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November 14, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Nov. 15, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Take lead against Common Core

Sen. Tim Skinner and Rep. Clyde Kersey are playing games with voters on the Common Core issue. Common Core is a federal takeover of education standards masquerading as a state-led initiative. It is wrong for our children, wrong for teachers and wrong for our community.

Sen. Skinner and Rep. Kersey have both told me they oppose Common Core. Yet, these gentlemen have an interesting way of showing their opposition. When HEA 1427, the one-year pause on Common Core, came for a vote this year in the legislature, both men voted against the pause. They voted instead for immediate implementation of this massive federal power grab.

Both Sen. Skinner and Rep. Kersey were then selected to serve on the special committee to study Common Core this year. This gave them a second chance to register their opposition. Instead these profiles in political courage refuse to support a resolution to put the legislature on record opposing Common Core.

Gentlemen, if you actually oppose Common Core the way you have been telling voters in your district, it’s time to make your actions align with your words. Let’s see you go on record opposing Common Core with the study committee. It is called leadership.

— Courtney Schmidt

Terre Haute

Many thanks for Sugar Grove PTO

The goals of a Parent Teacher Organization include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of students and teachers, community involvement and concern for the welfare of students and their families.

The Sugar Grove PTO does all of that and more. Members work tirelessly to make our school a safe, well-equipped and a caring place in which to learn.

We are especially grateful for the leadership of officers: Angie Maehler, Mandy Chaney, Debbie Hill and Crystal Chandler.

— Gail Artis, principal

Sugar Grove Elementary