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March 11, 2013

READERS' FORUM: March 11, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — No impact from gun buy-backs

I am responding to a couple of items published in your Feb. 17 edition.

First of all, the article “Police, volunteers planning a gun buy back for Valley”. Another feel-good project that will do absolutely nothing to reduce gun violence. Heck, I have an old .22 pistol that I purchased 40 years ago for $18 that only fires about every other time that the trigger is pulled. Hmm, a $100 gift card? I might just consider it.

The most laughable comment that I found in the article was a quote by Geri Black, one of the organizers of the event. She states, “The project is styled after similar initiatives in Chicago.” Wow, how’s that working out in Chicago, the city with some of the strictest gun laws in the United States and also the nation’s highest murder rate? I say go ahead with your project, it won’t hurt but then again it won’t help either.

Next, I would like to comment on a letter to the editor from Ms. Shirley Thomas. She finally admits to doing some research on gun sales at gun shows and research is always good before spouting off in the opinion section of the paper.

Why do people want to own military style weapons like the AR-15 with high capacity magazines? One simple reason, because we can as free people covered by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

So let’s limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds? It takes a mere matter of two seconds to drop an empty magazine and replace it with another loaded with 10 more rounds. Do you really think that this will stop a killer from his or her intent to perform mass murder.

Again, the only way to stop this type of crime from happening is another person with a gun. You can’t depend on the response time of law enforcement to prevent these killings. Please explain one new gun restriction being offered by the president or the left that will prevent these type of mass murders from happening in the future.

I can answer that question in three words, none of them. They are all feel-good legislation that does nothing to prevent crime. All that they manage to do is to punish law-abiding citizens.

I have a simple solution. Enforce the laws already on the books. Also propose legislation that makes the use of any firearm used in the commission of a crime a federal offense, with mandatory sentence of 10 years with no exceptions. This will never happen because the left would view this as too cruel.

In closing, Ms. Thomas alludes to her husband’s gun safe and how she would have no problem taking down the ID number. I am assuming she means the serial numbers, and registering her husband’s guns with the government. She states, “I would rather register my husband’s guns than have them stolen and used in a crime or used to kill an innocent human being.” How will having your guns registered stop them from being stolen and used to commit a crime?

I suggest to Ms. Thomas that you do more research before writing your letters and stop watching MSNBC and the other left-leaning mainstream media outlets.

— Richard Hoffman


Make health care a state priority

Do you know anyone who has had to file bankruptcy because of medical bills?  Do you ever have to choose between medicine and paying your rent or utility bill?  Indiana has an opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage for up to 450,000 low-income Hoosiers.   

In additional to improving people’s health, Medicaid expansion is expected to create 30,000 skilled, good-paying jobs. Medicaid expansion will help reduce insurance premiums that we all pay through cost-shifts resulting from the uninsured. Our federal tax dollars will provide 100 percent of the funding for this expansion in the first three years and at least 90 percent of the costs in the future.  

Indiana Coalition for Human Services believes that state health policy should prioritize access to quality, affordable health care for all. We believe all Hoosiers benefit from having healthier residents and taking advantage of opportunities to leverage federal dollars in our state. If you want the state to act on the single most important issue other than the budget this legislative session, let policymakers know you want them to prioritize Medicaid expansion. Tell them you want our federal tax dollars spent here in Indiana.

— David Sklar