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June 13, 2013

READERS' FORUM: June 13, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Bad odor from gas prices

The reasoning that excuses the high gas prices is supposed to be a reduction in production. The supply is short so if the oil companies raise the price you won’t buy as many gallons and the supply won’t run out. The people who believe that reasoning must get revenue from the oil companies.

The Tribune-Star had the quote from the state attorney general’s office: “When the high prices are all over, you can see it’s a broader problem as opposed to having one station illegally price gouging.” The broader problem is the oil companies wanting to report record profits, so I would want to believe that the oil companies do not see this as price gouging.

We all know that if it looks like a skunk it will most likely smell like one.

— Glen C. Salmon


Build personal library

While lamenting that the State of Indiana’s fiscal prudence has left local libraries and other publicly funded entities in a financial pinch, Dorothy Jerse missed a golden opportunity to promote reading.

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve amassed a personal library that I’d estimate numbers around 1,000 books, and still growing.

While this seems like a rather large collection that few people could afford in times of tight budgets, that’s just about one book per week, every week, for two decades.

I’ve scored some awesome titles from the regular book sales that have taken place at the main branch of the library at Seventh and Poplar, as well as from thrift stores, used bookstores,, eBay and elsewhere, with authors ranging from Dave Barry to David McCullough, Roald Amundsen to Ronald Reagan.

I don’t wait for the library to get a book in stock; I go out and find what I want to read. Take full advantage of any opportunity to build up your own collection of books, just in case the library can’t balance their own.

— Chad Steenerson

Terre Haute

Morning after? No worries

Have you heard about the new “morning after pill?” If you do or say anything stupid, or even something you regret, you can take this pill before you go to sleep that night and when you wake up the next morning you will have forgotten everything that transpired the day before. Wonderful isn’t it?

Of course, there are side effects, as with any drug. There is no guarantee that faced with the same decision or opportunity that you won’t repeat saying something stupid or doing something you’ll regret, but I believe scientists are working on that now, too. Anyway, you can take the new pill again at night — there is no limit.

President Obama has approved this new wonder drug for children of all ages — kind of like the circus — fun for all ages. Rumor has it that the president has successfully tried this new “morning after pill” himself. It’s also no “Fluke” that this new drug will be covered by the Affordable Health Care Act.

— Douglas Elia

Terre Haute