News From Terre Haute, Indiana

March 21, 2013

RONN MOTT: Look out!

Ronn Mott
Special to the Tribune-Star

---- — The battle drums on the “right” are being pounded already for the 2016 presidential election. Rand Paul, senator from Kentucky, is laying the groundwork for his campaign. He made a trip to Israel (foreign affairs), and the conservatives in their annual meeting, CPAC, chose him as their favorite presidential candidate (taking care of home base).

Rand Paul is a chip off the old block. Ron Paul, congressman from Texas, is his father and they savor the same Libertarian/GOP views. The difference is fairly small … Rand is a senator, therefore demands more attention, and he’s better looking than his dad, who is an artist’s idea of what Mr. McGoo would look like if Mr. McGoo lost 50 pounds.  

The big note that should be played and remembered is that Rand Paul was against the Iraq war. I have a feeling he will either find a way to swallow that or convince the hard-core, right-wing faithful it was a mistake. Anyway, hear, hear … Rand Paul will be in all the right-wing primaries with all the right-wing money, and God help us if he gets even close to being elected.

Here in the right-wing, red state of Indiana, it looks as if, according to columnist Brian Howey, Richard Mourdock is about to raise his head again to get a seat in Washington, D.C., only this time it’s to run against conservative congressman Larry Bucshon.

Howey had other things to say about it, but we’ll save that for later. Mourdock and his Tea Party pals thought they had the Richard Lugar seat won and tied up in a nice, little ribbon. They did not realize their senatorial candidate was prone to opening his mouth and letting his lack of intelligence fall out. Now he may go after Larry Bucshon, doctor and congressman. Their excuse will be that Bucshon is not conservative enough.

Holy teapot, it smells like the McCarthy era, only this time the Republicans are attacking themselves and making their party not only less effective, but sounding and looking just plain stupid.

The Tea Party tried this before on Bucshon. But the doctor won the primary, sailed through the general election, and continued to keep his seat in Congress. The Indiana Republicans of the past were smart enough to cherish incumbency. Obviously, this new brand of Republicans is not that smart.

Now you’ve got Obamacare, you’ll be facing an uphill battle in Congress in 2014, and you’re still going through the ideological cat fight to make sure the Republican Party is embedded in right-wing thinking.  

So, as one who shares none of these views, I say go ahead … the political blood you’re going to spill belongs to you and not to me, or mine.

Ronn Mott, a longtime radio personality in Terre Haute, writes commentaries for the Tribune-Star. His pieces are published online Tuesday and Thursday on, and in the print and online editions on Saturday.