News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 16, 2014

Readers’ Forum: Feb. 17, 2014


---- — Utility billing process unfair

It’s amazing how our government seems to sit by and do absolutely nothing when it comes to things that affect the people in our community.  

With the recent cold snaps we have experienced here in the Midwest and all across the East, I wonder if Con-Ed, Illinois Power and Light and other public utility companies like Duke Energy are allowed to “steal” from the consumers.

I’m taking about the way they have estimated the bills for the customers — three to four times the normal amount of the regular power consumption, resulting in people who are on a fixed income to have to turn over hard-earned money to Duke Energy. Then they have the audacity to say they will credit your account if they have overcharged you.

This money would do well in my account instead of theirs, where they are drawing interest. The thing is that the average person does not have this kind of money to just shell out to Duke Energy. And if you don’t pay the whole amount, they attach a “deposit” to your account, wanting more of your money.

It would be nice if our government would spend more time on issues that matter to “We the people” and stop companies like Duke Energy from taking advantage of people.

Come on, government officials. Do your job and help the American consumers.

— Rev. Timothy Fagg, Terre Haute

Voters must demand court information

I was glad to see your front-page column “Dawn of new day in local elections” and its interest in the election of superior court judges.

Many years ago I attempted to get the nomination of the state Libertarian Party for superior court judge. I lost in a close election with my opponents (all speakers being lawyers) using the tactic that nominating non-lawyers would make the party look silly. Important details seemed not to matter.

Details voters (and defendants) should know include what courts are constitutional. Do defendants have rights or is it a kangaroo court? What about the next level?  

I will give voters the answer to the Indiana Supreme Court. It is a constitutional court. Do lawyers hide facts like constitutional or unconstitutional courts from the public? I can only answer that every lawyer I’ve asked agrees they learn this but do not disclose this information.

Voters should demand this information of their candidates. Then should judges ignore a right like the Fourth Amendment, they should be given the choice of a drink of hemlock or starvation. (A democratic choice.) Voters should expect no less.

— Ed Gluck, Terre Haute