News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 16, 2013

The Obama Debate: President has served us well


TERRE HAUTE — I have not heard a positive thing by those in this area about this president since his 2008 election and 2009 inauguration. Why this manifestation, I just can’t understand. Given the man received 51 million votes in his re-election bid of 2012, there has to be someone out there who likes the man other than me.

The president is a good and outstanding family man. He doesn’t chase after interns.

He’s a guy you’d just like to have a beer with and talk NBA hoops. He is true to his wife. He is a five-star father to his two beautiful and intelligent young daughters.

The man has kept the United States out of this Syrian civil war, vis a vis his opposition of Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham who would have had the United States in that quagmire given their propensities to bomb a bush that had a snake in it two weeks ago.

Through quiet negotiation and diplomatic efforts with China, this administration has diffused this recent North Korean crisis. The president is forging a positive relationship with China’s Xi Jinping, and is artfully and quietly moving forward toward some semblance of rapprochement with this Chinese leader involving cybersecurity, the yuan’s currency valuation, Taiwan, and the China/Japan dispute over sovereignty regarding various islands in the Pacific.

The president has quiet relations with Russian president Putin, even though the Russians remain recalcitrant over its armament supply policy of Syria’s Bashar Assad. The president’s policy of diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions against Iran is ostensibly working. He has persuaded Israel to stand down its bellicose war policy against both Syria and Iran. And, yes, we are finally removing ourselves from Afghanistan.

In the aftermath the tornadoes in Moore, Okla., the president issued a federal disaster declaration for the region just hours after the event. He was there later to console those Oklahomans affected by that devastation. He consoled those in Joplin, Mo., Tuscaloosa, Ala., and New Jersey post-Sandy of last October.

Yes, there are several domestic policy issue agendas which the president is about to launch this year which I do not agree with. Moreover, I did not agree with his position on placing universal health care to the forefront beyond the weak economy several years. But we can’t all agree on everything in life.

In the aggregate context, President Obama is an outstanding president, and history will say of him as one the greatest presidents this nation has had among its 44 chief executives of the federal government during the life of this Republic.

— Earl Beal

Terre Haute