News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 18, 2014

READERS' FORUM: Feb. 19, 2014


---- — Celebrating 50 years of JA

In 1919, Junior Achievement was organized in Springfield, Mass., by Horace A. Moses, Theodore N. Vail and U.S. Sen. W. Murray Crane. July 22, 1964, was the first organizational meeting for a group of dedicated business leaders in the Terre Haute community. These individuals acknowledged a strong desire to impact student success by introducing JA to area classrooms.

Today, Junior Achievement’s programs continue to prepare K-12 students to proactively manage their finances, become entrepreneurs and develop skills that will be recognized and valuable in a global workforce.  

Locally, JAWV reached more than 4,500 students during the last school year, utilizing the talents of 130 classroom volunteers. Our eight-county service area includes Vigo, Clay, Sullivan, Vermillion and Parke counties in Indiana and Edgar, Crawford and Clark counties in Illinois.

We are now seeking alumni to participate in the various community events that will mark JA’s five decades of service to empowering young people to own their economic success.

Student alumni are encouraged to share their stories of how participating in JA classes positively affected their education and prepared them for real-world decision-making.

Classroom consultants, donors and board members who have supported JAWV are invited to contribute their perspectives on giving students the skills they need to plan for their futures.

Please help us to collect the memories and success stories which contribute to our heritage over the last 50 years by contacting our office at 812-232-6230.

— Peggy Murdock

Interim President

Junior Achievement

Wabash Valley

All aboard the bandwagon

CVS has decided to stop the sale of tobacco in its stores. Its reasons are health concerns.

I now challenge CVS to show us that they are really concerned about the health of their customers by doing the following.

n Stop all alcohol sales. A no-brainer.

n I saw that CVS is selling high-sugar Valentine’s Day candy. Everyone knows that excessive sugar is as bad for your health as is tobacco. Ban it from your shelves. Sell tofu instead.

n I saw some candy loaded with salt peanuts on your shelves as well. How can you sleep at night?

n I am learning more and more about how addiction to prescription drugs is becoming problematic in our society. I challenge CVS to lead the way on this one by halting the sale of prescription drugs in its stores.

Does CVS really care or does it just want to get on the anti-tobacco bandwagon?

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute