an infected knee that had been replaced last summer

New web poll

Should Indiana adopt a law requiring a staff member armed with a loaded gun to be present in every school?

To cast your vote, locate the poll on the homepage.