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July 24, 2013

READERS' FORUM: July 24, 2013


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Awareness rises in Seelyville

In the last few days a couple of letters about Seelyville have been brought to my attention.

First was Mrs. Jeffers’ letter about her taxes going up if the town loses the lawsuit against the Town Council. Have no fear, Ms. Jeffers, the cost of the town’s two law firms it hired to defend it will cost far more than Ms. Hinsenkamp’s salary. I would, however, strongly urge you to try to keep up on what the town does at its meetings. The increase in water rates they passed a few years ago doubled the water rates, and the recent increase in sewer rates will be almost as bad once it completely kicks in. This monthly jump in utility costs will be toughest on those on fixed incomes.

Then again, according to a release from the Vigo County Taxpayers Association, the town budget was already increased a few years ago by $50,000, enough to cover the cost of her pay. I take it you didn’t notice that increase. Finally, the town isn’t too worried. It just on July 9 approved $30,000 for a new pickup truck.

Secondly, to Ms. Price, I once heard it said that you know you’ve made it when you are misquoted, so I guess I have made it, locally at least.

I can only assume that you just recently took an active interest in local politics. My actual statement, first made in 2003, was that the town went 40 years since having an election. Look it up, the election of 1967 was the last election I found until I ran against John Wade in 2003. OK, I admit, it was 37 years and not a full 40. Mea culpa. I wanted to make it clear that political activity in Seelyville was stagnant from apathy.

The town has had two elections since 2003, and I ran in each one just to force the town to have elections. I haven’t won an office yet, but I have awakened the town to the council being an elected body, accountable to the people. And, for one who claims such knowledge of elections, I’m surprised you do not know how to get your name on the ballot. Seelyville cannot have primaries, so candidates are selected at a party convention, where I was selected as the clerk treasurer candidate by a margin of two to one over Ms. Caton. That is how I “somehow” got on the ballot. 1 lost the general election to Ms. Hinsenkamp by four or five votes.

I feel bad for you, I really do. Someone you know, deeply care for and admire is under attack, and in your eyes your hero would never violate legal statutes or do anything wrong. The idea that the accusations may be true is a thought too bitter to contemplate. If he is publicly found culpable, you will be deeply disappointed and hurt. You will also have to face him and your friends and rethink some things you have no doubt said to them. Not a happy thought, I’m sure.

If I were you, I just might attack the messengers, and hope I could somehow make it all go away.

— Wayne Langman