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May 12, 2013

READERS' FORUM: May 12, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Vigo Youth Football, entering 45th year, seeks new support

In 1968, Mr. Phil Marlowe recognized the need for an organized tackle football program for the youth of the Terre Haute community. Using discarded equipment that was thrown out by the local high schools, Mr. Marlow started what would become one of the largest youth football leagues in the state of Indiana. The Vigo Youth Football League began with only two teams, a 7th/8th grade team and a 5th/6th grade team and played against the powerful teams of the CYO League in its first year.  

The 2013 season will mark the 45th season of the Vigo Youth Football League. The league has grown from its original two teams in 1968 to the current 29 teams serving children from 1st grade to 8th grade. Graduates of the program have gone on to successful high school, college and professional football careers. Many former players still remember their days playing in the Vigo Youth Football as many rivalries and friendships got their beginnings in the league.

Vigo Youth Football has changed a lot in its 45-year history. Whether during prosperous or adverse times, the league has remained a volunteer-driven, grassroots organization that has and will continue to serve the needs of the children of the area. There have been many, many people over the years who have spent a lot of hours to make sure that the Vigo Youth Football League continues to offer a top-notch tackle football program that teaches the basic fundamentals of football as well as important life lessons. Phil Marlowe, Jim Lewis, Ed Akers, Dick McAlister, Mike Phillips, Scooter Grim, Anna Brown and Mike Wilson are just a few of the people who have given so much to the league to insure its continued success through the years.

The 2013 season will see the Vigo Youth Football League begin competition at a brand new football facility at the Terre Town Baseball Park in North Terre Haute. The Terre Town Baseball League Board of Directors reached out to Vigo Youth Football to offer some unused space for the construction of a football facility. “Project: Gridiron” began in the early spring, and the first phase will be completed in time for the annual Jamboree in August.  

Many people and local organizations have offered a helping hand to Vigo Youth Football for this massive, multi-phase project. Without the support of our great community this would not be possible. Please join the Vigo Youth Football League in celebrating 45 years of youth football in Terre Haute.  

— Vigo Youth Football League

Board of Directors

Media ignoring important case on abortions

The mainstream media (MSM) blackout of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s trial is the most egregious example of journalistic malpractice in recent memory.  

“Gosnell is a 72-year-old abortionist. The formal charges against him — the murders of a woman and seven babies — are but drops in a sea of carnage. Mounting evidence reveals him to be a mass murderer of epic scale and Mengele methods. It also spotlights the evil — the apparently unspeakable evil — of legalized abortion in all its coarsening gore. Plainly, the vaunted journalists of our debased mainstream have determined that there must be no meaningful coverage. No time in the 24/7 cycle to notice the inexorable path from dehumanizing the vulnerable through word games to mass-murdering them with casual sadism,” writes Andrew McCarthy.

“It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place,” testified Stephen Massof, one of Gosnell’s goons, as he described for the jury the macabre conditions in the “Women’s Medical Society” on Lancaster Avenue. Former employees testified to the gruesome deaths of more than 100 just-born infants and the death of a young immigrant woman seeking an abortion.

The media blackout of this grisly case was going as planned until Kirsten Powers, a Fox News pundit, spilled the beans with a USA Today article in which she criticized the MSM for failing to report on Gosnell’s ongoing trial (which began March 18).

Columnist John Fund notes that on the day Powers’ article appeared (April 11) ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR and MSNBC had not reported on Gosnell’s trial, nor had there been a front-page story in any major newspaper. The following day brought forth a flood of mea culpas from several sheepish reporters within the MSM, admitting they had dropped the ball.

Fund quipped that if there were an award for “Most Constructive Shaming of the MSM,” Kirsten Powers would win easily. The lack of coverage concerning this story is noteworthy in an age in which “if it bleeds, it leads” thinking is the norm for the news media.

Mrs. Powers’ article was especially influential with the MSM because she is not a conservative. She is a former Democratic political consultant who worked in the Clinton White House, and she supports most liberal causes.

Fund thinks it “undeniable that abortion politics played a role in the blackout.” When a local reporter asked a member of the court’s staff why there was so little media interest, the man pointed to the filthy medical equipment set up in the courtroom as an exhibit and asked, “If you’re pro-choice, do you really want anybody to know about this?”

How was Gosnell’s sadistic butchery allowed to continue? It begins with the perversion of language. It starts when our debauched culture reduces a baby to a “fetus.”

McCarthy: “To describe newborn children in their boundless possibilities and wonder would be to acknowledge, foremost, their humanity. That is why, instead, abortion enthusiasts must grope for words when circumstances force them to speak publicly about their gruesome business.

“Had Gosnell’s aborted victims been canines instead of humans — compare the minimal coverage of the Gosnell trial with the widespread media condemnation of dog-killing quarterback Michael Vick — perhaps the doctor’s mayhem likewise would have been front-page news outside of Philadelphia.”

Testimony reveals that “Dr.” Gosnell’s preferred method for killing newborn babies is what is euphemistically referred to as the “snip.” In a “snip,” the abortionist, sharp scissors in hand, grasps the squirming and sometimes squealing baby he has just delivered. He stabs the child in the back and then, snapping the blades, severs the spinal cord from the brain. The “snip,” like “choice,” is a sanitized term designed to hide the grisly truth.

Despite its law against partial-birth abortions, Pennsylvania stopped regular inspections of abortion clinics in 1993. But regulators still received frequent complaints about horrific practices taking place behind Gosnell’s clinic door. And they did nothing.

Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams, a liberal Democrat, and one of the prosecutors on the case, maintains that abortion clinics are held to lower standards than other businesses. He asked, “How is it that we have more oversight in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of women’s hair salons than we do over abortion clinics?”

— Reggie McConnell

Terre Haute

Proud to be old-fashioned

I do not understand the so-called “gay” fiasco in this country. In case you missed this column, Susan Estrich was praising Jason Collins a professional basketball player for coming out in the open about being gay. For some reason, he is very proud of being gay. Estrich and our illustrious president and others are falling all over themselves patting him on the back for being such a wonderful person.

My question is this - WHY??? All he has done is denounce God. He as well as other so-called “gays” will answer to God eventually. Those that approve of this choice of lifestyle will also answer. This country has taken many steps in the wrong direction over the last several years and we will pay for it.

 Yes, I am old-fashioned. Do you know something else? I am mighty proud of it. Do I make mistakes? Of course I do, but I don't want society to pat me on the back when I do. Our country has a way out. We need to return to being a God-fearing and God-respecting country. For those of you that don’t believe this or don’t believe in God, I am sorry for you. But you will still have to stand before God on Judgment Day. Not because I say so, but because God says so.

— Joe DeLorme

Clay City

Guns in school? What’s next?

News item: South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed a law that will allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom. Two dozen states are working on similar legislation.

What next? Principals, assistant principals, secretaries, janitors, cleaning women and boards of education packing heat?

Breaking news (unofficial, first day). Texas Gov. Rick Perry convenes an emergency session of lawmakers. Signs law: middle and high schoolers may now carry handguns to class, assault weapons optional.

Breaking news (second day). Smalltown, Texas. Ben Franklin Middle School massacre double that of Newtown, Conn. Media blitz as big as Nov. 22, 1963, when JFK was shot in Dallas. Bloody photos go viral via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, CNN, networks, Associated Press, Reuters, etc., etc. Eighth-grade English teacher, Ms. Tripplehorn, gives graphic details of slaughter. She flunked a composition by a male student (name withheld since he’s a minor) because he was over the limit of seven misspellings. He pulled out a .38 special revolver, started firing but hit students instead of the teacher because his girlfriend tried to stop him. Another female student, who flunked English twice, shot girl No. 1 for saving the teacher’s life. Meantime, while the male shooter was misfiring his six-shot revolver on other students, a bunch of male students pulled out Glocks, 9 mms, .357 Magnums, etc., and unloaded on male shooter No. 1 and female shooter No. 2. Female students then retaliated en masse by shooting the male shooters, because they were shooting at male shooter No. 1, a handsome rock musician. Male students then retaliated against the female shooters, escalating the bloodfest into a sexist civil war. Forty-one were left dying or wounded. There was enough blood on the floor for a red-carpet Oscar event.

Breaking news, 1:40 p.m. Police stations across the country flooded with gun turn-ins and buy-backs.

Breaking news, 2:05 p.m. Police discover Ben Franklin kids in Ms. Tripplehorn’s English class all OK.

Breaking news: 2:15 p.m. Ms. Tripplehorn, anti-gun firebrand, staged the hoax as a protest against gun violence. Confesses she had kids use small plastic ziplock sandwich bags — unzipped — filled with ketchup. These were secreted under their clothing so that when they fell, pushed against each other or desks, or pressed their hands against themselves, ersatz blood spilled out.

Breaking news, 2:21. Ms. Tripplehorn was fired by the principal.

Breaking news (third day). Police stations flooded with people who want their guns back.

Breaking news (fourth day). Ms. Tripplehorn nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Smalltown Board of Education fires principal and rehires Ms. Tripplehorn for the job.

Breaking news (fifth day). Heinz 57 Inc., gives coupons to all students in Ms. Tripplehorn’s English class. Buy one 34 oz. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, get one free.

— Saul Rosenthal

Terre Haute

Promoting hate not a ‘brave’ act

This is in response to writer Shefali Purohit’s lame excuse that the Gujarat riots were provoked. I suppose every terrorist has an explanation for their actions.

I will admit that I do not have much knowledge of Hinduism. The only reason I read up on Hinduism was to try to understand the workings in the mind of Mr. Abhyankar who seems to have some unresolved issues that are taking over his life, not a very healthy situation for anyone who has to live through his life with so much hate.

I am sure the Hindu religion is fine for those who understand it. All religions teach to embrace good and avoid evil. It is never a religion that is at fault; sometimes it is the people who practice it go astray. Rama is supposed to be the god of goodness and peace. Unfortunately, Rama Abhyankar stands for hate and professes violence for other religious groups in his letter of April 28. He sounds more like Ravana, the god of evil and hate.

Some people encourage Abhyankar’s behavior by calling him “brave” for terrorizing other communities. He must consider himself a Messiah or something to think that he can change the Koran and wipe out the Muslims from the face of the earth.

It is appalling that Shefali Purohit says nothing about Mr. Abhyankar’s call for genocide against Muslims, but finds it necessary to make excuses for the pogroms in India.

I am happy to hear that you are an American Hindu. I am glad you were received well by the Hauteans and have built a better life for yourself than you could in India. Please extend the same courtesy to the other minorities and let them settle and build a better life for themselves in TH.

Mr. Feinsod’s letter of April 29 was the best letter I read in the T-S for a long time. It should be published every day in every newspaper around the country for a month.

I am about to take retirement, and when I do I want to spend my golden years in the fine and peaceful city of Terre Haute. I hope the Hindus will let the city be as nice as it was when they came to settle here.

— Nina Miller

Formerly of  Terre Haute

Brookfield, Wis.