News From Terre Haute, Indiana

March 29, 2013

EDITORIAL: The cause of public safety: Firefighter group dedicates itself to preventing tragedy

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Ensuring that smoke detectors are in working order is one of those periodic chores that’s so simple, yet seemingly so difficult in terms of follow-through. The task is easy to perform, while the consequences of NOT performing it on a routine basis are dangerous and potentially tragic.

That’s why we’re impressed with the new campaign to remind local residents to check their smoke detectors and confirm that their batteries are functioning. So impressed, in fact, that we decided to follow the lead of the Protect the Precious program and join the cause.

Protect the Precious is a small, nonprofit group made up of Terre Haute firefighters. In partnership with the organization, the Tribune-Star will publish in this newspaper, accompanied by the group’s logo, a monthly reminder for people to check their smoke detectors. A fire safety tip provided by the Terre Haute fire Department will also be included with the reminder.

Protect the Precious was launched about two years ago after a fatal house fire in which an adult and two children died. The rental house had a smoke detector. But there was no battery in the unit to enable it to alert the family to the fire.

Firefighters are on the front lines of such incidents, so they understand the tragic results and how easy it is to prevent them. They are passionate about their cause and have committed themselves to doing all they can to ensure nothing like that happens again. Since its beginnings, Protect the Precious has raised money to provide free smoke detectors and batteries to those who don’t have them.

We are proud to join these firefighters in their quest to create a safer community. We applaud their efforts and encourage the community to support their cause.