News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 1, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: April 1, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Dollar General sign of the times

After much thought, we must rename Terre Haute: “Dollar General, Indiana.” This would more accurately define who we are.

If you open a phone book you will see 10,000 attorneys, 10,000 doctors, two Super Walmarts and 75 Dollar Generals. A minimum-wage job gives you an annual income of $15, 080 for a family of one. However, low income for a family of one in Vigo County is $25,080.

Where is the incentive to work when you know you are going to be below poverty level before you even start the job? And by providing a plethora of poverty-producing jobs, the city is actually expecting its very poor citizens to pay more for water and sewage, add trash pickup to that and of course the wheel tax which they lied and said would just be temporary.

I make five times more than my father and he supported six people and we had every single thing we wanted. Yet I struggle. This is how the government has destroyed the middle class. Allowing companies to take good jobs other places and leaving us with the Dollar Generals of the world. Just how many Dollar Generals are required for a city this size anyway?

I won’t even go into the fact you do not put businesses in residential areas. Recently, while I was sleeping, I woke up to a brand new Dollar General at 25th and Hulman. They knocked down three homes, never provided a rezoning sign/notice for any of these houses zoned residential, they just did it. Isn’t this illegal?

I have demonstrated how they have destroyed the middle class which is no more, now we have to worry about how this city is going to destroy all our neighborhoods and leaving us with no value on our homes.

Indian Acres, one of the oldest, most established subdivisions in town is now flanked by a Dollar General, inviting crime and a seemingly evil underbelly to our neighborhood.

A city, among other things, is required to maximize property values and investments to its citizenship. But they have not, which is evident in the fact property values went down this year.

If the city makes a bonehead decision, which results in your property going down in value, then they are required to write you a check for your loss. So if you did a pre- and post-Dollar General appraisal on your home and you have lost, for example, $30,000 on your house, then the city must reimburse you for your loss. Yes, write you a check for $30,000.

I look forward to the next phase of Dollar Generals scheduled to flank Allendale and Idle Creek subdivisions. Yeah, right.

— Susan Corenflos

Dollar General, Ind. (aka Terre Haute)

Plan to control healthcare costs

Let’s see now, how can CVS and the insurance company exercise even more control over their employees’ lives (even when off the clock) so as to further reduce healthcare costs?

I have a few ideas worth looking into.

A. If you are injured while operating a motorcycle and you are not wearing a helmet, coverage denied.

B. If you are operating an automobile and you are going more than 5 mph over the limit and you incur injuries as a result of an accident, coverage denied.

Even if you are hit by a drunk driver who is going 100 mph, coverage denied. You were partially responsible for your injuries.

C. If you are injured in an automobile accident and not wearing your seat belts, coverage denied.

D. Injuries sustained as a result of fireworks will not be covered.

E. Gunshot wounds will no longer be covered. Even if you are the victim of a drive-by shooting, coverage denied. They are getting too expensive to treat.

F. If you are legally intoxicated and sustain an injury, coverage denied, no matter how the injury took place.

G. STDs will continue to be covered at 100 percent because Bill Clinton says so.

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute